A Detailed Answer To How To Kill Mosquitoes In Pond | Mosquito Guides And Prevention

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Wondering how to kill mosquitoes in pond? We have you covered! It may seem harmless due to its size but a single bite of a mosquito can lead to various deadly diseases including dengue, malaria, and zika. These annoying insects rest in tall grasses, weeds, and bushes and fleet towards buildings and houses to feed … Read more

Best External Pond Pump (Non-Submersible) | Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When you’re planning on how to keep your fish pond or outdoor water garden in tip-top shape, with crystal clear, healthy water, choosing the right pump should be high on your list. With all of the different types of pumps available, though, choosing the right one for your specific situation can be incredibly challenging to do. … Read more

How To Clear Murky Pond Water | Step By Step Guides and Preventions


Being a pond owner, you must know how much maintenance does a pond requires in order always to keep it clean and beautiful. The number of substances that affect the pond and its water is just uncountable. These multiple substances make the water of the pond unappealing to look at. Above that, when the water … Read more

Best Pond Waterfall Filter | Great for Koi and Garden Ponds


When you’re designing your outdoor water garden or backyard fish pond, you’re usually going to want to find the right mix of aesthetics and functionality. Using a good pond waterfall filter is a great way to get the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you get the filtration needed to keep your water clean … Read more

Best Pond Netting | Safety Cover Net To Protect Your Fish


If you’re in a constant battle with keeping leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your pond or predators are continually attacking and eating your fish, you need high-quality pond netting. The best pond netting is a cost-effective way to keep your plants and fish safe while ensuring that debris doesn’t prematurely wear out your pump. If … Read more

Best Koi Pond Filter System For Excellent Water Quality & Healthy Fish | Product Reviews


Keeping your Koi healthy means you’re going to need to maintain their water. The type and size pond filter you use can make or break your maintenance schedule. If you choose the wrong one, you could spend most of your time maintaining the pond instead of enjoying it. However, with one of the best koi pond … Read more

Best Pond Filter Box | Everything You Need To Keep Your Water Clean


Your pond’s filtration system is one of the most critical aspects of keeping your pond crystal clear and your fish thriving. However, it’s also one of the areas where pond keepers try to scrimp and save on their budget. Instead of cutting your budget when your pond’s filtration is at stake, we have put together a … Read more

Best Koi Pond Pumps | Product Reviews and Pros/Cons Revealed

Providing enough pressure to your koi pond filtration system is critical to keeping your fish happy, healthy, and thriving in the ecosystem, you have created for them. If your koi pond filter and pump aren’t able to handle the increased load, you could be dealing with a literal mess. Nobody wants to spend hour after hour … Read more

Find Out What is Dropsy in Fish?


When you get an aquarium and fish home, you also bring along a lot of responsibilities. They require your love, care, and cleanliness. To make sure that your fish are living healthy and are having a happy time, there’s a lot to take care of their health and their living environment. Well, looking onto that … Read more