Molly fish varieties, caring and breeding guide for beginners


Tank size: 20 gallon aquarium Optimal pH: alkaline pH 7-8 Hardness: dGH 10-25 Temperature: 78-82° F (25-27° C) Lighting: medium Filtration: medium Aeration: medium. Molly fish, including Balloon Mollies and Sailfin Mollies, are very interesting and […]

How to care for and breed German Blue Ram cichlid?

German Blue Rams are a delightful fish for community aquariums. They feature stunning color, with yellow- orange bodies, and red markings in the eyes and fins, and iridescent blue spots all over. They also feature black […]

How to care for and breed Tiger Barbs?


Tiger Barb, also known as the Sumatra Barb, is a hardy and active schooling fish with stunning coloration and distinct personalities that are recommended for the more advanced beginning aquarists. Because of the deep body […]

How to care for and breed Zebra Danio fish?


Zebrafish (zebra danio) are a well-kwown aquarium fish chosen by many starter hobbyits because they are beautiful, easy-to-keep, prolific… Besides, they are very helpful in many successful scientific researches; the first GloFish on the market […]

Neon Tetra caring and breeding guides


Scientific name: Paracheirodon innesi Common names: Neon Tetra, Neon Origin: South America Temperament: Peaceful Maximum length: 1.2-1.6 inches (3-4 cm) Lifespan: up to 10 years Ideal tank: 20-gallon aquarium Temperature: 68-77 °F (20–25 °C) Water hardness: […]

Swordtail fish caring and breeding guides


Scientific name: Xiphophorus Hellerii Family: Poeciliidae Common name: Green Swordtail, Swordtail fish Length: 5.5-6.3 inches (14.0 – 16.0 cm) Activity: top level of the aquarium Care level: very easy Lifespan: 3-5 years, live longer when kept […]