How and when to test aquarium pH – test kit, strip, meter to use


pH is the general measurement unit for testing the acidity or alkalinity of water. For acidity, anything that is less than 7.0 pH is considered as acidic, while anything greater than 7.0 […]

How to quickly clear green water in aquarium?


If you have an aquarium, you are probably familiar with the term green water. Green water is simply an algae bloom caused by single cell algae that are green in the color. […]

How to stock a freshwater fish tank, how many & which types of fish?

Stocking a freshwater fish tank takes a good deal of thought and preparation in order to ensure that all of the fish in your tank get along. You would not, for example, […]

Freshwater aquarium fish disease symptoms and treatments


Maintaining the health of your aquarium fish is not difficult as long as you take a few precautions. Offering your fish a healthy diet and keeping your tank clean will go a […]

How to properly cycle a new fish tank setup with hardy fish?


Cycling a new fish tank is a very important step so make sure you do not skip this part of the process. Neglecting to get your aquarium cycled before stocking¬†will result in […]