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Types of tools for aquascaping a planted aquarium

planted aquarium tool

Planted aquarium tools have been developed with so many products for different manipulations. With the help of some aquascaping tools, it is possible to make beautiful aquarium layout of your own style. This article includes […]

How to set up a saltwater aquarium (fish-only and reef)?


Many hobbyists and retailers encourage beginners to decide up front whether they want to set up a reef tank or a fish only tank. Most choose a fish only tank because a reef is intimidating. […]

15+ popular Cryptocoryne types for planted aquariums


From the smallest Cryptocoryne parva to the large Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae, the wide variety makes Cryptocoryne an excellent choice for different positions in a planted aquarium. Another factor which makes Cryptocoryne an essential plant […]

15+ most popular carpet plants for planted aquariums

hairgrass carpet plant

You are finding some carpet plants for the foreground of your planted tank and you are standing in the right place. I have put together a list of over fifteen different short aquarium plants that are […]

20+ types of tetras for small-large aquariums


Tetras are popular aquarium fish of the characidae family. They are mostly quite small, peaceful and colorful. Many types of tetras can do well in a 20 gallon fish tank although bigger tanks are better for them […]

7 steps to setting up and maintaining a Betta fish tank


Before you bring your Betta fish home from the pet store, it’s a very good idea to have a home ready to go for your new pet friends. When first preparing their new home, it’s […]

Best toys, plants & decorations to keep Betta fish happy


Bettas are curious fish and, believe it or not, they can get bored. It’s important to take time to stimulate your Betta so that they don’t become bored and lethargic. A bored Betta becomes lethargic […]

Top 6 bow front aquariums to get for your home


A bow front aquarium can play the role as a centerpiece in a living room or office. Its curved front creates a smooth, aesthetically appealing look and makes it greater to view the fish. A bow […]

Best 15 gallon fish tanks to get for your fish

15 gallon fish tank

The aquarium market today develops so many 15 gallon aquariums in different shapes from traditional rectangle, column to sphere, so you have so many options when considering buying one that meets your needs. Below are […]

Best 30-inch LED lights for 20 long/29 gal aquariums


A 30-inch LED aquarium light is perfectly fit for a 20 gallon long or 29 gallon fish tank, which commonly measure 30 inches long. There are so many kinds of LED aquarium lights manufactured for this tank […]