Aqueon Quietflow Series Power Filter Review

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The Aqueon QuietFlow series power filters, in my opinion, have so many great qualities for their price range. The series includes QuietFlow 10, 20, 30, 50, 55/75 models that are rated for different aquarium sizes from under 10 gallons up to 90 gallons. They’re certainly not the best hang on tank filters on the market, but as for “getting what you pay for”, I believe an Aqueon filter gives you what you should expect for the price and a little more.

High Flow Rate For Better Filtration

Medium Cartridge- Editor's Choice
  •  FR: 100 GPH – for tanks up to 20 gallons
  • 6.4"x3.8"x6.3"
Large Cartridge - high quality
  • FR: 125 GPH – for tanks up to 30 gallons
  • 7.4"x4.4"x7.9"
Large Cartridge - Best Value
  • FR: 200 GPH – for tanks up to 45 gallons
  • 8.4"x4.6"x7.9"
Large Cartridge - Highly Recommended
  • FR: 250 GPH – for tanks up to 50 gallons
  • 8.4"x4.1"x7.9"
2 Large Cartridge - Highly Recommended
  • FR: 400 GPH – for tanks up to 90 gallons
  • 12.9"x6.6"x8.4"

The filter you choose should be cycling the water in your fish tank at a minimum of four times the aquariums volume per hour. Let’s use a nice round 100 gallon aquarium for example. The filtration on this tank should be at a rate of no less than 400 gallons per hour. Aqueon QuietFlow power filters deliver high and enough flow rates for the tank sizes they are rated for.

Please note that the QuietFlow filter does NOT come with a feature for you to adjust its flow rate, so you should choose the model that is precisely rated your tank volume or you have to do some methods to reduce the water flow if it is too strong for your fish.

Auto-Start And Quiet Pump

The QuietFlow filter uses a high-quality pump, which is fitted onto the intake tube, to create the water flow through its filter chamber. The pump itself is nice and quiet in comparison to a few other brands equivalent versions. The Aqueon filter is quiet overall and doesn’t bother you a bit, especially for the QuietFlow 55/75 model in my experience. Moreover, the diffuser grid of the filter reduces the noise from the output waterfall, thus reducing the noise even further.

The favorite thing about this filter series is that its auto-start pump instantly draws the water into it when you plug it in. Whether there is water in the reservoir or not, it just works. I’ve noticed that on every other hang on tank filter system I have owned, they either take a minute to get going or actually require you to fill the reservoir manually, before running the filter.

Filter Media And Multi-Stage Filtration

In the later picture, components from left to right: replaceable carbon filter cartridge, Bio Holster, water diffuser grid.

  • The replaceable carbon

    Filter insert is nice, the material surrounding the carbon is dense and the pads really do a good job of removing debris. The cartridge is designed to slide easily into the Bio-Holster. (mechanical and chemical filtration)

  • The Bio-Holster

    Is an Aqueon’s patented device, which is a slotted plastic and allows for the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria on its surface. These helpful bacteria help to remove ammonia and nitrites from the water flowing through the bio holster and convert them to non-toxic nitrates. (biological filtration)

  • The diffuser grid

    Serves three functions. First, it is an even better place for good bacteria to grow and helps the water stay healthy. Second, because of the way the water is flowing through several small holes before rejoining the large body of water, it adds oxygen to the aquarium. The third function served is that it reduces splashing and this reduces the noise even further.

How To Clean An Aqueon QuietFlow Filter?

The Aqueon QuietFlow series is designed for easy maintenance. The filter should be cleaned every week and the replacement filter cartridge should be changed every three to four weeks. It is fitted with an LED indicator on its top that will flash to remind you when you need to change the filter cartridge.

For maintaining the filter, only plug it out and disassemble its components for cleaning.

I usually clean my filter when changing the aquarium water that happens every weekend. Remember to store the removed water from your aquarium in a clean bucket. You should clean the filter media and replacement cartridges with this water, NOT tap water. This will reserve the helpful bacteria in your filter materials.


Remember to clean the filter and its pump, too. The pump and the intake tube both disconnect with ease from the body of the unit making it very easy to clean.


The impeller is magnetically held in place inside the motor unit and is easy to pull out and just as easy to drop back into place after you have cleaned it.

Pros And Cons Or The Aqueon QuietFlow Series

  • Multi-stage filtration system,
  • Self-priming with the auto-start pump,
  • Very quiet operation with the sound-dampening pump and diffuser grid,
  • Provides better water aeration and biological filtration,
  • Cartridge changing LED indicator,
  • Designed for easy to setup and maintenance,
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Can’t adjust its flow rate,
  • Small filtration capacity,
  • The Bio-Holster is too small for accommodating some ceramic rings for more biological filtration.

Pro Tip

This is a great filtration system that definitely delivers what it advertises. It is quiet and it does a great job of keeping your water clear and healthy. The drawbacks are minimal. If you are a beginner without the worry of overly sensitive fish like discus, I highly recommend buying an Aqueon filter. It’s going to give you the biggest bang for your buck and the lifetime warranty gives peace of mind. If you’re more experienced and you just need higher quality, you can get it. This is not the best power filter, but the filter is affordable with the price tag that comes with it.

Top Editor's Choice on Aqueon Quietflow Filter

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  1. i have 2 aqueon 55/75 on my 55 gal tank and even though my tank is over stocked they do a pretty good job


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