Marina Slim S10/15/20 power filter reviews


A hang-on-back filter, also referred to as a H.O.B or hang-on filter, has often been a common choice for those looking for an easy-to-use external filter that doesn’t take up too much space. The Marina […]

Best filters for 100-125 gallon aquariums

100 gallon fish tank filter

This article reviews the best aquarium filters that are rated for large fish tanks from 100 to 125 gallons. There are 6 filters from 3 different types: 1 trickle, 1 Hang-On-Back, and 4 canister filters. […]

Aqueon QuietFlow series power filter review

Aqueon Aquietflow power filter

The Aqueon QuietFlow series power filters, in my opinion, have so many great qualities for their price range. The series includes QuietFlow 10, 20, 30, 50, 55/75 models that are rated for different aquarium sizes from under […]

Best internal filters for fish and turtle aquariums


Internal filters, also known as internal power filters, work similarly to external power filters but they are meant to be submerged inside aquariums. When an internal filter works, water is drawn through the filter chamber by a […]

Best filters for 75 gallon fish tanks (power and canister)

canister filter

There are many types of aquarium filters you can choose for your 75-gallon fish tank; however, a canister or power filter may be a good choice for this large-sized tank. In this review, I will […]

Penn Plax Cascade series canister filter review and guide

canister filter

Penn Plax Cascade series include 5 models (Cascade 500, 700, 1000, 1200, 1500) used for different aquariums up to 200 gallons. They are the most popular external canister filters on the market today because of their […]

Best filters for 29/30/40 gallon aquariums


A power filter or canister filter is popularly chosen for a medium sized tank from 29 to 40 gallons. While a power filter is strong enough to keep the tank clean and clear, a canister […]

Best aquarium filters from various types – reviews & guide


For choosing the best aquarium filter that can keep your fish tank clear and free of ammonia and nitrite, firstly you should understand the mechanism behind each type of aquarium filters. The most popular types these […]

Eheim Classic 150/250/350/600 canister filter review

100 gallon fish tank filter

Eheim Classic series (includes 150/250/350/600) canister filters are one of the most powerful and quietest canister filters in the market today. They are great choices for medium to large aquariums up to 160 gallons. These filters are […]

Fluval FX4/FX6 canister filter review

Fluval FX4 and Fluval FX6 are in the Fluval FX series, they are high performance external canister filters from Hagen Fluval. These filters have almost similar features; however, while the Fluval FX4 is smaller and only handle aquariums up […]