Types Of Tools For Aquascaping A Planted Aquarium

planted aquarium tool

There are so many aquascaping tools in the market that are intended for building and maintaining planted aquariums. With the help of these tools, it is possible for even a beginner to make a beautiful … Read more

20+ Most Popular Stem Plants For The Background

Stem plants are tall, fast growing, and every easy to propagate by cuttings. These makes them a great option to fill the background of planted aquariums. There are so many stem plants with different colors … Read more

30+ Aquarium Plants For The Midground & Guidelines

midground aquarium plant

The midground must be created based on the layout composition that can provide a link between the foreground and background and at the same time conceal the unsightly bottom portion of stem plants in the … Read more

Best Soil Substrates For Planted Tanks – Reviews & Guide


The success of any aquarium or aquascape depends on the planted tank substrate used. Aquatic plants, just like garden plants, have a complex root system which helps them absorb the necessary nutrients they need for … Read more

6 Causes Of Algae Bloom In A Planted Aquarium And How To Control


Algae usually appears if you have an imbalance in nutrients, water circulation, CO2, oxygen and light. Too many nutrients and too little CO2 may cause algae to appear. However, too much light but not enough … Read more

7 Easy Steps For Setting Up A Planted Aquarium

planted aquarium setup

One of the most beautiful freshwater aquarium setups is the planted tank. Unlike fish-only tanks, setting up a planted aquarium requires some more works such as choosing the right supplies (substrate, filter, light, CO2…), aquascaping, … Read more

Best Co2 Regulators For Planted Tanks & Setup Guide


Every successful aquarium hobbyists know that plants that are supplied with enough CO2 and lighting grow much more gorgeously than those without using an external CO2 supplier. However, there are a lot of equipment needed for … Read more

Guide For Using A Co2 Drop Checker In A Planted Tank


Using a CO2 drop checker test kit is the most convenient and economical method to measure the CO2 concentration in a planted aquarium. This small but very helpful equipment is an essential part of planted aquariums … Read more

Best Led Lights For Planted Aquariums – Reviews & Guidelines


Not all LED lights are beneficial to grow aquarium plants, the best LED light for planted aquarium is one that can provide not only appropriate color spectrum but also enough amount of lighting for all types of … Read more

15+ Aquarium Plants For The Foreground & Guidelines

foreground aquarium plants

Foreground aquarium plants directly influence the impression of an aquascape. So the selection and planting of foreground aquatic plants are very important to build a beautiful planted aquarium. All carpet plants are ideal for the … Read more