10+ Popular Anubias Species For Planted Aquariums


There are so many Anubias types from the smallest A. nana “Petit” to very broad leaved A. barteri. They are very undemanding, easy to care and very beautiful, making them a favorite for planted aquariums. … Read more

20+ Most Popular Stem Plants For The Background

Stem plants are tall, fast growing, and every easy to propagate by cuttings. These makes them a great option to fill the background of planted aquariums. There are so many stem plants with different colors … Read more

15+ Popular Cryptocoryne Types For Planted Aquariums


From the smallest Cryptocoryne parva to the large Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae, the wide variety makes Cryptocoryne an excellent choice for different positions in a planted aquarium. Another factor which makes Cryptocoryne an essential plant … Read more

15+ Most Popular Carpet Plants For Planted Aquariums

hairgrass carpet plant

You are finding some carpet plants for the foreground of your planted tank and you are standing in the right place. I have put together a list of over fifteen different short aquarium plants that are … Read more

30+ Aquarium Plants For The Midground & Guidelines

midground aquarium plant

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15+ Best Low Light Plants For Low Tech Planted Aquariums


While high lighting can help plants grow faster, deepen the red tint to plant leaves, or even allow you to keep some spectacular yet demanding aquatic plant species, a high-light aquarium isn’t the only way … Read more

15+ Aquarium Plants For The Foreground & Guidelines

foreground aquarium plants

Foreground aquarium plants directly influence the impression of an aquascape. So the selection and planting of foreground aquatic plants are very important to build a beautiful planted aquarium. All carpet plants are ideal for the … Read more