Top 5 aquarium maintenance myths/misconceptions

cleaning filter media

Freshwater aquarium maintenance is not necessarily difficult – especially when you compare it to the work involved in planning and setting up your tank – but it is no less important. In the same way […]

6 causes of algae bloom in a planted aquarium and how to control


Algae usually appears if you have an imbalance in nutrients, water circulation, CO2, oxygen and light. Too many nutrients and too little CO2 may cause algae to appear. However, too much light but not enough […]

How to quickly clear green water in aquarium?


If you have an aquarium, you are probably familiar with the term green water. Green water is simply an algae bloom caused by single cell algae that are green in the color. They are suspended […]

Best aquarium gravel vacuum cleaners (water changers) – reviews


While aquarium filters can only remove the left fish foods and solid wastes in the water, gravel vacuum cleaners (siphon or python water changers) help to remove sludge deposited deeply in gravel or sand substrates. […]

Best aquarium algae magnet cleaners – reviews & guide


There are so many tools for you to easily clean the algae and dirty on the inside glass walls of your aquarium. Many hobbyists prefer new algae magnet cleaners while others stick to plastic scrapers. […]

What causes cloudy aquarium water and how to clear?

Cloudy aquarium water is caused by many factors and has many types, some are unharmful and the others may cause sudden fish death. So you must understand all cause of the cloudiness water as well […]

How to easily do weekly aquarium water changes?


The fear of regular aquarium cleaning and water changes is one of the main reasons people don’t keep fish in their house. The truth that these works are very easy and wonderful if you want which […]