Best 500-Watt Heaters For 100+ Gallon Aquariums

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There aren’t much aquarium heaters you can use for a large aquarium with over 100 gallons of water. The right heater for a large fish tank with a huge amount of water is one that is able to heat the water fast and maintain a stable temperature range for the fish. Based on these conditions, Love Fish Tank has collected some of the best 500-watt aquarium heaters in this article that you can use for your large tank.

Best 500-Watt Heaters For 100+ Gallon Aquariums

Sleek analog- Editor's Choice
Hold Temps Perfectly - high quality
Efficient Heater - Best Value
  • adjustable thermostat
  • Keeps fish comfy
  • Nice product for the price
Advanced Features - Recommended
  • Good Backup Heater
  • Better than most heater
  • It works and look good
Corrosion Resistant - Money Saver
  • easy to install.
  • Aquaponic system
  • Reliable Heat


  • Type: heater controller with heating tube
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Temperature reading: Fahrenheit (70-92 °F)
  • Indicator lights on the controller for power and heater
  • Used for: 100-120 gallon fish tanks, both saltwater and freshwater
  • Other sizes: 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W.

Unlike popular submersible heaters in the market today that are commonly used for small tanks, this type of heater works well for medium to extra large fish tanks. The product comes with a heater controller and a submersible heating tube with protective guard and suction cups. The controller is placed outside the aquarium and plays the role to control the work of the heating tube which is placed inside. By this unique design, you can adjust the temperature through the controller, which doesn’t get your hands wet and protects you from electric leakage.

The Finnex Electronic Controller Heater is able to maintain a temperature range within +/-2 degrees Fahrenheit of the set value to provide your aquarium pets with a stable, safe and healthy water environment. Its sleek analog controller is stylish and easy to use. The controller features an LED light that indicates when the heater is operating.

Pro Tip

The titanium heating tube element makes this heater capable of raising the water temperature very fast. It is corrosion resistant and safe for both fresh and saltwater applications. The titanium heating tube is so strong and more durable than glass heaters.


  • Type: heater controller with heating tube
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Temperature reading: Fahrenheit
  • Special features: LED digital display, indicator lights, audio alert protection, heater guard
  • Used for: fish tanks up to 130 gallons, both saltwater and freshwater
  • Other sizes: 300W, 800W.

Being equipped with a smart alert system, this 500W aquarium heater boasts of several key features that make it unique and a high performer. It is armed with a deluxe temperature controller that offers accurate digital control with LED digital display. This technology maintains water temperature at a constant level, thereby protecting your aquarium pets from temperature variations.

Pro Tip

This heater is equipped with memory to save preprogrammed temperatures after power interruptions. It also has an audio pitched alert system that sounds when water temperatures are not within proper range. Another great feature is the protective heater guard which encloses the powerful titanium heating element to make sure the aquatic livestock are safe.


  • Type: fully submersible
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Temperature reading: both Fahrenheit (68-93°F) and Celsius (20-34°C)
  • On/Off indicator lightUsed for: tanks up to 125 gallons, both freshwater or marine
  • Other sizes: 100W, 200W.

The Odyssea aquarium heater is another wonderful 500-watt aquarium you can buy for your large aquarium. It can heat aquariums up to 125 gallons capacity. Fully submersible, this 16.75 inch long heater can bring the temperatures of your aquarium to the desired level in just a short period.

Pro Tip

This fish tank heater is fairly cheap and very easy to use if you have been familiar with common submersible aquarium heaters. It is equipped with a temperature adjustment knob on the top for you to set your desired temperature. The small and compact design of Odyssea makes it blend subtly with your aquarium thereby not interfering with its aesthetics. The heating element is high-quality glass, which can last for a long time of use.


  • Type: heater controller with heating tube
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Temperature reading: Fahrenheit
  • Special features: LED display, indicator lights, heating tube guard, smart memory chip
  • Used for: 100-160 gallon aquariums, both saltwater and freshwater.

The JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating System is an accurate heater with +/- 0.5°F accuracy and calibration setting. The LED heating indicator and LED display on its controller help you know when the heater is functioning and the current temperature. It is equipped with a smart memory chip that is able to remember and restore to the previous temperature set point and calibration after a power interruption.

Pro Tip

The heater is designed for the safety of you and your aquarium friends. It features an indestructible titanium heating element with thermal shut off to protect the heater from damage by running dry. The heating tube is placed inside a heater guard that protects your fish as well as you from the heating core. It also comes with suction cup heater/probe holders for easy setup.


  • Type: heater controller with heating tube
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Temperature reading: Fahrenheit
  • Indicator lightsUsed for: 100-130 gallon aquariums, both saltwater and freshwater.

This 500W aquarium heater features a fast heating titanium element and is armed with great technologies for user safety and accurate temperature settings. The heater is designed to cut off power supply in the event that it is exposed outside of the water or the water level in the tank goes down. The heater will then resume function when the water level returns to normal. Its controller displays your set temperature while an LED lighting system indicates the status of the heater (on or off).

Pro Tip

It is ideal for 100-130 gallon fish tanks (400-500 liters). You need to be careful using this unit because improper use could lead to malfunction. The manufacturer includes a user manual to guide you through the installation, use, maintenance and precautions of Catalina Titanium Heater.

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