Beginners are usually recommended to start with at least a 20 gallon fish tank or an aquarium kit with filtration and LED lighting. Water environment in this size tank will not change too fast to harm the fish making it an ideal choice for starters, who want to own their first aquariums but not have much experience in solving aquarium problems.

If you want to provide a stable house for your aquatic pets to thrive in, 20-gallon is the great size to get starting. For choosing a 20 gallon tank for sale, there are various options for you to choose, it can be a standard (high) or long tank, a rectangle or half-moon shape, made of glass or acrylic material.

Aqueon 20 gallon high aquarium starter kit with LED light

This is a high-quality fish tank kit from Aqueon, it is great choice for starter hobbyists, who want keep tropical fish. The main tank is made of clear glass, its walls is sealed with epoxy resin. The construction is highly durable for many year enjoyment. It comes with a black plastic hood to reduce the fast evaporation of water and prevent the fish from jumping out. The lid features some pre-cut holes for equipment setup and is very easy to open to handle inside the aquarium for setup and maintenance.

The package includes everything to need to get starting with a tropical fish tank such as LED lighting, filter, heater, additives… The LED lighting system is equipped under the hood, it provides bright white light to stimulate natural daylight from the sun.

Aqueon aquarium starter kit

The Quiet Flow 10 LED Pro power (Hang-On-Back) filter is the most powerful piece of this kit, it offers a strong but ultra-quiet water filtration system to keep the tank clean and clear. The filter features an LED indicator to remind you to maintain the filter cartridges after specific time periods.

A 100W preset heater is to maintain temperature at a constant 78 degrees Fahrenheit for tropical fish keeping. A thermometer is also included for the daily control of temperature. The package also includes fish food, water conditioner, fish net that are necessary for installing and caring any aquariums. It is carefully packed for preventing scratches or breakage upon coming.

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Marina LED 20 gallon aquarium, best kit for beginners

Marina LED 20 gallon aquarium kit is the best aquarium kit for everyone from starters to the advanced hobbyists. It has satisfied almost customers by the clear glass tank, very powerful filter and many other features needed for beginning hobbyists. With its very affordable price and being easy to set up following an aquarium care guide included, beginners could easily venture into the wonderful hobby of fish keeping. I strongly recommend the kit for any starters.

The Marina Slim S20 filter is very quiet, smooth and doesn’t take up much space in your tank because it is placed and works behind the tank. It is also the most powerful piece that everyone want to to talk about this high-quality kit. It is able to the tank clean and water clear for a long period with only a little maintenance. Many customers have reported that their pet fish are very happy and healthy in the new larger and very clean environment provided by the kit.

Other supplies such as fish food, Aqua Plus water conditioner, cycle biological supplement, a fish net, an aquarium care guide are also included that is very helpful for your aquarium setup and maintenance. The kit doesn’t come with a heater for tropical fish; however, you could easily shop for a cheap one online. A 50-75 watt heater will perfectly fit the tank.

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Marineland Biowheel aquarium kit, 20-gallon

Being manufactured by Marineland, the kit comes with the most well-known equipment from this aquarium product brand. The most important thing can’t be ignored is the Penguin bio-wheel filter, which includes a spinning wheel for superior biological filtration. Besides, the product includes most essential equipment you will need such as a hood with LED lighting, a 200W submersible heater, thermometer, fish net, fish food, water care samples, and setup guide.

Marineland Penguin power filterMarineland Penguin power filter

The Penguin bio-wheel filter is very interesting and loved by many hobbyists. When it is turned on, the wheel will spin that increases the aeration in its surface and supports the build-up of nitrifying bacteria. These helpful bacteria, when being crowded, will eliminate nitrogenous toxins (ammonia and nitrite) produced by fish waste and uneaten fish food that is harmful for aquarium lives. If you are a fan of Hang-On-Back filter with Bio-wheels, this aquarium kit is for you.

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Marineland 20 gallon Half Moon aquarium kit

If you are bored with traditional rectangle fish tanks, this half-moon shaped aquarium will make you love it. The tank features a 180-degree seamless view and a black plastic framed bottom. With its half-moon shape, the kit will be a great piece of any home decor that attracts anyone who visits your home the first time.

The tank with all of its equipment is designed for providing the most wonderful experience for its owner. It comes with an LED light with 42 white and 3 blue LEDs. The light features 3-position switch on/off/blue that can provide great lighting effects for day and night time enjoyment.

Although a filter isn’t included, the clear cover is designed with a pre-cut hole for a filter. The manufacturer recommends Penguin 150 or Tetra EX30 filter for the tank. You may also need a heater if you want to keep tropical fish in the tank. Make your sound decision if you are attracted by its half-moon shape and beauty.

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Tetra 20 gallon aquarium kit with filter and heater

This is a nice glass tank from Tetra with a lifetime warranty. It comes with most things you need to get starting such as essential equipment and additives. The hinged canopy is very convenient for you to access inside the tank. The LED lighting system is stylishly hidden under the hood and provides a very bright white light for brightening up entire the tank.

Tetra 20 gallon aquarium kit

With a natural daylight effect from the LED hood and the quiet but very powerful water flow provided by the Tetra Whisper 20 filter, it is ideal for setting up a planted aquarium with the kit. There come some artificial plants for decorating the tank if you don’t like to grow live plants. Even a heater, thermometer, and other supplies are also included for you to complete your aquarium installation. The product quality and wholehearted service from the leader in underwater wonder – Tetra® USA will surely satisfy you.

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Tetra Glofish aquarium kit 20 gallon for Glofish

Comes with some essential equipment like the previous kit; however, the Tetra Glofish aquarium kit intends for bringing out the fluorescent lighting from Glofish. The blue LED light and the different glow factors that come with the kit give GloFish an exciting fluorescent look. Besides, some other supplies and decors needed for setting up a Glofish tank are also included such as Glofish plants and Glofish Yellow Anemone. A heater is for keeping the temperature ideal for Glofish because they are tropical fish and need a warm temperature of 72-80°F (22-27°C). Everything you need is to add gravel and fish to complete your aquarium.

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Tetra Color Fusion 20 gallon aquarium kit

Like two previous kit, this wonderful kit comes with a special LED light that is capable of cyclical color change. You can also pause the cycle on any color you like to fully customize your aquarium. Everything looks very lively under the Color Fusion LED.

Color changing LED light

Color changing LED light

Color changing LED light

The Tetra Color Fusion kit comes with two wonderland plants that come to life under the glow of Color Fusion LED. A Blooming White Anemone are also included that sways with filter current and give the tank a great view under the colorful lighting effects. Let the LED light from the color fusion aquarium kit transform your tank with each color change.

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SeaClear 20 gallon acrylic aquarium combo set

SeaClear is a famous brand for its acrylic tanks that usually come in various size from 20 to over 50 gallons. SeaClear 20 gallon acrylic aquarium is made of clear acrylic with a durable construction and is a great choice for starters who love the clarity and beauty of acrylic fish tanks.

It has a standard dimension, so it is very easy for you to find and buy other equipment for your setup. Because of its being made of high-quality acrylic, it is safe for both fresh or salt-water applications. If you love the features of acrylic tanks such as clearer, lighter, stronger, safer than glass ones, the SeaClear aquarium is a great choice for you.

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Grreat Choice 20 gallon long fish tank without equipment

Grreat Choice® 20 gallon long fish tank with a larger, longer profile is a great house for your fish and shrimps. As you know, a longer tank is better for stocking fish than a higher one because it has more surface contacting with the air. The traditional rectangular shape is probably the best as the surface area compared to the water volume is large and allows maximum gas exchange with the air. Other shapes, with smaller surface areas, will need more maintenance and more often water changes.

Moreover, the long tank could do well in accommodating a baby corn snake or an aquatic turtle, so people prefer the long to the high. If you intend to set up a fish, shrimp or reptile tank, the tank is a great choice. The tank doesn’t come with essential equipment like a kit, however, with it’s fairly cheap you can use the leftover money to buy the best equipment for your installation. The aquarium is compatible with a variety of filters and lighting systems on the market today.

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How to set up and maintain a 20 gallon aquarium

Remember to give your attention to the dimensions of the tank and the place you want to put it into, make sure it is relative. Besides, the dimensions are very important to choose a stand, hood or other supplies for the tank. If you buy a kit in this review, some equipment may be included so you only need to buy deficient ones.

Now you have chosen some special things needed for the setup. After that, going to my full guide to set up a freshwater fish tank to know how to do as well as what you may need for the process. After the setup, you may want to read how to cycle a new fish tank, and then buying some fish and accommodating the new fish to the tank.

With this tank size you can make a beautiful aquascape and stock many beautiful tropical fish such as German Blue Ram, Neon tetras or other Tetras, Mollies, Swordtails, Platies, Yellow shrimps, Red Cherry shrimps, snails… You should list the fish you want to keep in your new tank firstly, even before you buy the tank. Remember that, buying fish is the final step after all of other steps in this article.

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  1. Marissa says:

    Great article! We just picked up a 20 gallon tank for our office, Teng and Co. This helped us a lot in deciding which fish to get and how many we can put in the tank. We will probably be placing some tetras in our tank since they seem to be very low maintance. Tetras would be a perfect match with out product of slim wallets. Can a recommend a heater that would be best for the fish?

    • Hi Marissa!
      I’m very happy to know my article can help you. For choosing your heater, my recommend is Aqueon Pro heater 50W that you can find in this guide of mine.

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