2.5-3 gallons is the minimum size recommended for one male Betta happy and healthy despite the fact that 10 gallons is the best size. If you only want to keep one male Betta, a 2.5-3 gallon fish tank is a cheap option that provides just enough space. If you want to stock your Betta along with some tank mates, a 5-gallon fish tank or 10-gallon fish tank will provide a larger house for the fish. In this review, I will provide you with some of the best Betta fish tanks that come in various shapes and sizes to choose from.

Marineland Contour Glass, 3 gallon aquarium kit

This is a curved glass tank, the sleek design and hidden filtration system of the Marineland Contour Glass aquarium provide a panoramic and unobstructed view from any angle. Stylish foundation and small profile make it great for any table from your home to office.

The kit includes an LED light offering two settings – bright white and blue for day and nighttime enjoyment. The glass canopy included is clear for the transmission of light. The lid can slide back over the filtration system for quick access to feed your fish. You can easily remove it for easy access to the tank for the setup and maintenance.

The filtration system is stylishly hidden behind the main tank. It is powered by an filter pump which operates so quiet but strong enough to keep the water constantly circled. The flow of the pump is adjustable that makes it ideal for Bettas as well as other small fish loving gentle water flow.

The hidden filtration system behind the tankThe hidden filtration system behind the tank

The hidden filtration system is an abundant place for accommodating various types of filter media to completely purify the water and make it free of toxic ammonia and nitrite. It uses a RITE-SIZE Z filter cartridge (a floss pad with activated carbon included) and Bio-Foam to perform a complete 3-stage filtration (mechanical, biological and chemical).

There is nothing to complain about its quality, most things are included and you only need to buy a fish tank heater and some decorations to fulfill your setup. It is surely the best choice for those who are finding a small glass fish tank for their Bettas.

Marineland ML90609 portrait 5-gallon for Betta and tank mates

  • Marineland ML90609 portrait 5-gallonEditor's rating: Check on
  • Tank: 5 gallon curved glass aquarium
  • Dimensions: 11.8″ L x 11.8″ W x 16.8″ H
  • Lighting: a hinged light with white LEDs and blue LEDs providing daylight and moonlight settings
  • Filter: 3-stage hidden back panel filtration with adjustable flow filter pump and Rite-Size Z Cartridge.

The Marineland ML90609 portrait aquarium kit comes in a larger profile to provide your Betta more space to live happily and healthily. It is a portrait aquarium with curved glass front. Because of its taller profile, it is great for growing various tall aquarium plants recommended for starters such as Cabomba, Bacopa, Rotala… These tall plants provide your Betta comfortable beds near the surface to rest and gulp air. Besides, it is a great idea to establish a small planted aquarium with a high driftwood similar to one in the product picture.

As it is also manufactured by Marineland, the lighting and filtration system of this tank is very similar to the previous – Marineland Contour Glass 3-gallon. The sliding glass canopy makes it easy to access to the inside to set up as well as maintain the tank. If you are looking for a larger house for your Betta, this 5 gallon tank with its nice curved glass will provide spacious room for one male Betta with his tank mates.

Find other 5 gallon fish tanks for Betta fish here:

Tetra 29095 Cube 3-gallon Betta fish tank

  • Tetra 29095 Cube 3-gallon Betta aquarium kitEditor's rating: Check on
  • Tank: 3 gallon cube plastic aquarium with pedestal base
  • Dimensions: 10″ W x 10″ D x 10.512″ H
  • Ideal for: small tropical fish, Betta
  • Lighting: LED lighting
  • Filtration: Tetra(R) 3i filter with Tetra(R) Whisper Bio-Bag Small Cartridge
  • Others: low voltage power adapter, setup guide.

This is a clear plastic cube fish tank, it comes complete with a stylish pedestal base. The compact and stylish design makes it a great choice for any desktops or countertops. The kit is a great choice for Betta as it comes with most things you need to set up a Betta tank such as LED light and filtration.

The Tetra(R) 3i filter included in the package is an internal filter rated for aquariums up to 3 gallons. Thus, it provides just enough flow rate and filtration to keep your tank clean and the Betta happy. The design makes it easy to set up and maintain the tank. The top features a feeding hole for easy feeding of your pet fish. A setup guide is also included for even a beginner can get starting with the fish keeping hobby.

Fluval Spec III aquarium kit, 2.6 gallon

  • 2.6 gallon fish tank for BettaEditor's rating: Check on
  • Tank: 2.6 gallon glass aquarium with aluminum trim
  • Colors: there are 2 available colors for chosen, black or white
  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 10.8 x 8.7 inch
  • Lighting: overhanging 31 powerful LED lighting system
  • Filter: circulation pump with adjustable output nozzle
  • Filter media: foam block, activated carbon and BioMax rings.

The Fluval Spec III is a glass tank with trim, the aluminum trims keep the glass walls together. It comes with an LED lighting and filtration system. It also includes various filter materials for the best and complete filtration in all types (mechanical, chemical and biological). Foam block for trapping solid waste, activated carbon for making the water clear, and BioMax rings for eliminating nitrogenous toxins resulting from fish waste.

The powerful filtration system is stylishly hidden behind of the glass tank. As you can see in the picture, the behind of the tank is a large space for containing filter media and an aquarium water pump. The entire system is operated by the water pump, which is strong enough to keep the aquarium water constantly circulated and filtered. The pump coming with an adjustable output nozzle for providing a gentle and quiet water flow that is loved by any small fish as well as Bettas. The large filtration system helps to reduce maintenance that makes it ideal for busy people.

Marina 360-Degree aquarium starter kit, 2.65 gallon

  • Marina 360-Degree aquarium starter kit 2.65 gallonEditor's rating: Check on
  • Tank: 2.65 gallon plastic aquarium with a removable cover
  • Dimensions: 10 inch x 10 inch
  • Lighting: LED lighting providing two color effects (white and blue)
  • Filtration: a hidden power filter with 2 filter cartridges.

Marina 360-Degree aquarium starter kit is manufactured by Marina, a quality brand for aquarium products like Marina LED aquarium kits for starters. The tank is made with clear plastic; however, its edges are light-green tinted to simulate real glass view. It is designed with a unique shape – a beautiful cylinder aquarium with 360-degree view. By this design, you can enjoy your beautiful fish from any angle around the tank.

LED light with white and blue modesLED light with white and blue modes

Hidden filtration systemHidden filtration system

The tank comes with a canopy that is removable for feeding your fish as well as performing weekly maintenance. Under the removable cover is an LED light and a hidden filter. The LED light offers two color effects white and blue for enjoying your fish in both the day and night. Positioning under the canopy and stylishly hidden from view, the filter is able to accommodate 2 filter cartridges to perform the most effective mechanical and biological filtration to keep the water ultra clean and safe for fish.

With the removable cover, you can easily access to the inside of the tank to install as well as maintain it. The kit can be applied for cold or tropical fish. If you want to stock tropical fish or a Betta in the tank, you should buy a proper heater to keep the temperature at an optimal range for the fish. Your fish are surely happy and stand out the most of their beauty when kept in this great fish tank.

Tetra 29041 Half Moon Bubbler, 3 gallon

  • Tetra 29041 Half Moon Bubbler 3 gallonEditor's rating: Check on
  • Tank: a 3 gallon fish tank with 180-Degree seamless view
  • Dimensions: 12.5″ W x 6.9″ D x 12.9″ H
  • Lighting: Submersible LED lighting combine with an air curtain
  • Filter: Tetra’ s whisper filter and cartridge based filtration.

Tetra 29041 Half Moon Bubbler aquarium is shaped like a semi-circle. The front has no edges and allows great viewing all around. The unique shape that segues away from the traditional rectangular box of a fish tank and will look good in any room.

As we know, children like to peer in as close as possible to the aquarium, sometimes sticking their face onto the glass surface. Unlike traditional box fish tanks having sharp corners that may inflict injury, this half moon shaped fish tank is surely safer for your children.

Tetra 29041 Half Moon Bubbler 3 gallonTetra 29041 Half Moon Bubbler 3 gallon

It also has a clear lid that offers unobstructed views. The wonderful feature of this product is a submersible LED light fixture which can combine with an air curtain powered by an aquarium air pump (all is included) to provide a color changing bubble effect as you can see in the product picture. Besides, it comes with a Tetra’s whisper filter and cartridge based filtration to keep the tank clean and clear.

API Aquaview 360 aquarium kit with LED lighting

  • API Aquaview 360 aquarium kit with LED lightingEditor's rating: Check on
  • Tank: 3 gallon cylinder fish tank, acrylic
  • Dimensions: 10.2″ L x 10.2″ W x 14.5″ H
  • Lighting: LED lighting with 7 colors (amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red, and white)
  • Filtration: Superclean 10 internal power filter and Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge.

The API Aquaview 360 tank is made of high-quality acrylic that provides a crystal clear 360-degree view from any angle. The beautiful design with cylinder shape makes it a great decor for any rooms in your home or office. Moreover, the LED light with 7-color effects (amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red, and white) is a great addition to show off your fish at night.

API Aquaview 360 aquarium LED lightingAPI Aquaview 360 aquarium LED lighting

The filtration uses a Superclean 10 internal filter power filter and Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge. The filter is the only drawback of the kit, it has received many complaints from the customers and isn’t very good for Betta. I advise you to change another filter if you love the beauty of this tank and want to stock Betta fish inside it. A small aquarium filter rated for 3 – 5 gallons is fairly cheap and works well for your Betta tank.

Betta fish habits – understand your Betta fish

They just can’t get along

As is very apparent from their name, they are well known for fighting meaning it is necessary to keep males separate from an early age. Whereas a batch of fry from many other species can be left together in a rearing tank without too many problems, Betta fish will begin to show aggression if they aren’t separated. Combine this with the fact that a typical Betta brood can contain more than 200 fry and you’re looking at a lot of males to re-home.

Evidently, nobody is likely to purchase 200 plus tanks for every pair of Betta fish they manage to breed. Instead, many breeders keep their Betta fish in small containers while they are growing to a saleable size. These jars are very often unfiltered, unheated and remarkably small whilst also being prone to rapid changes in water parameters. The fact that they are bred and sold under such conditions has a knock-on effect when consumers select their tanks.

It is worth noting, however, that many breeders devise divided tanks and joined containers to ensure clean water for growing-on Betta fish. As far as amateur breeding projects are concerned, those successful enough to produce a brood of fry often fail to prepare for the large volume of new livestock on their hands, resulting in shelves full of small glass jars containing disgruntled fish.

They can breathe air

Betta fish are anabantoids and have an organ which grants them the ability to breathe air at the water’s surface. This doesn’t make them super-fish able to jump out their tanks and stroll around your living room, but it does allow them to live in water with a relatively low oxygen content. This may well be useful in the oxygen-poor and stagnant lakes and ponds that anabantoids are found in, however it often means they are left in unfiltered tanks with no surface agitation. Owners sometimes wrongfully assume that their fish is going to make up for their own lack of appropriate husbandry with its ability to breathe at the surface.

They have to be kept alone

The fact that Betta fish can display aggression when, somewhat artificially, kept in very small containers does not mean that they have to be kept alone. In fact, there are many fish that will quite happily coexist with a Betta. If you don’t keep them with fish that have large, colourful fins, or that exhibit aggressive behaviour such as fin nipping then a Betta fish would be fairly content to share its home with other species. Suitable species include many tetras and minnows as well as peaceful catfish such as Corydoras and Otocinclus. Shrimp and anything small enough to fit in a Betta’s mouth should be avoided however.

They look more impressive when they’re angry

It is a past-time of many Betta fish owners to keep them in tanks next to one another or to add a mirror to the glass in order to trick the Betta into displaying more vibrant. These measures serve only to stress Betta fish and will not lead to long-term health and color. It is far better to ensure good color and full fins by keeping fish in appropriate conditions with a varied diet, all whilst enhancing their tanks with plants and other decorations.

What is the best tank size for a Betta fish?

Bettas are beautiful fish that will give you years of enjoyment and pleasure with their dazzling colors and vivacious personalities. They are resilient fish that are able to tolerate less-than-ideal situations, but if you want your Bettas to retain their brilliant coloration, remain healthy, and flourish, you need to provide them with good care and the proper habitat.


A key factor in providing them a good environment is the fish tank you choose to keep them in. The first consideration regarding this is size. Although Bettas can live in tiny cups of water or in flower vases, it’s hardly appropriate to keep them in such small containers where water is oxygen-depleted. A 2.5 to 10-gallon filtered aquarium would allow the Betta to stretch its fins and perhaps even have a neighbor or two. The larger the tank is, it is easier for you to provide a stable water condition for your fish. It has been observed that Bettas that have adequate space and enough exercise will live a longer and happier life.

Guide for choosing Betta fish tank supplies

What plants and decorations to put in a Betta tank?

plants and decorations for a Betta fish tank

Bettas need hiding places, so providing them with boxes or bottles they can swim into is a good idea. Plants are also good hiding places. You can use real plants or artificial ones. Amazon Sword plants and Marimo moss balls will be great to use. If you don’t like to use live plants in your tank, you should equip it with a floating Betta log and a bed leaf hammock that will provide the fish peaceful places near the surface to rest and gulp air.

Reference: Best decorations and plants for Betta fish.

Do Betta fish need a heater?

Yes! Bettas are tropical fish and they love to live in warm water. You will need a small aquarium heater 25-watt to keep the water temperature in somewhere between 75 and 86 degree Fahrenheit (24-30 °C) that is the optimal range for the fish.

What temperature should a Betta fish tank be?

Originally from tropical Asia, Betta fish are accustomed to water temperatures that are sometimes over 80 °F. Like all other freshwater fish, Bettas are temperature-sensitive. Cooler waters (below 75 °F) make them lethargic; too warm waters cause them to become overactive and their metabolisms to go into overdrive. Optimal water temperature for Bettas is between 75-86 °F (24-30 °C). This is one of the strongest arguments against keeping Bettas in small containers that cannot be heat controlled.

If your Betta fish aquarium is set in a space that’s consistently climate-controlled, then that would not be so much of a problem. If you do keep your Betta in a small container, take some precautions. Keep the tank away from sources that produce extremes of hot and cold, such as near windows, heaters, air conditioners, and vents. Also, be aware that any light fixture can easily overheat a small container. Bettas can take a temperature change of 3°, at most. Any more might prove stressful for them.

Do Betta fish need a filter?

Like Gouramis, Bettas are so hardy and they can live without a filter in a large enough fish tank; however, you will need change the water more regular than using a filter. Using a filter, which helps to clean the nitrogenous toxins (ammonia and nitrite) produced by fish wastes, is certainly better for the fish. Bettas like still waters; hence, too strong aquarium filters that cause a lot of water turbulence are not suitable for Betta fish. Use gentle filters with adjustable flow rate instead.

Choose a filter for small Betta tank:

Do Betta fish need a light?

Bettas are accustomed to experiencing sunlight in their natural environment. If your Betta tank is placed in a room, which does not receive natural light, the answer is yes. The light will not only benefit the Bettas, but will also help the nitrification bacteria and plants located inside of the tank. A cheap clip-on LED aquarium light is enough to provide artificial light for the fish activity.

What kind of water for Betta fish?

To keep Bettas healthy, aside from being warm, water in the tank should be soft to medium (5-19 dGH) and neutral or slightly acidic (pH: 6.8 – 7.4).

FAQ about Betta fish

How do Betta fish breathe?


Bettas are top dwellers, they stay near the surface of the water to gulp air. The reason for this is that Betta fish have a labyrinth lung that enables them to take oxygen directly from the air while still having the ability to take oxygen from water. What this means is that it’s not necessary to have extra oxygen pumped into their water, as it is for other aquarium fish.

It is necessary to leave some space (at least 1 to 1.5 inches) between the water line and the neck of the tank so that the Betta has access to the water surface in order to get some air. If your tank has a lid, remember not to fill it to the brim.

How to make Betta fish happy?

Bettas are highly territorial, and will often fight with other fish that have an appearance similar to them, so it’s advisable to keep them separate from each other and other fish. Two males in a tank will result in constant battles; nor do males tolerate females much either, except for short spurts when they’re breeding.

Because Bettas are territorial to the same species, there is a good way to keep Bettas active is to sometimes place other Bettas within their view. For this purpose, you might want to consider a tank that has clear glass dividers and removable colorful plastic dividers. Sometimes, you should remove the colorful plastic dividers and leave only the clear glass ones, which keep Bettas separate but within sight of each other. This allows Bettas to spar with one another without the physical damage that contact entails. So-called “barrack” tanks that house four or more Bettas are one option.

What kinds of fish can live with a Betta?

Corydoras, Mollies, Platies, Plecos, Harlequin Rasboras, Dwarf Rasboras, Swordtails, and Tetras are some of the best tank mates for Betta fish. Betta can also get along well with snails and shrimps.

Fish that are NOT good tank mates for Bettas are ones that are similar to them in color and shape. Gouramis, for one, are too similar to Bettas since they belong to the same family. They too are very territorial and aggressive and will most likely nip the fins of a Betta, perceiving the Betta to be a rival. The same goes for other aggressive fish such as paradise fish, tiger and rosy barbs, red eye and serpae Tetras, piranhas, oscars, and bluegills.

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