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Tiger Oscar Cichlid housing, caring and feeding

If you have a larger aquarium and you’re looking for an easy-to-care fish that is still very entertaining, consider the Tiger Oscar Cichlid. They are a very hardy fish with amazing coloration […]

Best CO2 regulator and CO2 supply kit for planted tank, setup guide

A lot of equipment is used in setting up a CO2 supply system for planted aquarium such as CO2 regulator, cartridge, diffuser… which you might find a little complicated initially. Please don’t […]

Betta fish housing, caring and feeding guides for beginners

best Betta fish tank

The Betta fish is a freshwater fish and comes in beautiful and extraordinary patterns. It is one of the easiest to look after and also the most inexpensive one to keep. Betta […]

Top 10 aquarium decorations for Spongebob theme fish tank

The thing that makes Spongebob aquarium decorations ideal for your fish tank design is that the entire cartoon is based on life underwater. The main character is a sea sponge, his best […]

Stocking a freshwater fish tank, how many and what types of fish

Stocking a freshwater fish tank takes a good deal of thought and preparation in order to ensure that all of the fish in your tank get along. You would not, for example, […]

Best aquarium decor and plants for a healthy Betta fish tank

What type of aquarium decor would be best for a small Betta fish tank? I guess it is a common question a lot of people are wondering, namely because the Betta fish is […]

Freshwater aquarium fish disease symstoms and treatment

Maintaining the health of your aquarium fish is not difficult as long as you take a few precautions. Offering your fish a healthy diet and keeping your tank clean will go a […]

How to use a drop checker kit to measure CO2 in planted aquarium

Using a drop checker kit is the most convenient and economical method to measure CO2 in your planted aquarium. It may be an essential part of any planted tank today because of […]

Amano shrimp (Caridina Japonica) keeping and breeding

Amano shrimp (Caridina Japonica), like Yellow shrimp and Red Cherry shrimp, is an easy-to-keep shrimp for beginners. These shimps are very helpful to keep your aquarium water clear because they can eliminate […]

Best 29/30/40/45 gallon aquarium filters (power and canister filters) review

For choosing the best filter for a 29/30/40/45 gallon fish tank, there are many options for you to choose. While power filters is economically the most recommended filters for these aquarium sizes, […]