Best Clip-On Led Lights For Nano Aquariums Up To 5 Gallons

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Nano fish tanks, which are smaller than a 5 gallon fish tank, commonly come in various shapes and sizes making it hard to find suitable LED aquarium lights. Luckily, small and clip-on LED light fixtures are designed to solve this problem. These products are not only easy to fit onto nano tanks but also provide enough lighting for the tanks. Here is a review for you that will assist you in choosing the best LED light for a nano 2.5-5 gallon tank or a Betta fish tank.

Best Clip-on LED Lights

Impressive Little Light - best Choice
  • The Plants Are Healthy And Growing
  • Well Made And Affordable Long-Term Lighting
  • Allows You To Adjust The Height Of The Light To Get A Wanted Light Intensity In Your Aquarium
Very Bright - Editor's choice
  • Provides A Very Bright White Light For The Day View
  • Compact Design And Easy Setup Make It An Ideal Choice
  • Provides A Shimmer Blue Light For The Night View
Very Versatile - Best Value
  • It Safe Enough And Doesn’t Do Any Harm To Your Fishes
  • Made Of High Quality Plastic Which Has A Long Lasting Performance,
  • Easy To Use
Cool Colors - Highly Recommended
  • Easy To Use. Ideal For Fresh Water And Seawater
  • Dedicated And Professional Power Supply Design, More Energy-Efficient,Over 10000 Hours Lifespan
  • Has Multiple Different Color And Brightness Settings
Super Bright - Best Choice
  • Energy Efficient And Long Lasting LEDs To Produce Amazing Shimmer To Your Aquarium
  • Two Lighting Modes: White & Blue LEDs For Daylight And Blue LEDs For Nightlight
  • The Light Is Designed To Be Perfectly Applied On An Aquarium
Compact And Powerful - Best Choice
  • Efficient Cooling System, Perfectly Light Up Your Coral Reef Tank
  • Two Lighting Modes: White & Blue LEDs For Daylight And Blue LEDs For Nightlight
  • Provides Eye Pleasing Light
Simple And Easy - High Quality
  • Perfect Small Clip On Light For My Goldfish Tank With No Top
  • Easy To Set Up The Light With Its Flexible Stainless Steel Lamp Arm
  • Ery Energy Efficient Allowing The Light To Consume Less Energy


  • The plants are healthy and growing
  • Well made and affordable long-term lighting
  • allows you to adjust the height of the light to get a wanted light intensity in your aquarium

The Finnex Stingray LED clip light features a special design making it an ideal choice for nano fish tanks or Betta tanks. It is fitted with three different color LEDs – 12 x 7,000K Daylight LEDs, 3 x Actinic Blue LEDs and 3 x 620nm RED LEDs that will provide a very bright daylight for your aquarium. Its 7,000K Daylight LEDs provide a true spectrum for the photosynthesis of aquarium plants. Follow the information from the manufacturer Finnex, this small LED clip light uses the similar LEDs with the Finnex Stingray LED fixture (an LED light for low light aquatic plants) making it ideal for a nano planted tank.

Pro Tip

The light bar is combined with a clamp for easily connecting it to one of the top edges of your fish tank. Moreover, the arm connecting the light bar and the clamp is very flexible that allows you to adjust the height of the light to get a wanted light intensity in your aquarium. The fixture is constructed of aluminum with plastic end caps and clear plastic cover that protects the light from moisture. With the fixture length 9.5 inches, it is ideal for lighting a small fish tank up to 10 gallons.


  • provides a very bright white light for the day view
  • compact design and easy setup make it an ideal choice
  • provides a shimmer blue light for the night view

Being constructed with total 48 LEDs with 40 White and 8 Blue, the Mingdak LED clip aquarium light is brighter than other clip lights. It has two lighting modes. While all the LEDs on provides a very bright white light for the day view, only blue light LEDs on provides a shimmer blue light for the night view. There is a switch control on its clamp for you to switch between day, night or off setting.

Pro Tip

This unit is easy to set up with its clamp and soft arm. While the clamp with its screw safely fix the light in a proper position on your aquarium, the soft arm can be adjusted in different positions and angles. The compact design and easy setup make it an ideal choice for a small fish tank or Betta bowl at home or office.


  • it safe enough and doesn’t do any harm to your fishes
  • made of high quality plastic which has a long lasting performance,
  • easy to use

The Deckey aquarium LED light offers two lighting modes which are daylight and nightlight. It is fitted with 36 LEDs which comprise of 30 white light bulbs and 6 blue light bulbs. These lighting modes will provide stunning lighting effects for your aquarium in both the day and the night. Besides keeping your tank well lit, the light also provides appropriate white light spectrum that is beneficial to grow plants in the tank.

Pro Tip

It is designed in such a way that it is very easy to use, you only have to attach its extendable bracket onto the side top edges of your aquarium and plug it into a power source. The extendable brackets can be adjusted to fit various sized fish tanks ranging from 12 to 20 inches in length. It is advisable to install the light over a fish tank hood (glass or clear plastic) to protect it from moisture and extend its lifetime. It is ideal for a standard 5 gallon fish tank that is usually 16 inches long.


  • Easy to use. ideal for fresh water and seawater
  • Dedicated and professional power supply design, more energy-efficient,over 10000 hours lifespan
  • has multiple different color and brightness settings

Not only providing day and night setting, this model has multiple colors and lighting modes that will be beneficial to the well being of your fish tank. It comes with a 2.4G remote control allowing you to change between different lighting modes or turn on/off the light from a far distance without the need of directly pointing the remote at the receiver. Moreover, you can adjust the intensity of the light (dimmable) to meet the needs of your aquarium.

Pro Tip

It is very easy for you to set up the light for your aquarium with its extendable brackets, which allow for adjusting their lengths to fit a fish tank from 11 to 19.5 inches in length. The light is very energy efficient and can be last for a very long lifespan of more than 10000 hours. It is beneficial to the photosynthesis of plants, corals and anemones making it an ideal choice for a 5 gallon planted tank or mini reef tank. It is also suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish-only tanks.


  • energy efficient and long lasting LEDs to produce amazing shimmer to your aquarium
  • Two lighting modes: White & Blue LEDs for daylight and Blue LEDs for nightlight
  • The light is designed to be perfectly applied on an aquarium

The fixture comprises two types of LED bulbs, white LEDs and Blue LEDs. There is a three-position switch for you to turn on/off the blue and while LEDs. The switch offers three options: daylight, nightlight, and off. When the daylight is chosen, both white LEDs and blue LEDs are turned on for producing bright daylight. When the nightlight is chosen, only the blue LEDs are on to produce blue moonlight for nighttime enjoyment.

Pro Tip

The light is designed to be perfectly applied on an aquarium with a clear glass or acrylic cover. It comes with extendable mounting legs which are adjustable to fit well on aquariums with the lengths from 11 to 19 inches. That means it perfectly fit a 5 gallon fish tank with 16 inch length. It is recommended that the light should be lit for 8 to 10 hours in a day.


  • efficient cooling system, perfectly light up your coral reef tank
  • Two lighting modes: White & Blue LEDs for daylight and Blue LEDs for nightlight
  • provides eye pleasing light

If you are finding a new LED light for nano reef tank, look no further, the LuminiGrow LED light is the best choice for you. It is fitted with 16 LED bulbs that are divided into four channels including:

  • CN1 – 4 Blue LEDs,
  • CH2 – 4 White LEDs,
  • CH3 – 4 Royal Blue LEDs,
  • CN4 – Red+Green+Blue+UV LEDs.

These LEDs provide a full spectrum and very bright light output for the coral growth. Moreover, the light is acquired with both 60 and 180 degree optical lens for the better blending, amplification and penetration of the light output. It comes with a remote control for you to adjust the intensities of its four color channels independently to meet your wanted colors.

Pro Tip

The light is constructed with quality aluminum that acts as an effective cooling system for the longer lifetime of its LED bulbs. You will also find it easy to set up the light with its 360° adjustable rustproof gooseneck and plastic clamp with a screw.

Find other options for reef tank LED lighting.


  • Perfect small clip on light for my goldfish tank with no top
  • easy to set up the light with its flexible stainless steel lamp arm
  • ery energy efficient allowing the light to consume less energy

This unit is another clip-on LED light which is designed to use on a small fish tank. The beautiful clamp design makes it a good decoration for your home or office table. It is fitted with 26 LEDs with 18 white and 6 blue for daylight and nightlight. The LEDs are very energy efficient allowing the light to consume less energy and extend for a longer lifetime.

Pro Tip

You will find it easy to set up the light with its flexible stainless steel lamp arm and plastic clamp with a screw. The lamp arm is easy to rotate at any angle you want. The plastic clamp with its screw allows you to easily attach the light onto the top edges of your aquarium. To receive an appropriate lighting of your tank, I recommend you to use it for a small tank with 2-5 gallons of water.

Top Editor's Choice on Clip On Led Aquarium Light

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