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How To Get Rid Of Snakes In A Pond Without Getting Them Killed

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Life is precious, be it yours or of a tiny fish. People have always fascinated petting fish in a larger area than just a fish tank. Ones who own land, dig out ponds and pet fish there itself. They are natural and are comparatively sufficient to pet a huge number of fish. But what if you see some predator setting their eyes on your fish. Snakes are a big threat to the lives of those fish in the pond and also to you if venomous. They can crawl up to your garden or your home and get you into huge trouble.  However, as it is said that snakes never intend to bite a human unless they feel danger or life threat. Therefore, looking into every aspect of this issue, there are a couple of suggestions and solutions about how to get rid of snakes in a pond without killing them:

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Ways and Means to Get Rid of Snakes from a Pond

Do ponds attract snakes? Yes, they do. Although we do not recommend you to catch the snake on your own unless you are absolutely certain that they are not venomous. Else, they can be a huge threat to your own life. Therefore, we find it best left off for professionals as they have the required skills and also all the equipment or tools needed for snake catching. But if there is just a lone snake and you are sure that it is not venomous, follow these steps to get rid of snakes without causing them any harm.

Did You Know?

The lateral line is sensitive to currents and vibrations in the water.

DIY Method

First of all, let’s check out this DIY method of snake removal from a fish pond. This is easy and does not require numerous tools to do the proceedings. Take a look at the listed steps for snake removal: 

Step 1. Dress up properly

It is always recommended for you to wear protective clothing before attempting to catch the snake. Even if you are quite certain about the snake not being venomous, it may still bite. So, make sure you have dressed up properly. Do not forget to wear:

  • Long thick pants
  • A long full-sleeved shirt or jacket
  • Rugged rubber or leather boots
  • A thick pair of gloves

However, the above clothing won’t be able to provide you a 100% protection from snakebite but will definitely help in preventing their fangs from breaking your skin. Well, moving on to the next step.

Step 2. Remove the Snake Smoothly

You might need some tools to remove the snake physically. Snake tongs are the most appropriate tool to grab the snake much efficiently. These tongs help you to make an easy and better grip on the snake while maintaining a safe distance in case the snake begins to struggle and/or tries to break free.

Below listed are the tips to make the removal process much smoother and safe.

  • Use the tong to grab the snake a few inches down its body behind its head. Make sure you are not grabbing its head as that might injure the snake. But also mind it that you are not grabbing it too far down the body either, as that might leave more than enough room for the snake to bite you.

  • Grasp the snake securely with the tongs smoothly. Do not put in so much pressure as squeezing too hard will agitate the snake and make it more dangerous.

  • However, if you wish to relocate the snake somewhere within walking distance, avoid lifting it completely off the ground. Simply lift the head off the ground and slowly drag it to your desired location.

Step 3. Let’s begin relocating

We never recommend you to kill any snake unless you got no option left. Anyways, so once you get a hold of the snake, you are supposed to relocate it. You need to figure out an appropriate place for the relocation before even attempting to grab the snake. You should always choose a place very far away from your pond to relocate the snake. Put the snake in a bucket with a screw-top lid and drive it to a safe distance away from your pond.

Using this method, you will definitely be able to remove the snake for a while, but what if they slither back or attract other snakes. Considering, ponds attract fish, snails, and other water animals. So, here are a few tricks that you can use to keep snakes out of your pond for good.

Did You Know?

Fish can control its own buoyancy by adjusting the amount of gas in its swim bladder.


Repellents For Snake

How to snake-proof a pond if, even after you are done with the removal part but it didn’t completely seem to work? Well, then you should make your pond as unappealing as possible. This makes a huge contribution to repelling reptiles from your pond. There are multiple products and methods that you can use to keep snakes away from your pond. Some of the popular and safe methods for pets and people include:


There are certain plants like lemongrass, marigold, wormwood, and garlic, which are just not breathable to snakes. You are supposed to strategically plant a few of these natural snake repellents to prevent snakes from slithering onto your property. Along with snakes, these plants, like Lemon Grass, also keep mosquitos away.

Repelling Granules

Snake Shield repelling granules is a mixture of unique oils and sulfur that essentially deters snakes because of the scent. It’s safe for use around pets, plants, and people. Do not use this in your pond, but rather around the perimeter of your yard to keep snakes from slithering onto your property.

Traps For Snake

Well, in case you see that despite all these arrangements being made to keep them away from the pond are not being so effective, you can opt for some sort of snake traps. Snake traps have huge variations. Some of them trap snakes with an appealing scent or uses a sticky surface to trap them. We recommend no harm to the snakes. But in case you do not have any choice, be sure that it isn’t illegal in your area as some might be under the endangered species list.

Should I catch a snake myself from the Pond?

Catching a snake yourself is not that big of a problem unless the snake is not venomous. First of all, be sure that the snake in your pond is not venomous, else leave it on professionals as it might be life-threatening. Professionals have appropriate tools and expertise in dealing with how to get rid of snakes in a pond. So it’s better that you allow them to handle such situations.

Some Common Venomous and Non-Venomous Snakes found in the ponds

There are ample types of venomous and non-venomous snakes found in the pond. Not all snakes poisonous and harmful. Here are some of the most common ones that you are almost certain to find in your fish pond. Do ponds attract snakes

Venomous Snakes

  • Coral Snake
  • CottonMouth
  • Copperheads

Non-Venomous Snakes

  • Milk Snake
  • Boas
  • Pythons
  • Bullsnake
  • Kingsnake
  • Olive Pythons

Preventing the Snakes from inhabiting the pond

Yet, after all the methods that we have talked about how to keep snakes out of my fish pond, here are some of the most effective and practiced ways to ensure that snakes don’t enter your yard or pond. Here are some of them, take a look:

  1. Keeping Grass Short

    Grasses are known to be a super hideous place for reptiles like snakes. So, make sure to chop off the grass in your yard and especially around your pond area regularly. People usually let the grass grow tall around their pond as it gives a more natural look, but that gives snakes more room to hide.

  2. Remove Piles

  3. Do you have compost piles, mulch, or any wood piles around your pond as that provides snake an excellent place to live or nest? So, it’s better to clear them out.

  4. Trim Bushes & Shrubs

    Trim bushes and shrubs are also ideal spaces for snakes to live and hide if not taken cleared out on time. Regular trimming helps in eliminating potential hiding or residing places for snakes.

  5. Keep Yard Clean

    Keep your yard clean and organized, as that makes it look more aesthetically pleasing. This way, you can eliminate potential hiding places. Yard cleaning includes raking up any leave piles and branches.

  6. Reduce Standing Water

    Do not leave any stagnant water in your yard. This is because snakes prefer cool and damp places to rest and nest. So make sure that there is no such spot that would be inviting those unwanted guests. Do not leave holes open or flower pots empty.

Video Introduction

Let’s wrap up

Bringing this entire article about how to get rid of snakes in a pond to a conclusion, you might have had a great insight into this particular topic. And I am sure it gives you detailed information on the topic. So, having a pond is not a difficult task, but maintaining the pond and keeping your fish healthy and alive is a hefty job. Make sure that you are keeping your pond area clean and are keeping a regular check on the surrounding. This will help you avoid a lot of up-coming issues. Go clean- Go green, keep your pets healthy and safe. 

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