Best Submersible Led Lights For Aquariums

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Submersible aquarium LED lights are a great addition to add to your fish tank for numerous reasons. Not only are they cheap and durable, but they come with a variety of features to help make your aquarium look stunning. These also tend to use less energy when running meaning your electric bill won’t skyrocket when you leave them on. Below you’ll find some of the top submersible aquarium lights you can use for your fish tank.

durable and submersible - Money Saver
  • Easy to attach to the fish tank
  • reliable, long-term performance, energy saving and safe
  • Universal Use
Great Night Light - high quality
  • Safe and low voltage
  • Adjustable mounting legs allow for flexibility
  • easy to install
Very pretty colours - highly recommended
  • lots of great color options
  • Super water resistant
  • different color options, not only white
Brighter and Safer - Best Value
  • Color change speed adjustable
  • very easy to attach to the fish tank
  • reliable, long-term performance, energy saving and safe


  • Easy To Attach To The Fish Tank
  • Reliable, Long-Term Performance, Energy Saving And Safe
  • Universal Use

The Smiful submersible LED aquarium light measures 7.5 inches long making it ideal for small aquariums that have a width of about 7.7 inches (other sizes are also available). This aquarium LED tube is included with nine white 5050 LED chips which are 20% brighter and consumes less energy. The LED chips are covered by a durable crystal glass tube making the entire unit can be submerged in water without any problem.

It is very easy to attach the light to your aquarium, you can use the two silicone suction cups that come with it. You can place it under or out of the water as you want. This product is fully submersible so there’s no need to worry about the water damaging it. When you want to turn it on or off, simply use the switch out of the water.

Pro Tip

This LED light can be used well for most types of fish tanks. The white light is beneficial to grow plants and does well for a small planted aquarium with low light plants. So, this light meets most requirements of beginners’ tanks, which common have fish and several easy plants to care for. The light is also a great choice if you are planning for a low-budget planted aquarium.


  • Safe And Low Voltage
  • Adjustable Mounting Legs Allow For Flexibility
  • Easy To Install

This LED submersible light by Mingdak measures 11 inches long and features 30 blue LED chips in it. This blue LED light is intended to stimulate moonlight in the aquarium at night. If your aquarium is placed in a place where it can get enough light during the day, this light is a great addition to provide blue moonlight at night. You can also use it together with a white light to provide both day and night lights for your aquarium.

This fully submersible light is easy to install. To attach the light to the tank, it comes with a few suction cups you can use inside the aquarium without worries of them falling off. It comes with a manual switch for easily turning on/off.

Pro Tip

The barrel connector, which connects the light unit and its power adapter, makes it is easy to disconnect without worries about messy power cables. This connector is also compatible with most aquarium light timers in the market making choosing a timer for the light a breeze. I recommend to use it with a timer from Mingdak (buy separately) for automatically turning on/off and free-hand control.


  • Lots Of Great Color Options
  • Super Water Resistant
  • Different Color Options, Not Only White

This unique submersible LED aquarium light features 21 RGB LED chips which offers different color options, not only white. With the remote control, you can pick whatever color in 16 preset colors for instant use. You can also customize the intensity of each color to get the best one as you want. If you don’t want to use only a color, you can choose a color changing effect in four preset modes (flash, strobe, fade, or smooth).

Pro Tip

You can adjust the light with the remote or the touch control built into the power cord. You can click a color button on the remote and the light will change to that specific color. With the touch control, press on the touch button to flip through the colors. You can also use this button to turn the light on or off by holding it for about three seconds.

This water-resistant submersible light comes with adjustable mounting legs to help make it easier to install.


  • Color Change Speed Adjustable
  • Very Easy To Attach To The Fish Tank
  • Reliable, Long-Term Performance, Energy Saving And Safe

Smiful submersible underwater aquarium LED light measures 23 inches long. The light features 33 RGB LED chips offering 16 color options, including white, blue, green, red and other colors. You can change through these colors with the remote control included with the light.

The remote control also has a light dimming feature built into it. You can choose either “Rise” or “Down” options to dim or brighten up the light in the tank. This controller also lets you choose a color changing mode with four options – flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. When these modes are activated, the light changes its colors from one to one following a preset cycle so you can enjoy all the colors.

Pro Tip

This underwater aquarium light comes with silicone suction cups you can use to securely attach it to the interior of the tank. It also has a 71-inch cord so you can easily plug it in anywhere.

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