Best Ancient Egyptian Aquarium Decorations And Backgrounds

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The most famous old world culture that everyone in this entire planet probably recognizes has got to be Ancient Egypt. In terms of fish tank decor, it has created some of the best Egyptian aquarium ornaments and backgrounds that will definitely create an awesome aquarium theme for you.

Choosing Background For Ancient Egyptian Aquarium Theme

Although aquarium backgrounds aren’t really necessary for an Egyptian aquarium theme, having a suitable Egyptian background will greatly enhance the look of your design. The key here is to select one that compliments the theme and does not make it look odd.

The background you choose in this case largely depends on whether you are planning to create an outdoor scene with pyramids and other structures or an indoor scene with the sarcophagus and statues.

Beautiful Statues - Editor's Choice

If your design is an outdoor scene, you would best go for a desert scenery background like the one you see below.

Background Decor - Highly Recommended
  • Easily cuts to size
  • it help insulate the enclosure to make it easier to regulate temperature & humidity

But if you want to have an indoor scene, I would go for a background of rocks. The background you see previous is a 3D rock background. They are a little more costly than the simple poster background but they would make the design really stand out.

Best Ancient Egyptian Aquarium Ornaments

Lost Egyptian culture with the gorgeous sculptures is very mysterious and attractive. The pharaoh and their towering structures are present in so many facets of our lives, from the movies we watch to holy books and even in the monsters that we enjoy dressing up as during Halloween.

Let’s look at the different Ancient Egyptian decorations that you would need to pull off this cool design.

Outdoor Ancient Egyptian Aquarium Ornaments

If you are going for the outdoor scene, then you would need buildings and structures. The Ancient Egypt aquarium theme has several really cool recognizable ones. The first of course would be the pyramid. This is definitely a must for any Egyptian theme. After that, if you have space you could add on other notable structures such as the Sphinx and some Egyptian columns.


Outdoor ancient Egyptian themed aquarium

These ornaments below would give you an idea of the various types of fish tank decor buildings that you could get your hands on.

These ornaments below would give you an idea of the various types of fish tank decor buildings that you could get your hands on.

Intrinsic And Realistic - high quality
  • Easy to clean it with hot water and fish tank dedicated plastic bristle brush
  • unique and mysterious piece of decor for a fish tank
  • it won't fade or discolors while its use
  • Product Dimensions: 6.3 X 6.3 X 4.9 Inches
Unique Intricate Design - Best Choice
  • Unique intricate design
  • Conversation piece
  • Hand Painted Details
  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 X 5.2 X 6 Inches
nice cave - Best Value
  • Cool decoration
  • Product Dimensions: 7.2 X 6.1 X 4.4 Inches
very nice statue - best quality
  • good quality statue
  • very nice for decoration
  • Product Dimensions: 7″ X 3″ X 5″

Indoor Egyptian Fish Tank Decorations

There aren’t many indoor ornaments that you can select from. The most famous indoor Egyptian tank ornament would be the sarcophagus. If you’d like to incorporate this into your design, you can always couple it with the Egyptian columns. They would go so well together.

Big and Beautiful - Editor's Choice
  • Compatible with salt or freshwater
  • Made of safe, non-toxic materials
  • Reduces fish stress by providing shelter
  • Product Dimensions: 6.9 X 1.8 X 5.5 Inches
detailed and realistic - best quality
  • original and authentic look
  • safe and non-toxic
  • Compatible with both freshwater or marine aquarium environments
  • Easy to clean it with hot water and fish tank dedicated plastic bristle brush
  • Product Dimensions: 10 X 6.5 X 8.3 Inches
Detailed and non-toxic - high quality
  • Suitable for all aquariums and fish tanks
  • The detail is magnificent and will be an excellent display in any aquarium
  • No influence on the biological balance
  • Materials and colours completely non-toxic
  • Product Dimensions: Size (L X W X H ) Approx: 5cm X 5cm X 5cm
beautiful ancient image - editor's choice
  • Suitable For All Aquariums And Fish Tanks
  • very detailed decoration
  • Product Dimensions: Size (L X W X H ) Approx: 5cm X 5cm X 5cm

Putting The Fish Tank Decor Together

Once you have select the components that you plan to use, it’s time to put them all together. You first need a suitable type of gravel. Depending on the type of fish that you have in your tank, it would be best to go for as fine gravel or sand as you can. Also the gravel, sand needs to be a light earthy tone to mimic the desert sand.

Good quality sand - highly recommended
  • Makes maintenance easier
  • mall, smooth grains are fish friendly
  • Proven to reduce nitrates better than regular aquarium gravel
  • Perfect for Rays or other bottom dwelling fish and invertebrates

Carib Sea Aragonite Aquarium Sand - Good Quality Sand


  • Makes Maintenance Easier
  • Mall, Smooth Grains Are Fish Friendly
  • Proven To Reduce Nitrates Better Than Regular Aquarium Gravel
  • Perfect For Rays Or Other Bottom Dwelling Fish And Invertebrates

If one of your fish tank decor is a bubbler, it would be best to place it in the middle of your tank. This will not only aerate the tank uniformly but will also make it look better.

You may have as many different items in your design but always remember the golden rule. The most important thing to your fish is swim space. Do not sacrifice swim space with too many tank ornaments.

Pro Tip

This should give you a good idea on how to design your very own Ancient Egyptian Theme using easy to obtain fish tank decor.

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Top Editor's Choice on Egypt Aquarium Decorations

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