Marina Slim S10/15/20 power filter reviews


The hang-on-back filter, also referred to as a H.O.B filter or just a hang-on filter, has often been the no-brainer choice of filter for those looking for an easy external filter that […]

Best filters for 100-125 gallon aquariums

100 gallon fish tank filter

This article reviews the best aquarium filters that are rated for large fish tanks from 100 to 125 gallons. There are 6 filters from 3 different types: 1 trickle, 1 Hang-On-Back, and […]

Aqueon QuietFlow series power filter review

Aqueon Aquietflow power filter

The Aqueon QuietFlow series power filters, in my opinion, have so many great qualities for their price range. The series includes QuietFlow 10, 20, 30, 50, 55/75 models that are rated for different aquarium […]

Best internal power filters for fish tanks and reptile turtle terrariums


Internal power filters, also called as internal filters, work similarly to external power filters but they are meant to be submerged inside aquariums. When an internal filter works, water is drawn through the filter […]

Best & quietest aquarium water pump (powerhead) – reviews & guide


The main purpose of aquarium water pumps (powerheads) is to operate the filtration systems of home aquariums, aquaponics, and hydroponic systems. This helpful equipment is commonly chosen by creative aquarists who want to DIY […]