How To Clear Murky Pond Water | Step By Step Guides and Preventions


Being a pond owner, you must know how much maintenance does a pond requires in order always to keep it clean and beautiful. The number of substances that affect the pond and its water is just uncountable. These multiple substances make the water of the pond unappealing to look at. Above that, when the water … Read more

Crystal Red Shrimp Caring And Live Shrimps For Sale

Crystal Red Shrimps are fascinating shrimps for the experienced hobbyist, but due to their sensitivity to water quality they are probably not the best choice for the beginner. Aquarium enthusiasts who have experienced success with easier varieties of shrimp may want to tackle crystal reds after they have learned how to adjust the water quality … Read more

Black Bee Shrimp (Crystal Black Shrimp) Keeping, Live Shrimps For Sale

Black Bee Shrimp (Crystal Black Shrimp) is a popular choice on its own, apart form the popularity of the crystal red variety. Although it is not a good shrimp for the beginner like Red Cherry Shrimp, the Bee Shrimp can be a rewarding choice for the experienced aquarium enthusiast. Quick Navigation About Black Bee ShrimpHow … Read more

Yellow Shrimp Care Guide And Live Shrimps For Sale

Yellow shrimp is an easy-to-keep freshwater water shrimp for beginners. Hobbyists who are familiar with the needs of the popular red cherry shrimp will find it easy to keep yellow shrimps, as the care requirements are exactly the same. Highlights Minimum tank size: 5-10 gallon fish tank Care level: easy – moderate Optimal temperature: 72 °F to 84 … Read more

Red Cherry Shrimp Keeping And Breeding, Live Shrimps For Sale


Red Cherry Shrimps have the ability to thrive in small fish tanks and are the best freshwater shrimps. Because are very easy-to-keep for beginners, only a 5 gallon aquarium can provide a suitable environment for them to thrive. Quick Navigation About Red Cherry shrimpHow to keep Red Cherry shrimpShrimp tank setup and tank matesFoods for Red Cherry … Read more