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How Big Can Goldfish Get | Fish Growth Guides

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What is the highest limit to which your goldfish can grow? You might be mistaken. Goldfish tend to grow on the average size of 8-12 inches if they are being properly taken care of. In fact, some can grow up to 15 inches so, keep them in a large tank. Plus, fill it with good quality water, supply them with the right diet and watch them flourish from tiny Winny to big golden fish.

Whether it is the brightness, the color or the simplicity of this species that has gotten it the name, Goldfish. Goldfish is easy to breed and rewarding. Moreover, don't assume all golden fishes come in golden color. There are other varieties of color which included orange, red, black, yellow/ white, red/ white blue, and much more. Do you want it as a pet? Interested in breeding goldfish? Or you are simply curious in how big can goldfish get, anyway, read on to know the factors influencing their growth and how to make them flourish and happy for years.


How big can goldfish get in the wild?

It is important to know that goldfish didn't start from the wild. It originated from the Eastern part of Asia and they belong to the Carp Family. They are a good source of food for the Chinese and sometimes they are kept as ornaments. Therefore, goldfish are naturally not found in the wild.

Goldfish in the wild tend to grow up to 12- 14 inches in length. Although genetics is a factor contributing to their growth, wild goldfish' growth has been attributed to the environment.

The world’s biggest goldfish is said to be 118 inches long and weighed 3 lbs. Well, you are as surprised as much as I am. Why are these fish this big? Considering that they never started from the wild but rather tanks. Just as everyone will grow in a perfect environment, these goldfish are no exceptions. Besides their growth can also be credited to the proper caretaking and maintenance.

Not only is the environment good enough to let them grow bigger, but they also have access to sufficient oxygen needed for their survival. Moreover, they abode in a big body of water that has natural filtration, thus, there is a tendency of being bigger than an average goldfish. More interesting, there are tons of food available for their consumption. What else does a fish need to grow?

Will my goldfish grow big in a Tank?

Wondering how big can goldfish get in the tank? It all depends on how you care for it. Pet goldfish can grow up to 10 inches if put in the right environment and it is well provided for. Unfortunately, pet owners tend to keep their goldfish in a fishbowl or tank. No wonder they only develop to 2- 3 inches as there is no ample space for them to reach their full potential development.

It is a myth that goldfish grow as big as their environment. This is quite confusing as other factors like genetics also influence their growth. Can I keep my goldfish in a small bowl? The answer is no! The fact is if goldfish are kept in a small environment, it might lead to different issues.

The first thing is it impedes their growth thus leading to stunted growth, deformities and even death. Contrary to the normal belief that goldfish don't live long, goldfish can live up to 20 years with this long amazing lifespan, take proper care of it and watch them grow healthy and happy.

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Furthermore, a small container or tank cannot provide sufficient oxygen required for their survival,thus, their life span is cut short. Moreover, keep them in this environment can lead to toxic build-up to tend to contaminate the water. This isn't hygienic and without the right filtration system, the goldfish are likely to have diseases and other serious health issues.

 With that said, proper care is the key to healthy fish.

Factors influencing the growth of goldfish:

  1. Diets

  2. The kind of food and nutrition plays a major role in the growth of your pet. Many pet owners are guilty in this aspect as they simply purchase any goldfish food without proper research on whether it contains the required nutrients. Their food options include insects, worms, vegetables, fruits and much more.

    The most vital nutrients for fast growth are protein, especially when are young. Ensure your goldfishes are consuming the required amount. Besides, incorporate other nutrients as they grow older. Considering that goldfish are omnivores, make sure you incorporate a different variety of food into their diets.

    Another important thing to know is the right amount of quantity of food to feed your goldfish. Figure out the appropriate amount they can consume and never sacrifice quantity for quality.

  3. Quality Of The Water

  4. 71-75 degrees Fahrenheit is considered the ideal temperature needed for the survival of goldfish. This is because goldfish kept under a high temperature have an increased metabolism rate. Therefore, an increase in the rate of oxygen and food consumption leads to an increased growth rate.

    Also, the quality of the water is important to the health of the fish. Ensure the tank is filled with treated tap water in order to keep them safe from the harmful effects of untreated water.

    Moreover, changing the water and cleaning is vital to their health as you don't want to expose them to various diseases or bacteria that can be a threat to health.

    More importantly, include a water filtration system that will help in removing any particles and ensure a healthy living.

  5. Genetics

    The genetics of the fish is one thing that can't be changed as the size of the parents has a great influence on the size of the younger ones. One thing you can do is to investigate the breeders on the goldfish genetics and how they are being taken care of before you get your pet, however, the good news is goldfish grows till they die and if put in the right environment, it will reach its potential size.

  6. Size of the tank or aquarium

  7. Although many breeders assumed the size of the tank will determine the size of the goldfish, however, as much as this can be true, it is also a myth.

    The recommended habitat for goldfish is 70 US gallons of water tank size while the minimum size tank for a goldfish is 20 to 30 US gallons of water. Ensure changing the size of the aquarium as they grow older. Putting them in bowls or tanks will not allow them to get sufficient oxygen and this can lead to stunted growth. Also, they will not have ample space to swim, play, or feed and this can make them stop growing.

    If you want to grow your tiny fish to your desired size, put them in a  good, spacious comfortable habitat. A large tank or professional aquarium is an important factor for a healthy, happy goldfish.

  8. the overall health of the fish

    A healthy fish makes a bigger happy fish. Gold Fishes that have various health issues or have a history of illness will likely not grow big and have a short lifespan that the ones that are healthy. Proper care will ensure they are in good health and thus, growing to their full potential.

  9. other factors

  10. Introducing gravel or plants in their aquarium is also a very good idea. The reason being that goldfish are creatures that get bored easily if they have no fish or anything to communicate with. To breed content and healthy fish, don't put them in a simple aquarium.

    Incorporating medications or drugs that say that it will make gold fishes grow can be dangerous. Ironically, most of these medications contain harmful substances that can cause illness or diseases, thereby, leading to their death. How big can goldfish get is mainly influenced by proper care and good environment.

    Based on the fact that fish in the wild tend to be bigger than the one in the tank, you can put them in a well-lit condition by introducing them to sunlight frequently. However, be careful when putting them in sunlight as you don't want to introduce them to harsh weather that can be dangerous for their health. Another alternative is getting a tank light. This, however, is not compulsory, but light can aid them in sleeping.

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If you desire a big healthy goldfish, then treat them right. There are various misconceptions that goldfish don't grow naturally and only the expanse of the environment determines their growth. This is simply a fallacy. Goldfish can live for decades if they are well taken care of. Ensure a good diet, a clean healthy environment, good water temperature is the key to bigger goldfish

 Also, take a close watch on any symptoms of diseases and tackle it immediately. Get rid of any fish that is dead and take proper measures to avoid contamination of the water. Also, ensure the water oxygen level is correct and clean. With all these put in place, you never can tell, your pet can break the record as the new biggest goldfish.

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