Current USA Orbit Marine LED light is one of the best LED lights for reef tanks in the market today. The fixture not only provides high output lighting for growing corals but also offers the fully customization of the intensity and spectrum of the light output to perfectly fit the needs of your reef tank. Moreover, it is designed with a controller with remote control for easy use and automatic operation. You only have to program the light once time and the fixture will repeat the preset cycle everyday to make your reef tank thrive. This review is composed to help you to understand more about this product as well as how easy to use it.

High output LED light for reef coral growth

The Orbit Marine LED light is one product in Orbit Marine series which also include Orbit Marine PRO, Orbit IC LED and Orbit IC PRO for different coral types from low to high light requirements. You should understand your corals’ needs before deciding which model is right for your tank. Following is the PAR measurements taken with 48-inch fixtures of these models using an Apogee PAR meter.


The manufacturer recommends the Orbit Marine for marine fish, soft and LPS corals that need lower PAR output to thrive. If you have low light corals such as soft corals, zooanthids, mushrooms and low light LPS that require PAR from 35 to 100, the Orbit Marine is enough to provide sufficient light for the tank. Otherwise, if you have medium to high light corals, you should consider the Orbit Marine PRO and Orbit IC PRO.

Multi-chip LED fixtureMulti-chip LED fixture Dual Daylight and Dual ActinicDual Daylight and Dual Actinic

The best thing that makes the Orbit Marine stand out from other LED lights for reef tanks is its Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic multi-chip LEDs. While the Dual Daylight LEDs provide white light at 8,000K/12,000K, the Dual Actinic ones provide actinic blue light at 445nm/460nm. The combination of these color spectrums produces stunning color effects while supporting the healthy growth of marine fish, inverts, live rock and corals. Moreover, the fixture uses 120 degree lenses for excellent spread and color blending.

There are various fixture lengths for different reef tank sizes:

Sizes Watts Total LEDs Dual Daylight LEDs Dual Actinic LEDs
18″ – 24″ 18 Watts 72 36 36
24″ – 36″ 23 Watts 96 48 48
36″ – 48″ 36 Watts 144 72 72
48″ – 60″ 46 Watts 192 96 96

24 hour on/off timer function for free-hand control

Ramp Timer Pro with remote control5 star rating (5/5 by editor)Check on

The Orbit Marine LED light includes a Ramp Timer Pro controller which offers 24 hour on/off time for automatic lighting cycle and free-hand control. Moreover, the intelligent timer can offer short transient periods (15 – 30 minutes) in which the light changes its intensity to stimulate gradual sunrise and sunset effects like in nature. Thanks to that, your fish and corals will not be stressed by sudden changes between daylight and nightlight.


The light comes with four preset lighting schedules that are ready to use by only one touch. There are two modes for coral acclimation (Timer M2 and M4) and two modes for full intensity (Timer M1 and M3). These are the most common schedules used by many successful reefers today and can be flexibly applied at specific times of your reef tank.

Light program Timer M1 Timer M2 Timer M3 Timer M4
Max intensity – duration 100% – 10 hours 60% – 7 hours 100% – 12 hours 80% – 7 hours
Moonlight intensity – duration 10% – 4 hours none 10% – 4 hours none
Sunrise/Sunset fade 15 min 30 min 15 min 30 min
Used for most aquariums adding new corals power growers adding new fish, invertebrates or corals.

The timer controller offers the ability to fully customize these pre-installed lighting schedules. You can adjust the intensity and duration of blue and white channels separately to meet the requirements of your corals as well as make the output color stunning from view.

Various preset lighting effects and weather modes

Besides the 24 hour on/off time feature, the Orbit Marine LED fixture offers you four preset lighting effects which stimulate partly cloudy, very cloudy, fading moonlight and storm with lightning. These modes mimic common weather patterns found in nature and add amazing lighting effects to your aquarium.

To use a dynamic weather mode, only press the corresponding button on the remote control. To exit a dynamic weather mode, simply press RESUME button and the controller will go back to your last programmed time mode. Note: if your controller is left on a dynamic mode, it will remain in this mode until you press RESUME.

Easy setup process and user’s manual

The Current USA Orbit Marine LED fixture comes with sliding docking legs which are extendable to perfectly fit on a wide variety of aquarium sizes. There are four available fixture sizes for tanks from small to large.

Sliding docking legsSliding docking legs

It is very easy for you to set up and program the light follow a step-by-step instruction from the manufacturer. You can download the user manual of the Orbit Marine here. Following is a comprehensive instruction video from the Current USA for setting up and programming the product.

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