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How To Clear Murky Pond Water | Step By Step Guides and Preventions

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Being a pond owner, you must know how much maintenance does a pond requires in order always to keep it clean and beautiful. The number of substances that affect the pond and its water is just uncountable. These multiple substances make the water of the pond unappealing to look at. Above that, when the water gets affected by the mud and becomes murky, it becomes a bigger challenge to clean it.

The pond water becomes muddy and cloudier because of the increased suspension of the organic and inorganic matter in the pond’s water. The muddiness of the water is measured by the turbidity of the water. The turbidity of the water increases with the increase of suspended particles in the water. In this article, we will cover the reasons for having muddy water and how to clear murky pond water using simple home remedies and methods.

Why Is The Water Murky And How To Prevent It?

murky pond

There can be multiple reasons for the murkiness of the water of the pond. This may be due to the excessive waste material accumulated in the pond or due to the more growth of the algae in the water. Let us find out the reasons for having cloudy or muddy water in the pond.

1. Excessive Waste Materials in the Pond

The primary cause of having the pond water murky is due to the disproportionate amount of waste materials present inside it. This usually happens because of the overfeeding of the fish and the improper filtration of the pond water.  Another cause of having the pond water murky is due to the presence of inorganic waste materials. These materials get accumulated at the edges of the ponds and make the water muddy and cloudy.

Pro Tip

Always feed lesser food to the fishes as overfeeding of the food to fish leads to the dirtiness of the ponds water.

2. Newer Ponds

If you have just added a new pond to the house, then its water may become cloudy and muddy as their ecosystem has not established completely. The problem is generally referred to as ‘New Pond Syndrome’. The problem can be detected if the fish is not eating the food properly or is frequently gasping to take breaths. The problem can be dealt with by adding some new specific pond fishes to the ponds water. 

3. Inconsistent Growth of Algae

As the growth of the algae in the water gets increased, the texture of the water starts becoming greenish in color. This can be one of the reasons for your water getting murky. Moreover, when the algae die, it gets accumulated at the bottom of the pond, making a sludge there, which is even harder to get cleaned. We will mention down-below in the article, how to clear muddy pond water.

4. Quality of the water

When the quality of the water gets affected, you will start getting the signs in the water itself. It will begin to turn greenish in color or will get a cloudy texture. Mostly this happens because of the algae growth in the water. Algae interrupt the necessary photosynthesis process of the various aquatic plants by consuming the carbon dioxide present in the water. Because of this, the ph levels of the water get affected, and further, the water starts becoming murky and cloudy in texture.

Will The Murky Water Hurt My Fish?


The murky water in the pond has the ability even to kill the fishes in the pond. But that is the extremest of the case. If the pond has just started turning cloudy and muddy, that means that the fish in the pond is fine right now, but you should pay immediate attention to the matter. However, if you fail to pay the attention and keep the pond dirty and do not take any step towards cleaning it, then after seven to eight days, you will notice that the fishes will start dying one by one. So to get yourself saved from that situation, you should begin to respond on the ways of how to clean pond water with fish in it.

Did You Know?

The fish waste in the water in one of the major sources of algae in the water because of which the water turns murky.

A Step by Step Guide to clear the murky pond:

The dark water in the pond is not just unappealing to the eyes, but because of it, the lives of various aquatic animals and plants present in the water get endangered. So it is an essential thing to know about how to clear murky pond water. A step by step guide is mentioned below, which will guide you on how to clear green pond water.

Step 1:  Testing the Quality of the Water


The fundamental thing to do when you start noticing the texture of the water is becoming murky or cloudy is to check the quality of the water. In most cases, if the pond is new and is not properly cycled before you add fishes and another aquatic life to it, it will get muddy or cloudy due to an increase of the ammonia in the water.

The improper filtration of the water means that the waste materials that the fishes are excreting are not able to remove appropriately and, therefore, to increase the ammonia level in the water.

 To check the quality of the water, you can buy a water testing kit that is efficient enough to tell the ph levels of the water. An ideal ph level for the water is in between 6.5-8.5. So firstly, test the water with this kit and then go along with the further steps of how to clear brown pond water.
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Step 2: Optimize the Filteration of the Pond’s Water

Most of the ponds get cloudy and murky because of the waste and free-swimming materials getting accumulated in the water. The work of the biological filter of the pond is to break down these particles which develop ammonia into smaller particles and nitrates that can be used by the plants.

 The water testing kit will determine if the water has accumulated an excess of waste and ammonia in the water or not. If yes, then you need to upgrade your filter or get it checked if it is working properly or not. This can be done by simply adding more beneficial bacteria in the filter box, and if the filter is not working, then you have to get it repaired by a technician.
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Pro Tip

Make sure to get the appropriate size of the filter for the pond as different filters come for the different sizes of the pond.

Step 3: Removal of Sludge and Debris

A little amount of sludge is naturally present in the water and is also good for the aquatic animals and plants in the water. However, if the amount of sludge and the debris gets increased inside the water, then it can become hazardous for the aquatic life inside the water. The water can become cloudy if there is an excessive amount of nutrients present in it. It usually happens because of the low level of the beneficial bacteria present in the water.

 Also, if the debris of the infected plants and the other materials is not regularly cleaned from the water, then it may cause the water to turn greenish in color. Sludge is also created by the other waste materials in the water, such as the leaves of the plants or the soil that gets eroded from the plants nearby or in the pond. So clean the sludge from the bottom of the pond using a rake or any similar equipment. 
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Step 4: Control the algae growth in the water

As told in the article above, algae are one of the primary reasons for the water of pond getting dusty and cloudy. Removal of algae regularly from the water is an essential thing. If steps are taken carefully before, then the algae will not grow in the water in the first place only. So remember what all things cause its growth and make sure to avoid the silly mistakes which can later cost you money and time.

 Algae, when it gets accumulated in the water, stick together, and make millions of colonies and can even turn the pond water to a thick green soup. Green algae can be removed from the water with the help of a UV clarifier and the maintenance of the filter. 
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Video Introduction


With the above-given steps, you would now be able to know how to clear murky pond water. When you see the water turning dirty and cloudy, do not instantly jump into the action of cleaning it. Firstly test the quality of the water. Many times the water is fine for the aquatic animals, and water takes time to settle down. If the water is healthy, then there is no danger to the lives of the fishes and aquatic plants, and you can relax and wait for a while for the water to get cleaned itself. Keep testing the quality of water, and if still, it does not get clear, then you can follow the mentioned procedure. We wish you good luck.

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