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Best 30 inch LED aquarium lights for 20 long/29 gallon fish tanks


A 30-inch LED aquarium light is perfectly fit for a 20 gallon long or 29 gallon fish tank, which commonly measure 30 inches long. There are so many kinds of LED aquarium lights manufactured […]

Top 5 freshwater aquarium sharks


Pet freshwater sharks aren’t the nasty ones that we all picture chomping off limbs at the beach. They are unbelievably cool when kept in freshwater aquariums. Following are five freshwater sharks you can […]

Marina Slim S10/15/20 power filter reviews


The hang-on-back filter, also referred to as a H.O.B filter or just a hang-on filter, has often been the no-brainer choice of filter for those looking for an easy external filter that […]

Best nano protein skimmers


For a reef tank with a sump, an in-sump protein skimmer is always the best option to maintain the water quality of the tank. However, if you are planning for a nano reef […]

7 best Hang-On-Back protein skimmers


The importance of choosing the right skimmer is apparent. A feeble skimmer does little more than circulate and aerate the water, while an efficient skimmer can keep the water pristine, reduce nitrates, phosphates, and algae, […]