How to set up a freshwater planted aquarium?

Unlike a freshwater tank setup, setting up a planted aquarium requires some more steps such as choosing the right equipment (filter, lighting, CO2…), aquascaping, planting… Known that, what I do in this […]

How to stock a freshwater fish tank, how many & which types of fish?

Stocking a freshwater fish tank takes a good deal of thought and preparation in order to ensure that all of the fish in your tank get along. You would not, for example, […]

Freshwater aquarium fish disease symptoms and treatments


Maintaining the health of your aquarium fish is not difficult as long as you take a few precautions. Offering your fish a healthy diet and keeping your tank clean will go a […]

How to use a drop checker kit to measure CO2 in planted aquarium

Using a drop checker kit is the most convenient and economical method to measure CO2 in your planted aquarium. It may be an essential part of any planted tank today because of […]

How to properly cycle a new fish tank setup with hardy fish?


Cycling a new fish tank is a very important step so make sure you do not skip this part of the process. Neglecting to get your aquarium cycled before stocking will result in […]

Starters’ guide – How to set up a tropical freshwater fish tank?


You have decided that you want to set up a tropical freshwater fish tank and get starting with the wonderful hobby keeping aquatic pets. That’s great! But you don’t know what equipment […]

What causes cloudy aquarium water and how to clear?

Cloudy aquarium water is caused by many factors and has many types, some are unharmful and the others may cause sudden fish death. So you must understand all cause of the cloudiness […]

How to easily change aquarium water and clean the algae?


The fear of regular aquarium cleaning and water changes is one of the main reasons people don’t keep fish in their house. The truth that these works are very easy and wonderful if […]

How to use an aquarium conditioner to make tap water safe for fish?


Using an aquarium conditioner or dechlorinator helps to remove residual chlorine and heavy metals from tap water that are harmful for aquarium fish, shrimps and helpful bacteria. A good water conditioner is very necessary […]

How to choose the best fish foods and feed your fish?

Guppies in a community tank

Aquarium fish need the right diet like any pet, feeding them with the right fish food is an important factor to keep your fish healthy and colorful. Deficiency of nourishment and/or vitamin […]