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Best Pond Kits | Save Money With These Bundles And Starter Packs

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If this is your first time building a pond or you want to save time and money by purchasing a pond kit, you have come to the right place. We can help you find the best pond kits available, so you spend less time planning and more time enjoying your new aquascape.

Best Pond Kit Reviews

We have sorted through dozens of different pond kits and hundreds of customer reviews to build a list of the best pond kits available in 2019. Each of the outdoor pond kits below has been proven to be a good buy and can help you get your pond up and running as quickly as possible.

​Work Beautifully - great value
  • Incredibly Cost-Effective Way To Start A Pond
  • Very Durable And The Set Up Is Positively Easy To Do
  • Easy To Set Up
Non Toxic - Recommended
  • Built-In Flow Controls
  • Beautiful Water Lilies To Help Increase Its Visual Appeal
Excellent Motor Pump - high Quality
  • Easy To Install
  • A Good Quality Pond Kit
  • The Liner Is Thick And Heavy Duty
Safe For Fish, Wildlife, And Aquatic Plants - Best Choice
  • Water To Keep Your Pond Clean, Clear, And Healthy
  • Perfect For Your First Pond Build
  • Perfect For Expanding Existing Ponds
​Good Quality Products - best Value
  • Perfect For Building A Pond
  • Easy To Follow Instructions And Quality Material
  • Very Helpful, Apologetic And Knowledgeable
​​Perfect Backyard Starter Kit - Best Quality
  • Very Pleased With The Entire Kit.
  • Easy To Build And Install
  • Safe For Fish, Wildlife And Aquatic Plants
All-In-One Kit - Best choice
  • All Necessary Components Are Provided In A Convenient
  • Great Water Quality And Low Maintenance
  • Components Are Durable
Super-Simple And Easy To Install - recommended
  • Excellent Kit For A Simple Pond
  • Great Water Quality And Low Maintenance
  • Helps Aid Filtration And Aeration
All-In-One/ Easy-To-Install Pond Kit - Best value
  • Easy To Clean And Use
  • Can Be Used Both Indoors And Outdoors
  • The Basin Is High-Quality And Durable
​Easy To Install And Take Care Of - High Quality
  • Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors
  • Built-In Submersible Pump To Power The Fountain


  • Incredibly Cost-Effective Way To Start A Pond
  • very durable and the set up is positively easy to do
  • easy to set up

The Koolscapes 270-Gallon Pond Kit is one of the best kits for small backyard ponds that we’ve found. The included 200 gallon-per-hour pump moves plenty of water, and the included solar-powered lighting kit creates a unique flair. A bit of creative landscaping could help this kit quickly become the centerpiece in your backyard.

Pros & Cons


  • The kit includes everything needed to get started.
  • An incredibly cost-effective way to start a pond.
  • Comes with your fountain, aerator, and ambient sound.


  • Could use a better pump.

Did You Know?

Buying a kit helps you save money over purchasing the equipment piece by piece.


  • built-in flow controls
  • beautiful water lilies to help increase its visual appeal

The Algreen 300-Gallon Pond Kit is another excellent, basic starter pond kit. It’s similar to the Koolscapes pond kit but comes with a powerful 500 gallon-per-hour pump that has built-in flow controls. This means you can add an external fountain without needing a second pump. This kit also includes a few beautiful water lilies to help increase its visual appeal.

Pros & Cons


  • Everything you need to get started.
  • Includes fountain and aerator.


  • The pump could be improved.

Did You Know?

A quality lighting kit can bring your outdoor garden to life.


  • easy to install
  • A good quality pond kit
  • The liner is thick and heavy duty

The Algreen 1,200-Gallon Pond Kit is a larger pond kit that holds up to 1,200 gallons of water and includes an 850 gallon-per-hour pump. The pump is strong enough to keep the water oxygenated and powers a fountain at the same time. The included UV clarifier and lighting system can provide unique design options.

Pros & Cons


  • The pump is powerful at 850 gallons-per-hour.
  • Includes fountain and aerator.
  • Includes water treatments and clarifier.
  • Upgraded lighting system included in the kit.


  • Could use better water clarifier and treatment.

Did You Know?

A good filtration system will keep your maintenance down.

4. HALF OFF PONDS Savio Signature 3000 Water Garden Kit - safe for fish, wildlife, and aquatic plants


  • water to keep your pond clean, clear, and healthy
  • perfect for your first pond build
  • Perfect for expanding existing ponds

If you are in the market for a larger pond kit that includes everything you need to get up and running quickly, the Savio Signature 3000 kit is perfect for you. The included 3,000 gallon-per-hour pump easily moves the kit’s 1,300-gallon capacity. The kit consists of a skimmer filter and water clarifier to help keep your pond maintained.

Pros & Cons


  • Great kit for starting a large backyard pond.
  • All components are high-quality and durable.
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for defects.
  • Includes all necessary plumbing and hardware.


  • The smaller bronze lights could be upgraded.

Did You Know?

Pond pumps are typically more powerful than fountain pumps because they maintain your filtration, aeration, and circulation.


  • Perfect for building a pond
  •  Easy to follow instructions and quality material
  • very helpful, apologetic And knowledgeable

If you’re a prospective Koi pond keeper, the Large Hybrid Pond Kit from HALF OFF PONDS is an excellent option. HALF OFF PONDS has collected a wide variety of equipment from well-known manufacturers. The 5,200 gallon-per-hour pump is more than sufficient, and the kit includes all of the necessary plumbing and hardware you need to get started.

Pros & Cons


  • Features equipment from reputable manufacturers.
  • Kit includes a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Includes the necessary hardware and plumbing.
  • Available in multiple sizes.


  • The small lighting kit could be upgraded.

Did You Know?

Plan your pond’s layout before you buy to ensure you’re getting enough liner.

6. HALF OFF PONDS Simply Ponds 2100 Kit - Perfect backyard starter kit


  • Very pleased with the entire kit.
  • Easy to build and install
  • safe for fish, wildlife and aquatic plants

The Simply Ponds 2100 Kit from HALF OFF PONDS is another excellent option for fish ponds and planted ponds. The submersible 2,100 gallon-per-hour pump is strong and durable, able to power your filtration and the included fountain with ease. The kit includes everything you need to get up and running quickly and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty on defects.

Pros & Cons


  • Kit includes high-quality components.
  • Includes a manufacturer’s warranty against defects.
  • All necessary hardware and plumbing are included.
  • Available in multiple different sizes.


  • The lighting kit may need to be upgraded.

Did You Know?

You can tell how many gallons your pond is by measuring length x width x depth.


  • All necessary components are provided in a convenient
  • great water quality and low maintenance
  • Components Are Durable

Aquascape is well-known in the outdoor pond industry as being a reputable manufacturer that takes care of their customers. The 99765 DIY Backyard Pond Kit is an excellent example of their attention to detail. The kit includes an EPDM liner, skimmer, biofilter, and a 2,000 gallon-per-hour pump. You also get all of the necessary fittings, hardware, and plumbing.

Pros & Cons


  • The kit comes from a well-known manufacturer.
  • The high-quality components are durable.
  • All of your necessary plumbing and hardware is included.
  • Available in two different sizes.


  • The waterfall kit may need to be upgraded.

Did You Know?

Bottom-drain ponds are perfect for stocking with fish.

8. Algreen 91914 Avolea Pond Kit - super-simple and easy to install


  • Excellent Kit For A Simple Pond
  • great water quality and low maintenance
  • Helps Aid Filtration And Aeration

If you’re looking for super-simple and easy to install, the Algreen 91914 Avonlea Kit is the perfect option for you. The kit includes a fish-safe liner, a 200 gallon-per-hour pump with adjustable controls, a fountain, and an LED lighting kit. You also get two beautiful water lilies to help create a unique visual appeal.

Pros & Cons


  • An excellent kit for a simple pond.
  • You do not have to mold your liner.
  • Included fountain helps aid filtration and aeration.


  • You cannot customize the size and shape.

Did You Know?

Match your pump’s flow rate to the number of gallons in your pond.


  • easy to clean and use
  • can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • The Basin Is High-Quality And Durable

Another great kit from Algreen, the Manhattan Contemporary Terra Cotta Water Feature is a kit that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The kit comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects and includes a 500 gallon-per-hour pump that efficiently powers the waterfall. The design of this 50-gallon kit can become a centerpiece in your design.

Pros & Cons


  • The basin is high-quality and durable.
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Can be used inside or out.


  • The options you get are incredibly limited.

Did You Know?

A complete outdoor pond kit will include lighting.

10. Aquascape Aquatic Patio Bond Water Garden - easy to install and take care of


  • can be used indoors or outdoors
  • built-in submersible pump to power the fountain

Last (but not least) is the Aquascape Aquatic Patio Bond Water Garden kit. This kit lets you create a small water feature on your deck or patio that’s easy to install and take care of. The garden features a built-in submersible pump to power the fountain and aeration if you need it.

Pros & Cons


  • This kit can be set up in a few minutes.
  • The low-maintenance design works indoors or out.
  • It is constructed from durable materials that won’t crack.


  • You’re limited in your design options.

Did You Know?

A rubber liner may be the most common, but it isn’t the most durable.

What Equipment Comes In A Pond Kit?

The most significant upside of buying a premade kit is that you’re getting (nearly) everything you need to get started. Below is some of the equipment you can expect to receive in your kit, as well as how you use them.

  1. Pond Liner

    The pond liner is constructed from impermeable material that is designed to both retain water and be flexible enough to mold into place. The liners in pond kits are precut, but you can adjust them based on the shape of the pond you want.

    Manufacturers typically list the size of their pond liners compared to the most common types of ponds people create with the liner. This means it’s essential for you to create a plan and measure the depth, width, and length of your pond before you buy.

    Pond liners are manufactured using a wide range of materials, each with their own set of pros and cons. We’ll get into the different types of materials in a moment, but knowing your environment and what the pond will face can save you a ton of time.

  2. Pond Filtration Pump

  3. The pump’s job is to move water throughout your closed ecosystem. Your pump will move water through your filtration system, provide aeration functionality and keep your water oxygenated. It is built to keep your water healthy.

    Without a pond pump and filtration system, your pond will begin to accumulate harmful bacteria like algae and mosquitoes. Not only is this bacteria harmful to your fish and plants, but it can also create toxic environments for humans, as well.

    A high-quality pump is one of the essential pieces of equipment you will install in your pond, so it’s necessary to purchase a quality kit that includes a good pump.

  4. Skimmer

    Most kits are going to include a skimmer inside of the box. Skimmers are used to keep floating debris out of the pond. Floating debris can begin decaying and create the harmful toxins we just mentioned.

    Installing a skimmer box on your pond also helps reduce the amount of maintenance you will need to perform. If you would rather spend your time enjoying your aquascape instead of continually sifting debris off the surface, a skimmer is a requirement.

  5. Lights & UV Clarifier

    Most pond kits are also going to include lighting kits. These lights will usually use LED bulbs though some do use halogen bulbs. The lighting kits help illuminate your pond and create visual appeal that wouldn’t often be available without them.

    When it comes to selecting a kit, you’re going to encounter three different types of lighting kits: floating, submersible, and landscape.

    Floating lights are, as the name implies, designed to float on the surface of the water.

    Submersible lights, on the other hand, will be anchored to the bottom of your pond and help provide underwater illumination.

    Landscape lights are installed outside of the pond and help create accent lighting to illuminate particular features of your pond, such as the waterfall or your plants.

    UV clarifiers are equipment that helps prevent algae from building up and removes it whenever algae start to bloom. If you aren’t familiar with algae, they are small bacteria that will turn your water green and create a toxic environment.

    A quality UV clarifier helps prevent algae from being able to grow and also helps to reduce viruses brought in by pests, such as mosquitoes.

  6. Treatments

    Because your pond is a closed ecosystem, you are going to be required to use water treatments to keep the water healthy. Most manufacturers will include the necessary water treatments needed to get your pond started.

    The most common type of treatments included is de-chlorination tablets and bacterial supplements. Removing chlorine from your water is essential for promoting plant growth and keeping your fish healthy. The helpful bacteria can be supplemented, as well.

    The bacterial supplements will provide aerobic strains that help break down the toxic chemicals, such as nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia. De-chlorination tablets help maintain a safe chlorine level to ensure your fish aren’t becoming poisoned.

What Equipment Doesn’t Come In A Pond Kit?

Even though a kit is a “kit”, there are pieces of equipment that may not necessarily come inside of the box. Depending on your needs, you will have to put together a few extras to get your pond up and running.

Below are just some of the equipment you’ll want to think about purchasing either before you purchase your kit or while your kit is being shipped to you.

  1. Electrical Equipment

    Since you are installing electrical components into an aquatic environment, you are going to want to put safeguards in place. A GFCI electrical outlet will help prevent shorts and electrocution. The outlet will trip and cut power if it gets wet.

    A high-quality GFCI outlet may require you to hire an electrical contractor to install it into your home, but it is essential to have.

  2. Rocks & Decorative Materials

  3. As much as you would like to have them included, most manufacturers aren’t going to ship your kit with decorative items, such as rocks and plants. These items would make the kit far more expensive and too heavy to ship using standard shipping methods.

    But, all is not lost. Since your kit doesn’t include these items, it means you get to decorate your pond how you see fit. Visiting your local hardware store is easy enough and will let you pick the perfect aquascape for your pond.

    When you are thinking about rocks and plants, you want to make sure you are purchasing items that would naturally appear in your local area. This will help ensure you can get replacements and your plants are already accustomed to your local weather patterns.

  4. Plants

    Surrounding your pond with live plants is a great way to create visual appeal and enjoy the environment you’re building. However, you’re not going to find any kits that will ship live plants to your door.

    While you may find kits that include fake plants, we highly recommend visiting your local florist or hardware store to purchase plants from your local area. These decorations are easy to add to your aquascape, and the landscaping you choose sets the mood for the design.

    Plants also play a vital role in your pond’s closed ecosystem. If you install aquatic plants, the plants will work to remove harmful bacteria, keep your water warmer, and provide oxygen to your fish, if you stock them.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Pond Kit

Now that you know what will come in your kit (and what won’t), the next step is looking at the different factors that will affect your pond and its installation. Each of the following factors will affect the kit that you end up buying, so we recommend going through each of them.

  1. Style

    There are a handful of different styles you can select from. You can choose from an Ecosystem Pond, a Waterfall Pond, a Formal Pond, and a Bottom-Drain Pond. Each of these kits can be used with or without fish, but Bottom-Drain ponds are the most common types used for fish ponds.

    Looking at the name, Bottom-Drain ponds are ponds that will allow you to drain the excess waste produced by your fish from the bottom of the pond. This is an area where most of the debris will settle so you can keep your water’s quality high.

    One of the biggest causes of sickness (and death) in fish is the buildup of ammonia. Ammonia is formed by nitrites and nitrates being produced from fish waste and decaying plant matter. A bottom-drain kit lets you easily remove debris and decaying plant matter.

    If you choose a different style pond, you will need to capture your fish, separate them, and then use a vacuum or other type of filtration system to remove the waste. This ends up creating more work than what is necessary and can be avoided.

    If you are not planning on stocking fish, you can use any kit you want.

  2. Liner

  3. The type of liner you choose will affect the price of the kit. The liner is one of the most expensive parts of the kit (outside of your pump and filter). We recommend buying the best liner you can because it is the base of your pond and a cheap liner will crack and leak.

  4. PVC Liners

    A PVC liner is the most common type of liner you’re going to find. It’s affordable and easy to install. PVC liners can be stretched, bent, and molded to your perfect landscape. However, PVC liners can be torn if you do not take care of them.

  5. LDPE Liners

    LPDE liners are low-density polyethene and are a material that provides more flex at a lower price than a PVC liner. They are also more durable than a PVC liner. These can be a great choice if you find a kit that includes an LDPE liner inside of it.

  6. Rubber Liners

    Rubber pond liners are widely considered as the best type of liner you can get. There are two main types of rubber liners: EPDM and butyl. Butyl liners are incredibly durable, but that durability comes with a higher price tag. EPDM is more affordable and nearly as good.

  7. Preformed Liners

    Preformed liners and plastic liners are, as the name implies, formed before you receive them. A preformed liner is typically the best choice if you want a smaller pond.

  8. Filter

    The type of filter you use is determined by what you include in your pond. If you are planning on stocking fish in a koi pond kit, you will need a filter that is capable of providing circulation, aeration, and filtration.

    Something to consider is the volume of your pond and how much water you are going to need to run through your filtration system. To determine the amount of water in your pond, take the length x width x depth. This will give you a general guideline to follow.

    If you are planning on stocking fish, especially Koi, you will need a filtration system that is capable of handling around four times the amount of water in the pond.

  9. Preformed Liners

    The flow rate of your pump is one of the factors you need to consider. As a general rule of thumb, you want to move the amount of water you have in the pond. For a 1,000 gallon pond, you will want a pump that is capable of moving 1,000 gallons-per-hour.

    The amount of “lift” on your pump will determine how high you can move water for your fountain if you choose to install one. If you are installing the pump into a deep pond, you will want to ensure that the lift height is larger than the depth of the water.

    You will also need to consider how much the pump costs to operate throughout a month. Larger ponds with larger pumps are more expensive to operate than smaller ponds with smaller pumps. Keeping an eye on your electric bill is critical with larger ponds.

What Is The Best Pond Kit In 2019?

After thorough research, we have found one of the best pond kits you can get in 2019 is the Koolscapes 270-Gallon Outdoor Pond Kit w/ Lighting. It is an excellent balance of value and high-quality equipment that you will enjoy for years to come.

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Top Editor's Choice on Pond Kits

SaleBestseller No. 1
Aquascape 83013 Landscape Backyard Waterfall Fountain Kit, Black
Simple design makes installation quick and easy; Energy-efficient pump provides ideal flow rates
SaleBestseller No. 2
270 Gallon Pond Kit with Lighting
Includes a 8-feet by 10-feet Non Toxic Pond Liner.; Includes a 200 gph Filter Free Pump with protective shell
Bestseller No. 6
Reflections on the Pond [Audio CD] Spencer Brewer, piano; Kit Walker,...
Audio CD – Audiobook; Spencer Brewer, piano (Author); 11/28/1996 (Publication Date) - NorthWord Press, Inc. (Publisher)

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