Fish tank coffee tables for sale are available in various prices from cheap to luxury ones with various stylish shapes that you can choose from basing on your need and budget. In this review, we will discuss about the best aquarium tables as well as health benefits of them for people. Besides, I also provide you some stocking ideas for the special tables.

28 gallon fish tank coffee table, beautiful and cheap

An excellent space saving in home decoration can be done when you combine an aquarium with a coffee table. These tables, with their spectacular beauty, will entertain, relax and inspire anyone.

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  • Ultra-cool hexagon coffee table aquarium,
  • Dimensions: 40″ L x 21″ W x 22″ H,
  • Solid 3/8-inch beveled glass top,
  • Illuminated from beneath sparkling blue glass gravel,
  • Black acrylic pedestal base hides 2-stage filter,
  • Holds 28 gallons of fresh water.

You will be extremely satisfied with this Coffee Table Aquarium and everyone who come in your home the first time will constantly commend for its beauty.

The beneath of the tank is a open space containing and hiding any thing needed for its activity such as fish foods, filtration, lighting… So all people can only see the tank as the perfect centerpiece for the room where it’s placed.

It is a good ideal to put this tank in your living room where it can creates a relaxing atmosphere for every family members and guests who visit your home.

At least a minimum 20 gallon fish tank is easy for people who keep their fish the first time because it is the optimal volume for a tank cycled. Almost tropical fish need at least 20 gallon aquarium to live healthy so you could make a beautiful aquascape with various aquatic plants, fish and decorations in this 28 gallon fish tank table.

It have a space between the tank and the glass top where you can feed your fish. Beside, the glass top isn’t very heavy, you could lift it to maintain and lean the tank by yourself with no problem.

Certainly, all aquarium tables less or more have some problems affecting their beauty, but I can make sure that this aquarium table has the lowest disadvantages compared to the others in the same type on the market. Many people who didn’t make their decision based on the negative reviews and they would’ve been so glad with it. Now, very easy to make your decision.

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Long Octagon Aquarium Coffee Table, 40 gallon

I personally prefer this aquarium table to the first because of its shape innovative, luxury but not too expensive, and very artistic. Really that all people are amazed how beautiful it looks.

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  • Dimensions: Base: 30″ L x 30″ W x 16″ H. Glass Top: 38″ L x 38″ W
  • Illuminated from below a bed of blue glass gravel
  • A powerful two-stage submersible filter pump.
  • Holds 40 gallons of fresh water.

The good filtration system of the tank provide its inhabitants an ideal home to live and bring out their beauties. Beside, you won’t have to take the glass top off as much to clean the tank because of its powerful filtration. If you take care of the cleaning of the tank, you will love it so much because of its being very practical to clean and maintain.

In this 40 gallon glass fish tank coffee table, you can keep almost all aquarium fish species such as goldfish, ram fish, tetra fish, molly fish, swordtail fish, platy fish, shrimps, snails… while small tanks can only keep a small. You can contemplate the schools of beautiful fish with various colors in your aquarium and enjoy a delicious coffee flavor in the same time.

Similar to the first, no more problem with this aquarium table except that its price is more expensive. With the extra few dollars, this aquarium table is a great piece of furniture that you will get tons of compliments on it.

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Aqua Square Coffee Table 25 Gallon Aquarium

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  • Dimensions: 25 x 27.5 x 28 inches,
  • Holds 25 gallons of water,
  • Illuminated from beneath blue glass gravel,
  • Includes: filters, pump, aerator, decorative plants.

Also a fairly cheap fish tank coffee table but with a different shape, square and different nice experiences. The 25 gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium come from the manufacturer Midwest Tropical surely attracts anyone look at it with the modern and stylish design.

The aquatic coffee table aquarium would provide an unusual and attractively stunning focal point in any room. The product includes almost you need to get started, so, everything you need to do is finish the installation and enjoy.

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Aqua End Table 15 Gallon Aquarium

This is a cube 15 gallons tank with dimensions 21 x 21 x 21 inches, come from the same manufacturer with the previous.

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  • Dimensions: 21″ L x 21″ W x 21″ H inches; 35 pounds
  • Solid, square 3/8-inch beveled glass top
  • Black acrylic pedestal base hides filters
  • Illuminated from beneath blue glass gravel
  • Holds 15 gallons of fresh water.

It seems small with the size and has some disadvantages like many other aquarium table such as filters not very strong, the wires very noticeable.

However, there are no problem with its quality, the table being all glass and acrylic makes everything very vivid. By its small size, you could easy to clean and move, and your kids can enjoy and play with their fish easily.

If you love this cube fish tank table, you could make some tips to hide the wires and buy an additional filter or keep a small amounts of fish.

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36 gallon rectangle coffee table aquarium

Coming from the manufacturer Aqua Vim, the 36 gallon rectangular coffee table aquarium has nothing to complaint, it includes all in one for the best experiences.

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  • Dimension 40″ L x 20″ W x 21″ H.
  • Weight: 130 pounds.
  • Holds 36 gallons of fresh water.
  • Built-in ecological filtration system.
  • 2 half white half actinic blue LED lights.

All its equipment are built inside the aquarium, having hidden sockets enable you to plug in your heater, air pump or other equipment without any cords and wires being noticed.

Built-in ecological filtration system provide your aquatic animals and plants the best care environment to live healthily year long. Beside, 2 half white half actinic blue LED lights concealed are not only provide your aquatic inhabitants sufficient lighting but also aesthetical enjoyment.

It is great that there aren’t any ugly thing placed inside the tank that block your viewing pleasure. All everything combined in this tank make it is a good choice for any people who want to be put in a truly sit-back-and-relax mode after a long day from working.

Additional shorter under-glass-top legs help you lower the gap between the glass top and the tank top edges that other tanks couldn’t. This solve many problem caused by the wide gap such as the fish jump out of the tank, your cat or child can reach into the water. It also come with rollers for you to move the table around easily.

Seem, all best solutions are included in this coffee table and every thing you need is buying fish, plants, decorations then put them in the tank and enjoy.

The table cost a lot of money, but it’s certainly worth it.

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Stocking ideas for an aquarium table and some tips

I would not advise you to keep saltwater fish in the coffee table aquariums unless you have good experience with marine systems, because in a tank of this nature adding more equipment would look unsightly and deflect from its true look, and it would also takes a lot of maintenance.

Goldfish with their larger bodies than other fish maybe the great choice for stocking an aquarium table because they provide good viewing from the side of the tank as well as you just have coffee and just enjoy them from the above. Large Goldfish can be found in varieties of color from black, yellow, orange to red that you can choose what you like best.

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Small tropical freshwater fish on the other hands come in every color under the sun. Guppies, Mollies, Swordtails and other small popular freshwater fish are outstanding additions to a tranquil freshwater coffee table aquarium. If you are looking for a little bit more of a challenge, you may opt for Rift Valley Cichlids, where you will find some of the most colorful and amazing fish life of all.

If the opening between the tank and its top is too wide, your fish are able to jump out through this space. May be only a certain types of fish that can jump out of the tank. If you meet the same problem, not put the water level too high and the fish can’t jump out of the tank.

All aquarium tables come with the same problem that the cord and wires are so visible. However, you can hide any visible power cords and wires by putting a piece of rug over it. Hope these tips useful for you.

Health benifits of fish tank coffee table

What kind of atmosphere does your house or office project? Does it help cheer people up, or does it make them feel restless and anxious? Part of what may be causing negative emotions in the people living in your house or working in your office may be the décor that you have chosen for it. There are certain kinds of room accessories and structures that promote not-so-good vibes primarily because of its colors or texture. However, one effective structure that you can place inside your home and office is the aquarium.

The aquarium calming effect is one of the most popular must-haves for the home or for the office. The deep blue-green of the water set in soft lighting, as well as the movement of the fishes and plants in the water, plus the bubbles that form on the surface, have a very relaxing and calming effect on anyone who happens to chance upon it. If you haven’t experienced the aquarium calming effect yet, do give it a try – it makes for a great centerpiece in one’s home. An aquarium is a great fixture as it provides you with some sort of dynamic movement in the room in the form of your fishes and plants.

How does an aquarium calming effect become most beneficial to one’s home or office? Placement and size matters, of course. Make sure that if you want the aquarium calming effect to take the main spotlight in the room, place it in a roomy area where people can crowd around to look at it. Make sure also that it is set against soft lighting—not too harsh as strong lighting can take away from the calmness it exudes.

When the aquarium calming effect is fully in its element, it can help promote stronger relationships at home, or enable you to sell more things at work. This is because the people around it may end up in a generally good disposition, which will make them more open and receptive to what you have to say. This will be good particularly for offices that also do their buying and selling in-house. If sellers come to that particular place to buy their items, the company should place the aquarium in the middle or in a central part of the reception hall, so that everyone will see it as soon as they come in. By the time you come out to meet them, they will have experienced the calm and the relaxation that looking at the aquarium will provide them.

At the end of the day, never underestimate the power of the aquarium calming effect. The aquarium may seem like a normal or common house fixture, but it goes great lengths in ensuring that everyone around it is generally calm, happy and optimistic, and it can become a great conversation piece.

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