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8 Best Rimless Aquariums For Sleek, Minimalist Designs

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In 2019, aquarists aren’t merely focused on creating a lively, thriving aquascape. Many are finding themselves wanting their aquarium to accent their interior decor and give them a place where they can get lost in meditation.

This means that rimless fish tanks are quickly claiming their place in the industry. The best rimless aquariums offer incredibly sleek, ultra-minimalistic designs that many aquarists are finding themselves falling in love with.

The lack of hard lines, the pure visual appeal, the crystal clarity, and the unique design are some of the biggest draws for rimless aquariums.

What Are The Best Rimless Aquariums In 2019?

If you’re looking for a new rimless tank or want to make sure you’re getting the best rimless tank for your setup, we’ve got your back.

Each of the rimless aquariums listed below went through our rigorous testing, verified by customer reviews, to decide on which are the best.

Since buying a rimless aquarium is a personal decision and no tank will fit every aquarist’s needs, the list below is only a list. Each aquarium is presented in no specific order.

We believe each of the tanks below is the “best” in their specific category, for their particular reasons.

Very Well Made - excellent quality
  • Designed To Look Like An Aquatic Picture Frame
  • Designed To Work Well In Small Areas
  • This Tank Is Lightweight But Incredibly Durable
Beautiful And Durable - High Quality
  • Unique Bent Glass Design That Is Frameless And Seamless In Front
  • Made With The Highest Quality Glass For Durability And Clarity
  • Easily Stands Out And Makes A Bold Statement
Excellent And Affordable - excellent choice
  • Manufactured Using Low-Iron Glass To Help Maintain Crystal Clarity
  • Hand-Made By Expert Craftsman
  • Simple, And Of Solid Construction
Really Pretty And Sturdy Cube - Best Value
  • This Tank Is Incredibly Well Manufactured
  • High-Quality Materials Using Clean Lines
  • The Tank Is Incredibly Affordable For The Quality You’re Getting
Excellent Clarity - Recommended
  • This Tank Is A Cube Design That Makes Your Aquascape Appear More Vivid And Lively
  • Durable And Lightweight, A Combination That’s Rare To Find
  • These Rimless Aquariums Are Carefully Crafted Using 91% Clarity Diamante Glass
Crystal Clear - Best Choice
  • Tanks Are Handcrafted And Constructed With High-Quality Materials
  • The Larger 24-Gallon Size Makes It Easy To Stock With A Few Fish And Plants
Safe For Salt And Freshwater - Best Value
  • Beautiful, Crystal Clear, Light, And Strong.
  • The Durable Tank Is Manufactured From High-Quality Materials
  • The Lightweight Design Is Incredibly Strong
Absolutely Beautiful - Great quality
  • Made With The Highest Quality Glass For Durability And Clarity
  • Easy To View Your Aquascape From Every Angle
  • Aquarium Is Suitable For A Wide Variety Of Fish
Energy-Efficient - Best Choice
  • Made With Safe Tempered Glass
  • The Filtration System Is Powerful Enough To Avoid Having To Be Replaced
  • Inexpensive And Affordable, Making It Great For Beginners
Excellent Quality - Beginner Friendly
  • Pump Is Incredibly Powerful
  • Display Cabinet Is Sturdy And DurableDesign Is Timeless And Looks Great In Nearly Every Home


  • designed to look like an aquatic picture frame
  • designed to work well in small areas
  • This tank is lightweight but incredibly durable

If you’re looking for a rimless fish tank with a timeless design, the Mr. Aqua Mini Bookshelf Aquarium may be precisely what you want. It is designed to look like an aquatic picture frame and fit perfectly into most bookshelves.

If you’re tight on space, this tank has been designed to work well in small areas. It is perfect for dorm rooms, offices, small bedrooms, and apartments. The long, rectangular shape makes viewing your entire tank easy to do.

Being a smaller 3-gallon tank, the weight will stay low enough that you do not need an external stand. Each aquarium comes with a bright LED lighting system and a filtration system that works well, for what it is.

Pro Tip


  • The Mr. Aqua Mini includes your filtration system and LED lighting kit.
  • The small size and low-profile design make it easy to find space.
  • This tank is lightweight but incredibly durable.


  • The Mr. Aqua Mini does not come with a heater; you will need to buy one.
  • The lighting system on this tank prevents using a lid or screen cover.

2. Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium - Beautiful and Durable


  • unique bent glass design that is frameless and seamless in front
  • Made with the highest quality glass for durability and clarity
  • easily stands out and makes a bold statement

The Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium may not be a “cheap” rimless aquarium, but it is affordable. It’s a large, rimless tank with a unique design that easily stands out and makes a bold statement.

The design of the tank is seamless and utilizes curved glass so that you can view your entire aquascape without obstructions and distortion. The high-quality glass never gets foggy and helps the colors in your aquascape shine through.

While the Penn Plax is a seamless tank, it still uses three pieces of glass to maintain its durability and stability. The tank, itself, comes with a filtration system, a pressure mate, and an LED lighting system. You also get a lid to keep your fish in the tank and prevent jumping.

Pro Tip


  • The Penn Plax is a unique design featuring curved glass and seamless seals.
  • The kit includes everything you need to get started.
  • The tank is durable and provides fantastic, unobstructed views of your aquascape.


  • The included LED lighting kit isn’t bright enough for planted aquariums.

3. Landen 60P 32.1 Gallon Rimless Aquarium - Excellent And Affordable


  • manufactured using low-iron glass to help maintain crystal clarity
  • hand-made by expert craftsman
  • simple, and of solid construction

When you’re putting together the best rimless tank aquascape, the Landen 60P 32.1 is a great tank to use. As soon as you open the box, you’re going to recognize the quality and craftsmanship put into each tank.

The Landen 60P is manufactured using low-iron glass to help maintain crystal clarity. Compared to acrylic and other forms of glass, the low-iron design gives you up to 91% more transparency at only 8mm in thickness.

However, it’s worth noting that this tank is on the heavier side. Unfilled, you’re looking at just over 50 pounds of weight. That means you’re going to need a stand that can hold the heavier weight, especially once the tank is filled with water.

Pro Tip


  • The low-iron glass is crystal clear, especially compared to acrylic.
  • The craftsmanship in each tank shows as soon as you open the box.
  • The simple construction is solid with thick silicone beads.


  • The tank does not include any equipment, like a filter, heater, pump, or light.

4. Deep Blue Professional Rimless Cube Glass Tank - Really Pretty And Sturdy Cube


  • this tank is incredibly well manufactured
  • high-quality materials using clean lines
  • the tank is incredibly affordable for the quality you’re getting

Another amazing seamless aquarium is the Deep Blue Professional Rimless Cube. As the name implies, this tank is highly-regarded by professional aquarists around the world, for quite a few different reasons.

For a cube design, this tank is incredibly well manufactured. It’s constructed for 3/16” thick glass with thick silicone beads. The glass, itself, is incredibly transparent and crystal clear. It is a cube design, measuring 12” wide, 12” high, and 12” deep.

When you purchase the tank, you’re also getting a foam pressure mat to sit underneath it. This mat helps maintain the weight on the bottom and prevents stress cracking and bowing that can lead to leaks down the road.

One thing you will need to take note of, though, is that the tank is only a tank. You’re not getting any extra essentials. That means you’re going to need to purchase a lighting kit, a filtration system, and a pump separately. Still, this is an excellent tank in the 7.5-gallon range.

Pro Tip


  • The tank is manufactured with high-quality materials using clean lines.
  • You get an extra foam pressure mat to prevent bowing in the bottom of the tank.
  • The price for the tank is incredibly affordable for the quality you’re getting.


  • You will need to purchase your equipment separately.
  • The small design makes it harder to stock more than a few fish or shrimp.


  • This tank is a cube design that makes your aquascape appear more vivid and lively
  • durable and lightweight, a combination that’s rare to find
  • These rimless aquariums are carefully crafted using 91% clarity diamante glass

If you’re looking for a 20-gallon rimless aquarium, the Ultum Nature Systems 25C clear rimless cube is a great choice. It’s slightly larger, at 25 gallons, but still falls into your preferred range. You will have a hard time telling the difference between a 20-gallon cube and a 25-gallon.

This tank is a cube design that makes your aquascape appear more vivid and lively. The glass is low-iron to help maintain your crystal clarity. Compared to other glass, you’ll notice a distinct lack of the green color that most other glass aquariums are known for having.

The Ultum Nature Systems 25C is manufactured using 45-degree mitred edges. This is different from curved edges and helps make the tank unique. The size dimensions give this tank the “golden ratio” making it easier for you to design your aquascape around it.

Pro Tip


  • The price on the Ultum Nature Systems 25C is incredibly attractive.
  • The tank is durable and lightweight, a combination that’s rare to find.
  • The tank comes with a black foam pressure mat to help level the tank.


  • You will need to purchase a filtration and lighting system separately.


  • tanks are handcrafted and constructed with high-quality materials
  • The larger 24-gallon size makes it easy to stock with a few fish and plants

The Windrider Creations/Acrylic Habitats 24-Gallon Rimless Aquarium is a tank that’s hand-built by aquarists. You can tell as soon as you see the tank. This is a design that has been 27 years in the making and continues getting better year, after year.

This is one of the few tanks you’ll find that has a 3-year warranty. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each tank mean it’s incredibly durable so Acrylic Habitats isn’t worried about you having issues.

The acrylic is crystal clear and the silicone beads do not impede your view into the tank. The acrylic doesn’t distort your vision. If needed, the manufacturer can pre-drill holes for you to install your equipment, as long as you let them know ahead of time.

Pro Tip


  • These 24-gallon tanks are handcrafted and constructed with high-quality materials.
  • The larger 24-gallon size makes it easy to stock with a few fish and plants.
  • Each tank comes with a full 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • This is considered one of the more expensive tanks that we have featured.

7. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set - Safe for Salt and Freshwater


  • beautiful, crystal clear, light, and strong.
  • The durable tank is manufactured from high-quality materials
  • The lightweight design is incredibly strong

Another rimless acrylic aquarium that’s worth looking at is the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set. Because this is an entire set, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a ton of extra equipment just to get started.

SeaClear is well-known for manufacturing some off-the-wall designs. This acrylic aquarium is no different. Being acrylic, this tank has proven to be up to 17 times stronger than comparable glass tanks, especially with this design and shape.

The 26-gallon tank is excellent for both freshwater and saltwater aquascapes. You don’t have to worry about broken glass, cracks, or chips, because acrylic tends to withstand more punishment than comparable glass tanks.

Pro Tip


  • The durable tank is manufactured from high-quality materials.
  • The acrylic used in the tank is crystal clear and thick.
  • The tank kit comes with a lighting system and reflector.
  • The lightweight design is incredibly strong, especially compared to glass.


  • You cannot remove the lid from the tank. It is permanently affixed.
  • The acrylic is more susceptible to scratches than glass tanks.

8. Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium - Absolutely Beautiful


  • Made with the highest quality glass for durability and clarity
  • easy to view your aquascape from every angle
  • Aquarium is suitable for a wide variety of fish

If you’re looking for a fantastic nano glass tank, the Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass 3.4-Gallon Aquarium Kit could be precisely what you want. It’s manufactured with high-quality glass and features a seamless silicone design to maintain clarity and eliminate distortion.

The seamless design makes it easy to view your aquascape from every angle. The tank is manufactured using a 3-piece construction that has proven to withstand more abuse than seamed glass aquariums.

The aquarium kit, itself, comes with an LED lighting system, a foam pressure mat, hinged lid, and an internal filtration system. All you should need to get up and running is a heater (for tropical fish), and cycled water.

Pro Tip


  • The Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass tank comes with everything you need.
  • The tank is easy to set up, with instructions that are clear and straightforward.
  • The tank comes with a lid that hinges to the top to keep your fish inside.


  • Some customers have complained about scratches and chips during shipping.

9. Vepotek Rimless Nano Fish Tank - energy-efficient


  • Made with safe tempered glass
  • The filtration system is powerful enough to avoid having to be replaced
  • inexpensive and affordable, making it great for beginners

Small but mighty, the Vepotek Rimless Nano Fish Tank is a bold, modern look that gives nano aquarists everything they’re looking for. A timeless design, the incredibly strong glass is tempered to withstand punishment and abuse.

If you’re thinking about installing a tank in a high-traffic area, or your kid’s room (for instance), this is one of the best tanks you’re going to find. The 4-gallon tank features an attached lighting system, making it great for beginners.

The filtration system is powerful enough to avoid having to be replaced. The lighting system, however, is only 3-watts so it will not be strong enough for planted tanks. The tank, itself, works great for both freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts.

Pro Tip


  • The kit includes everything you need, from the filter to the lighting.
  • The kit is inexpensive and affordable, making it great for beginners.
  • The included instructions make it easy to get your tank up and running quickly.
  • Each tank is packaged securely, so you don’t have to worry about damage.


  • The filtration system may be too strong and cannot be adjusted.
  • The tank does not include a lid, so you’ll need a separate screen.


  • pump is incredibly powerful
  • display cabinet is sturdy and durabledesign is timeless and looks great in nearly every home

SC Aquariums are well-known in the professional aquascaping industry for manufacturing high-quality tanks that stand the test of time. The SCA Starfire comes with everything you need to get started, too.

The 50-gallon rimless design measures 24” high, 20” deep, and 24” wide. The 10mm thick glass gives you crystal clarity and more durability than many other comparable tanks. The included pump is incredibly powerful and built into the design, saving you even more money.

The SCA Starfire has quickly become one of the best selling 50-gallon glass aquariums. The rimless design is timeless and looks great in nearly every home. Building your aquascape around the tank is incredibly easy to do.

Pro Tip


  • The SCA Starfire includes everything you need to get started.
  • The included display cabinet is sturdy and durable.
  • The instructions make it easy to have the tank running in a few minutes.
  • The tank comes securely packaged to avoid in-transit damage.


  • The kit includes most of what you need, but you will need to buy a light.
  • Some customers have complained the instructions are hard to understand.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: What Makes Rimless Tanks Different?

The most significant difference between a rimless tank and a standard tank is, as the name implies, a rimless aquarium does not have a metal or plastic band surrounding the top of the tank.

This lack of a band gives the tank a more minimalist, modern appearance. Most rimless tanks are manufactured from thicker glass or thicker acrylic to help withstand the pressures from the water inside. Without a band around the top of the tank, the tank must support itself.

The tanks use a bead of silicone around each seam to help prevent the tank from bowing out or leaking water. Mainly, these tanks are made to resemble a floating tank instead of a more traditional look.

Q: Should I Buy Acrylic Or Glass?

This is an incredibly personal decision. If you’re curious about whether you should buy acrylic or glass, you’ll want first to understand the differences.

The major difference is that acrylic will often appear more “clear” than a glass tank. However, as time goes on, an acrylic tank may require polishing to sustain the crystal clarity they’re known for.

Compared to glass tanks, acrylic tanks may develop a haze on the inside and are more prone to small scratches on the outside. Glass tanks are not susceptible to the same hazing and scratching but also limit your equipment options.

Acrylic tanks can be drilled into while glass tanks will require more care or you risk cracking the glass. If you want to mount your equipment, such as a heater or filter pump, you can drill through the acrylic to attach them securely. Glass will require suction cups or magnets.

Q: How Do I Install Extra Equipment?

Rimless tanks have one major distinction from rimmed tanks.

In general, it is harder to install your extra equipment (like heaters, filters, and pumps). Where a rimmed tank will give you an edge to use to hold the equipment in place, that edge is lacking from a rimless tank.

You’re not able to clip most equipment onto the side of a rimless tank the way you can with a rimmed tank. One solution is to use suction cups or strong neodymium magnets that have enough holding power to reach through the thick glass or acrylic.

You can also drill through the acrylic to hard-mount your equipment. Just because you do not have a rim to hook your equipment doesn’t mean it’s impossible to install the equipment. You have to get creative.

Q: Will My Fish Jump From The Tank?

This is a common issue with many rimless tanks. The rimless design makes it difficult to attach a cover that keeps your fish from jumping out. There are a few ways to get around this common problem, though.

The first is to purchase a tank cover. Many times, you’ll find that the manufacturer you purchased your tank from will have a lid for sale. This lets you fix the lid to your tank, knowing that they were designed to work together.

Another option is to purchase a piece of Lexan, Plexiglass, or hard plastic and a set of hinges to build your lid. Attach the hinges to the back of the tank and the hard plastic you’ve purchased. Then, use a latch system on the front.

If you build your own, you know exactly what you’re getting and can customize it to your specific needs, this isn’t always the case when you’re buying one from another manufacturer.

Q: Are Rimless Tanks Only Available In Smaller Sizes?

No. While most rimless tanks are advertised in nano sizes (under 30 gallons), you can find rimless tanks ranging anywhere from 2.5 gallons up to 500 gallons in size. To give you an example, look at most major pet shops. They utilize rimless tanks at massive scale.

The biggest factor affecting the size of your rimless tank is the quality control processes used to manufacture the tank. Rimless tanks are typically manufactured using thicker glass and acrylic so they can support the water weight inside of them.

That means larger tanks can become incredibly heavy because of the thickness of glass and acrylic required to hold the water inside. This additional weight and the manufacturing processes necessary to maintain the weight are why larger rimless tanks are so uncommon to see.

Q: Are Squares And Cubes My Only Options?

For the most part, especially in the case of glass aquariums, you’re only going to find them in cubes or rectangles. This is because glass is inherently fragile and cannot be molded the way acrylic can.

Curved glass or plastic also has the downside of distorting your vision as you look into it. This happens because the curve changes light being projected into and out of the tank. Glass is limited in what can be done with it, so cubes and rectangles are your only options.

Acrylic, on the other hand, can be easily molded into different shapes. With acrylic tanks, you’ll find rounded edges and curved sides. If you’re looking for a tank with a unique shape, you’ll want to start by looking at acrylic.

Q: Do I Need To Buy A Separate Stand?

This depends significantly on the size of the tank you’re purchasing and where you intend to install the tank once you have it. Most people will benefit from having a stand to place the tank on after it is setup.

However, the tank itself is typically strong enough to hold its weight. That means you can easily set up the tank on a desk, a countertop, or in another area without needing a stand. This primarily applies to glass tanks that are built to hold their weight.

Acrylic tanks, on the other hand, may require a stand. The bottom on acrylic tanks could potentially crack if they do not have something sturdy underneath them. For acrylic tanks, you’ll want to either use a stand or a pressure foam mat to support the bottom.

If you do not have a stand for an acrylic tank, you could risk the bottom bowing out. This will reduce the strength of the silicone seams and cause leaks. The acrylic could also crack. You do not want to have these issues, especially when they can be prevented by using a stand.

Q: Acrylic vs Glass - Which Is Better & Why?

This is another personal decision, but also a price decision. In general, most rimless aquariums are priced competitively for what you’re getting. Some of the available rimless tanks can be purchased for less than $30 total.

If you’re looking for a larger tank, such as a tank more substantial than 5 gallons in size, you may expect to pay upwards of $50, or more. When you’re comparing an acrylic tank to the same size glass tank, a glass tank is typically going to cost less.

This happens because glass tanks are easier to manufacture. Acrylic tanks require specialized (more expensive) tools and manufacturing processes, so those expenses are passed onto you, the consumer. This price difference doesn’t mean that acrylic is better, though.

Before you purchase any tank (glass or acrylic), you’ll want to read through the reviews to make sure you’re buying a quality piece of equipment. If you’re comparing two different models and one gets better reviews, the acrylic vs glass debate doesn’t come into question.

Q: What About Shipping?

When you’re buying a rimless aquarium online, this is one of the biggest questions you’re going to find yourself facing. Shipping a heavier aquarium can cost more money but also increases the risk that the tank will be damaged in transit.

It’s worth noting that online sellers lose money whenever they have to replace a tank so many have adopted better shipping practices. When your tank arrives, you’ll find it wrapped in foam, plastic, taped, and firmly protected at each corner.

Acrylic tanks are less susceptible to damage in transit than glass tanks are. The significant difference between the two is that glass will break inside of the shipping container while your acrylic tank may become scratched due to careless shipping.

If you’re nervous about buying the tank online, order through a reputable company that offers free shipping, such as Amazon. You can also contact the seller directly to find out what precautionary measures they put into place to ensure safe transportation.

As always, customer reviews can help you determine whether other customers are having issues with their tanks arriving cracked or damaged. If you notice more than a few do have problems with shipping, chances are high the manufacturer isn’t shipping safely.

Q: Are Rimless Tanks Fragile?

Another common issue people find themselves wondering about is precisely how fragile rimless tanks are once they are fully installed. The water weight inside of a rimless tank can exert tremendous amounts of pressure on the outside walls.

Small bumps or knocks into the tank can create potential for problems. However, these problems are few and far in between, for the most part. Unless you have someone deliberately bumping into the tank, trying to damage it, your tank is strong enough to withstand some abuse.

If your rimless tank is full, you could experience your fish jumping out of it or water sloshing over the top when it gets bumped. The most significant risk you’re going to face is the tank getting completely knocked over or bursting at the silicone seams.

It’s worth noting, though, that you aren’t the first person with a rimless tank and manufacturers understand the potential for problems. That means they manufacture the tanks using stronger materials and use designs that are, themselves, inherently stronger.

The best way to prevent problems, though, is to make sure your tank is out of the way in high traffic areas. If you know people are going to be constantly moving around your tank, you may consider moving it to a place that sees fewer people coming into direct contact with it.

What’s The Best Rimless Aquarium In 2019?

With all the options we’ve laid out for you, it can be hard to pick. However, for most people’s purposes, we’ve found the Mr. Aqua Bookshelf Aquarium is one of the best, most affordably priced rimless tanks available.

The Mr. Aqua Bookshelf tank is crystal clear, durable, and built to fit into your existing design, making it great for beginners and experienced aquarists, alike.

Top Editor's Choice on Rimless Aquariums

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