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We are a group of researchers who are passionate about Aquariums, Environment, Ponds, Flora, and Fauna. All our content is available for free through our website, and our goal is to support our aquatic hobbyist community by providing informative and well-researched articles.

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Meet The Team

Sieu NG

Co-Founder & Writer

I have been building home aquariums since I has 12 years old. This passion grew up in me and lead me to get a university degree in Biology and Chemistry. 


Co-Founder & Senior Editor

I am a marine biologist, a researcher, and love traveling. I like to create content that can inspire people to learn how to care for their pets and their environment. plsk


Writer & Content Manager

I am a marketer and a product researcher. I like to test things and learn how they work. I love to share my findings with the community.