Best soil substrates for planted tanks – reviews & guide


The success of any aquarium or aquascape depends on the planted tank substrate used. Aquatic plants, just like garden plants, have a complex root system which helps them absorb the necessary nutrients […]

6 causes of algae bloom in a planted aquarium and how to control


Algae usually appears if you have an imbalance in nutrients, water circulation, CO2, oxygen and light. Too many nutrients and too little CO2 may cause algae to appear. However, too much light […]

Best low light and easy-to-care aquarium plants for beginners

best low light plants for planted tank

While high lighting can help plants grow faster, deepen the red tint to plant leaves, or even allow you to keep some spectacular yet demanding aquatic plant species, a high-light aquarium isn’t […]

How to set up a freshwater planted aquarium?

Unlike a freshwater tank setup, setting up a planted aquarium requires some more steps such as choosing the right equipment (filter, lighting, CO2…), aquascaping, planting… Known that, what I do in this […]

Best CO2 regulators for planted tanks – reviews & setup guide


Every successful aquarium hobbyists know that plants that are supplied with enough CO2 and lighting grow much more gorgeously than those without using an external CO2 supplier. However, there are a lot of […]

How to use a CO2 drop checker test kit in a planted aquarium?

CO2 drop checker test kit

Using a CO2 drop checker test kit is the most convenient and economical method to measure the CO2 concentration in a planted aquarium. This small but very helpful equipment is an essential part […]

Background aquatic plants selection and planting tips

Background aquatic plants are usually stem plants that play an important role in the background of aquarium layout. Stem plants need to be planted to ensure a good color balance so that the beautiful […]

Midground aquarium plants (anubias, bolbitis and Cryptocoryne) guide

Midground aquarium plants are planted between and provide a seamless link connecting the short foreground plants and tall background plants like stem plants or tape-like plants. Epiphytic plants (anubias and bolbitis) and Cryptocoryne are […]

Foreground aquarium plants selection and planting tips

Foreground aquarium plants directly influence the impression of an aquascape. So the selection and planting of foreground aquatic plants are very important to build a beautiful planted aquarium. Tips for selection of […]