Top 5 freshwater aquarium sharks


Pet freshwater sharks aren’t the nasty ones that we all picture chomping off limbs at the beach. They are unbelievably cool when kept in freshwater aquariums. Following are five freshwater sharks you can […]

How long do Betta fish live for and how to extend Betta lifespan?


It is generally agreed upon that the average life span of a Betta fish is approximately two to six years. Two to three years is the norm, four to six years is […]

What kinds of fish can live with a Betta in a small tank?

betta tank mates

Bettas, especially those of the splendens species, are indeed a truculent bunch. But that doesn’t mean they’re destined to live a solitary life, forever swimming alone in their tank. Although that may […]

Understand your Oscar fish and give them the best care


Oscar fish are big, beautiful, and intelligent. Oscar fish are considered to be some of the most intelligent fish available in the hobby. But their intelligence poses as many challenges as it […]

Guides for caring, feeding & making your Betta fish happy


Betta fish originate from stagnant and shallow waters does not mean they can live in poor quality water. Kept in small bowls with nothing to do they often become sick and die […]