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How Much Gravel For Aquarium Is The Right Amount? | Caring Guide

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Have you ever wondered about the decorative colorful gravel and pebbles that are there in the aquarium? People usually use it for the sake of making their fish tank look beautiful. But apart from that, there are many other benefits of placing those gravel inside the tank. They are quite easy to maintain and gives a much safer environment for the plants growing inside the aquarium. There are many such important facts that you should know about gravel in a fish. Take a look at how much gravel for aquarium would be sufficient and many as such interesting facts :

Speaking of how much gravel for aquarium is right, it can differ from tank to tank. Considering, it also depends on how much gravel do you want to look and run. Yet, to give a precise idea of an ideal quantity, it should be 1LB per gallon. This amount is quite sufficient for any type of aquarium. It gives a neat look to the fish tank and makes it super easy and feasible for other activities. Fish finds it easy to reside in with as much quantity. The best part about adding gravel to the fish tank is that it is very easy and low maintenance material.


How much gravel for aquarium is the right amount?

What are the types of gravel available in the market?

There is a huge variety of gravel and aquarium pebble stones available in the market. You can choose to but various color gravel for your fish pot. Still, make sure to choose the color that is more soothing and comfortable to you as well as fish eyes. You can also keep flipping or changing the color of gravel from summer to winter. Any shade of grey, red, black, turquoise, green, gold, or purple would totally go for your fish tank decoration.

Pro Tip

You can choose to but various color gravel for your fish pot. Still, make sure to choose the color that is more soothing and comfortable to you as well as fish eyes.

How much gravel size for aquarium is required?

This is another important fact that you should be aware of but again, this also depends upon the durability of the fish tank. Yet to give an idea for an average size fish tank, you can opt for aquarium gravel depth with sizes up to 2-5 inches. You need to make sure that the gravel grams are uniformly sized.

Usually, gravel’s sold in fish tank stores are graded well uniformly. Therefore, you need not worry about it. The size of gravel is given as much importance because nonuniform aquarium pebble stones or gravel can damage the tank.

The reason why aquarium gravel depth is preferred more than sands is that it’s easy to manage and clean. All you need to do is place it under running water until you see no more dirt and foam to the surface. In fact, it is suggested to put sand along with at least 6cm gravel to increase the filtering capacity of the tank.

A thorough test of the aquarium before its final position

Another important fact that you need to take care of is pre-testing. You need to do thorough testing of the fish tank to ensure that it is watertight. Keep it for a duration of 12 hours and if you see there are no leaks, it can be emptied and placed at the final position. Make sure to not change the fish tank position with water in it.

Aquarium setting order or process

There are a couple of steps that you must follow while setting up the fish tank at its final place. First of all, you might require various items such as sand, rocks, bulk aquarium gravel, pebbles, etc. There is a defined order that you ought to follow in order to have a long-lasting and beautiful aquarium. So here is the order of setting up the fish tank, take a look:

Tank is the most basic and important element in building an aquarium. First of all, decide the number of fish you want to keep in your tank. Also, see that the size of the fish is fine and if it can sustain in that particular size fish tank.

Try to avoid buying a globe tank as much as possible, until you need to keep one or two fish. A rectangle-shaped aquarium is always much better because of various reasons.

How much gravel for aquarium keeps it spacious?

Rectangular fish tanks are quite spacious and are highly preferred. This gives fish more space to swim, hence are liked by them. You can also add bulk aquarium gravel easily. tanks are also easy to clean and maintain. You can decide on buying these by seeing the types of fish are you about to keep. Usually, for fish that are slow swimmers, square or globe tanks ain’t a problem. Whereas, fish that are fast swimmers need rectangular tanks.

Once you decide the type of tanks and number and size of fish you are about to keep in it, you can move to the next step. Buy a professionally set aquarium tank or get a ready-made plastic model through distributors. You can also approach mold-extrusion manufacturers to put your aquarium tank together yourself.

After setting up the fish tank, find a perfect spot that is draft-free and has a moderate amount of light for at least 8-10 hrs. Make sure to never place the tank in direct sun as that will heat up the tank water causing fish a discomfort. This is for the safety of the tank as well as the inhabitants.

Also, choose a location that does not have any problem with water spillage. Choose to place the fish tank at a convenient height, where it need not be moved. Then add the sand, bulk aquarium gravel or pebbles that are not too large, neither too fine in size.

After adding bulk aquarium gravel and other settlements, add conditioned water that is chlorine, dirt, excess hardness, excess acidity, or excess alkalinity free. This is so because hard, acidic and dirty water is not suitable for an aquarium. This is one reason that makes fish life uncomfortable and also leads to constant death.

If you are planning to place plants, make sure they are plants properly place. Make sure you place the fish at even temperature water as well as the surrounding. Avoiding this can lead to fish death. Decorate and furnish the fish tank if you like with tiny toys or bulk aquarium gravel or colorful pebbles. But make sure they are not sharp or very big that can cause discomfort to the fish.

Very importantly, add aeration for enough and proper supply of additional oxygen. Add filtration to remove excesses waste products to maintain proper hygiene. All of these additional measures can help fish live peacefully together.

Now, it’s time for fish food shopping. Get authentic fish food Food to keep them healthy. Do not forget to purchase kits and utensils to make the maintenance easy.

There’s another important thing that you need to be concerned about, that is the optimum water temperature in the fish tank. Speaking of which, the most ideal temperature measure is between 76 degrees and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Still in case you think there is a requirement for temperature drop, then the maximum you can do is 2-6 degrees. In fact, adding bulk aquarium gravel also helps the temperature to cool down.

This is important because nothing but the high temperature is what kills a fish in most of the cases. Hot water becomes the reason of low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the water. The warmer the water, the less dissolved oxygen (DO) it will hold. Here are a few tips that help in keeping the aquarium water cool and helps your little friends to survive longer.

  • If you have a fish tank with a top airtight cover, then open the covers and place nylon netting over the openings to prevent fish from jumping out. This process allows heat to escape. You can also direct the air-flow of a small fan across the top of the tank to lower the temperature.
  • If you have a window or any other place which allows direct sunlight in your room then close them immediately. This is because even indirect sunlight raises the room temperature by a degree or two, and every little bit helps.
  • If you have an aquarium light in the fish tank, then reducing its timing would contribute to reducing the water temperature. But it is also suggested to not leave the lights off all the time either as that's bad for your fish too. Though, it might not stand a chance if you have a freshwater planted aquarium. This is because it requires at least 8 hours of light per day. Therefore, you may have no choice but to buy an air conditioner or a chiller to solve your heat problem.
  • You can also aerate your aquarium tanks with a strong air pump to increase the exchange of gases at the water surface. This also helps in raising the level of dissolved oxygen.

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Concluding the above-mentioned points, it’s important that you are well aware of the pros and cons of things such as how much gravel for aquarium that you want to add to the aquarium. After all, they are responsible for the lives of those fish, you need to ensure all the required safety measures.

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