Best 2.5-3 Gallon Fish Tanks For Betta Fish

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The key factor for providing your Bettas a good environment is the tank you choose to keep them in. The first consideration regarding this is size. Although Bettas can live in tiny cups of water or in flower vases, it’s hardly appropriate to keep them in such small containers where the water is contaminated so fast. The larger the tank is, it is easier for you to provide a stable and healthy water environment for your fish.

It has been observed that Bettas that have adequate space and enough exercise will live a longer and happier life. A 2.5-3 gallon fish tank provides just enough space for one male Betta to thrive in. If you want to stock your Betta with some other tropical fish, a 5-gallon fish tank or 10-gallon fish tank will provide a larger house for the fish.

This article reviews some of the best 2.5-3 gallon aquarium kits that are suitable to build as Betta fish tanks.

Best 2.5-3 Gallon Fish Tanks For Betta Fish

Easy to Use - Editor's Choice
  • Good looking tank
  • Very Quiet Stock Pump
  • Has a good filter
Easy to Clean Tank - high quality
  • Sturdy Base
  • Quiet filtration system
  • Beautiful tank design
Perfect for Betta Lovers - Best Value
  • Has an elegand design
  • Filter has a soft waterfall sound
  • Clear as glass
Sleek and Modern - High Quality
  • Silent filtration System
  • Very easy to setup
  • Powerful Lighting
Unique Shape - Money Saver
Beginner Friendly - 180 Degree View


  • Tank: 3 gallon curved glass aquarium
  • Dimensions: 12″ W x 12″ D x 12.5″ H
  • Lighting: LED lighting (bright white and blue settings)
  • Filtration: back panel filtration with a pump and Rite-Size Z filter cartridge.

This is a curved glass tank, the sleek design and hidden filtration system of the Marineland Contour Glass aquarium provide a panoramic and unobstructed view from any angles around it. Stylish foundation and small profile make it great for any table in your home or office.

The kit includes an LED light rail with two settings – bright white and blue for both day and nighttime enjoyments. The glass canopy included is clear for light transmission. The lid can slide back for quickly accessing to the interior space of the tank for feeding your fish and maintenance.

The back of the tank is a panel filtration system which contains a pump, filter media as well as other aquarium equipment. The entire system is powered by the water pump which operates so quiet but strong enough to keep the water continuously circled and filtered. The flow of the pump and the output water nozzle are freely adjustable to create gentle water flow for your Betta.

Pro Tip

The hidden filtration system provides abundant space for accommodating various types of filter media to completely purify the water and make it free of toxic ammonia and nitrite. It uses a Rite-Size Z filter cartridge (a floss pad with activated carbon included) and a Bio-Foam to perform a complete 3-stage filtration (mechanical, biological and chemical).

Most things are included and you only need to buy a small aquarium heater for keeping the right temperatures of about 78 degrees Fahrenheit for your Betta.

There is nothing to complain about the quality of this great aquarium kit, it is surely one of the best choices for those who are finding a small glass fish tank for one male Betta.


  • Tank: 5 gallon curved glass aquarium
  • Dimensions: 11.8″ L x 11.8″ W x 16.8″ H
  • Lighting: LED light rail with daylight and moonlight
  • Filtration: back panel filtration with adjustable flow water pump and Rite-Size Z cartridge.

This is also a curved front glass aquarium from Marineland; however, it comes with a larger profile to provide your Betta more space to live happily and healthily. You can keep one male Betta with some tankmates in this 5 gallon aquarium without any problem.

Because of its taller profile, it is great for growing various tall aquarium plants for Betta fish such as Cabomba, Green Rotala, Amazon Sword… These tall plants provide your Betta comfortable beds near the surface to rest and gulp air. Besides, it is a great idea to establish a small planted aquarium with high driftwood that likes one in the product picture.

The sliding glass canopy makes it easy to access the inside to set up as well as maintain the tank. A hinged LED light rail, which provides daylight and moonlight, is attached above the canopy. This type of lighting system is very durable because the clear glass canopy protects the light from the aquarium steam but still allows lighting to go through.

Find other 5 gallon fish tanks for Betta fish here: https://lovefishtank.com/5-gallon-fish-tank-kit/.

Pro Tip

The back filtration system of this tank is the same as the previous – Marineland Contour Glass 3-gallon. It is powered by a water pump that draws the water through its internal filter media for filtration. The flow of the pump and the output water nozzle are adjustable.

If you are planing for keeping a male Betta and some tankmates, this 5 gallon tank with its nice curved glass will provide a spacious room for the fish.

Tetra 29095 Cube 3-Gallon Betta Fish Tank - Perfect for Betta Lovers


  • Tank: 3 gallon cube plastic aquarium with pedestal base
  • Dimensions: 10″ W x 10″ D x 10.512″ H
  • Lighting: bright white LED light
  • Filtration: Tetra(R) 3i filter with small Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridge
  • Others: low voltage power adapter, setup guide.

This is a clear plastic cube fish tank with its stylish pedestal base. The compact and stylish design makes it a great choice for any desktop or countertop. The kit is also a great choice for Betta as it comes with most things you need to set up a Betta aquarium.

The Tetra(R) 3i filter included in the package is an internal filter that is rated for aquariums up to 3 gallons. It provides just enough flow rate and filtration to keep the tank clean and the Betta happy.

The filter uses a small Tetra(R) Whisper Bio-Bag cartridge with activated carbon to keep the water clear and remove odors and discoloration (mechanical and chemical filtration). The biological filtration in this internal filter is so weak and need to be improved by adding some extra filter media.

Pro Tip

The design makes it easy to set up and maintain the tank. The top features a feeding hole for easily feeding your pet fish. There is also a pre-cut hole in a back corner of the top, where the filter is placed, for quickly filter maintenance. You can set up a small HOB filter for Betta fish here if you don’t like the included internal filter.


  • Tank: 2.6 gallon glass aquarium with aluminum trimColors: black or white
  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 10.8 x 8.7 inch
  • Lighting: overhanging 31 LED lighting system
  • Filter: back panel filtration with circulation pump
  • Filter media: foam block, activated carbon, and BioMax rings.

The Fluval Spec III is a small stylish glass tank with colored aluminum trims and clear top. Its top only covers the surrounding corners and edges that is just enough to prevent the fish from jumping out. Thanks to the middle hole of the top, the overhanging LED light directly shines on the water without being dimmed. The light provides white light for the activities of fish during the day.

Behind the tank, the large filtration system contains a water pump and various types of filter media for filtration. The pump operates the entire system by keeping the aquarium water constantly circulated and filtered. The filtration system is large enough to accommodate many types of filter media (included) for the best and complete filtration in all three types:

  • Mechanical: foam block traps solid waste for manual removal
  • Chemical: activated carbon removes odors and discoloration for clear and good smelling aquarium water
  • Biological: BioMax ceramic rings processes nitrogenous toxins (ammonia and nitrite) resulting from fish waste to keep your fish healthy.

Pro Tip

The water pump and output nozzle are adjustable for achieving a gentle and quiet water flow that is loved by any Betta as well as other small tropical fish.

With all the powerful features of this aquarium kit, it’s surely one of the best choice as a house for one male Betta to live happily and healthily during his lifespan.


  • Tank: 2.65 gallon plastic aquarium
  • Dimensions: 10 inch x 10 inch
  • Lighting: LED lighting with white and blue settings
  • Filtration: a hidden power filter with 2 filter cartridges.

Marina 360-Degree aquarium starter kit is manufactured by Marina, a quality brand for aquarium products like Marina LED aquarium kits for starters. The tank is made of clear plastic; however, its edges are light-green tinted to simulate real glass view. It is designed with a unique shape – a beautiful cylinder aquarium with a 360-degree view. With this design, you can enjoy your beautiful fish from any angle around the tank.

The tank comes with a canopy that is removable for feeding your fish as well as performing weekly maintenance. With the removable cover, you can easily access to the inside of the tank to install as well as maintain it.

Under the removable cover are an LED light and a hidden filter. The LED light offers two color effects white and blue for enjoying your fish in both daytime and nighttime. Positioning under the canopy and stylishly hidden from view, the filter uses two high-quality filter cartridges from Marina to perform the most effective mechanical and biological filtration to keep the water ultra clean and safe for fish.

Pro Tip

The kit can be used for both cold or tropical fish. If you want to stock tropical fish or a Betta in the tank, you should buy a proper fish tank heater to keep the temperature at an optimal range for the fish. Your fish are surely happy and stand out the most of their beauty when kept in this great fish tank.


  • Tank: 3 gallon acrylic half-moon aquarium
  • Dimensions: 12.5″ W x 6.9″ D x 12.9″ H
  • Lighting: submersible color changing LED light
  • Filtration: Tetra Whisper filter with cartridge.

Tetra 29041 Half Moon Bubbler aquarium is shaped like a semi-circle. The front has no edges and allows great viewing all around. The unique shape that segues away from the traditional rectangular box of a fish tank and will look good in any room.

Unlike traditional box fish tanks having sharp corners that may inflict injury, this half-moon shaped fish tank is surely safer for your children. As you know, children like to peer in as close as possible to the aquarium, sometimes sticking their face onto the glass surface.

It comes a clear lid that offers an unobstructed view from the top. The lid has pre-cut hoses for placing a filter, heater and feeding the fish.

The wonderful feature of this product is the color changing bubble effect as you can see in the first product picture. This effect is the combination of a submersible color changing LED light and an air curtain powered by an external aquarium air pump (all are included).

It comes with a Tetra Whisper internal filter and cartridge to keep the tank clean and clear.

Pro Tip

Although I put this tank in the list of fish tanks for Betta fish, it is not ready for keeping a Betta and need some improvements. The color changing LED light is not suitable for Bettas and you have to buy a small LED aquarium light with white light for the fish. Bettas hate turbulent water, so just throw away the air pump and air stone. You also need to buy a heater as the product doesn’t include one.

In conclusion, if you like half-moon aquariums and are willing to make some customization to make this tank suitable for Betta fish, you can choose it.

Top Editor's Choice on Betta Fish Tank

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