How to set up a saltwater aquarium (fish-only and reef)?


Many hobbyists and retailers encourage beginners to decide up front whether they want to set up a reef tank or a fish only tank. Most choose a fish only tank because a reef is intimidating. […]

Best nano protein skimmers


For a reef tank with a sump, an in-sump protein skimmer is always the best option to maintain the water quality of the tank. However, if you are planning for a nano reef tank (10/20/30 gallons) […]

7 best Hang-On-Back protein skimmers


The importance of choosing the right skimmer is apparent. A feeble skimmer does little more than circulate and aerate the water, while an efficient skimmer can keep the water pristine, reduce nitrates, phosphates, and algae, and play a […]

Best in-sump protein skimmers for reef tanks – reviews & guides


The best protein skimmer is a thing you can’t skimp on when it comes to cost with a saltwater fish tank. If you have spent any time at all keeping marine fish or corals, you […]

Live Rock – All you need to know

Even if you have only been interested in saltwater reef tank a few days, you have heard of live rock. On some message board or in a conversation in your local fish store – somewhere, […]

Wet/Dry sump filters for freshwater & reef tanks – guide


Although wet/dry filters (trickle filters) are the best aquarium filters for saltwater and reef tanks, they are generally a great choice for heavily stocked freshwater aquariums. There are a few types of wet/dry filters, since the […]

LED lights for reef aquariums – reviews & guidelines


Different types of corals have different requirements of lighting. Based on the invertebrates kept in your aquarium (SPS/LPS/soft corals), you will need a particular LED reef aquarium light to meet their needs. The lighting demand […]