Biorb Classic fish tanks include five models (BiOrb Classic 15/30/60/105), which come with a unique shape and are designed to become the focal point of the room. These tanks are also designed for easy setup and maintenance, and hence you have more time to enjoy your pet fish.

Biorb Classic fish tank features

  • BiOrb Classic fish tank5 star rating (5/5 by editor)Buy from
  • Tank: acrylic fish tank
  • Sizes: BiOrb Classic 15 – baby BiOrb (4 gal – 15 l), BiOrb Classic 30 (8 gal – 30 l), BiOrb Classic 60 (16 gal – 60 l), BiOrb Classic 105 (28 gal – 105 l)
  • Colors: black, silver
  • Filtration: a box filter with a biOrb air pump accompanied
  • Filter media: ceramic media, filter cartridge
  • Lighting: LED light placed alongside the air pump lead and these equipment uses only one power outlet
  • Others: 12V transformer, air stone, water conditioners, beneficial bacteria liquid.

BiOrb Classic aquariums have taken over the aquatic world with more than one million sold worldwide. The stylish design of the tank combines the traditional yet simple look of the fish bowl while incorporating the performance of a ‘hi-tech’ fish tank.

The tank is constructed of clear acrylic, enabling it to be more shock resistant, stronger, lighter, clearer and have a superior finish when compared to glass aquariums. Take the time to look into these great looking tanks and understand why fish owners are flocking to them. Besides, with its simple and easy maintenance, the tank allows you to sit back and enjoy your finned friends!

BiOrb classic aquarium reviewBiOrb classic aquarium review

BiOrb Classic fish tanks range from 4 gallons to 28 gallons, you will find a size and style that is perfect for your needs. If you are short on space and only have one or two fish, consider a small BiOrb (4 gallons or 8 gallons). On the other hand, if you have a large room and/or more fish, a larger BiOrb (16 gallons or 28 gallons) might be more to your liking.

The product comes with a complete setup kit that contains everything you will need to care for your tropical fish and give them a good home. You will find the filtration system in the base of the tank that keeps the water clean, clear and your fish healthy. The aquarium LED light on the inside of the lid is necessary for you to enjoy your fish the very first night you bring them home.

The filtration system of Biorb Classic

The filtration of Biorb Classic products is operated by an aquarium box filter that will provide a unique five-filtering stage to improve and maintain water quality and clarity. The box filter relies on a special aquarium air pump (accompanied with the product) to move water through the sponge media included within its chamber and thus performs the filtration.

BiOrb Classic filtration systemBiOrb Classic filtration system

(1) Clean and oxygen-rich water flow is produced by the air driven filtration system that constantly changes the water surface. The freshly oxygenated water provides an ideal environment for fish healthy as well as feeds the helpful bacteria in (3) and (4) stages.

(2) Any fish waste is pushed down by the circular flow of water and then will be detoxicated and trapped by (3) and (4) stages.

(3) Ceramide media and gravel (buy separately) are located at the base of the aquarium that creates a massive home for the beneficial filter bacteria to thrive and provide a considerable biological filtration. These beneficial bacteria will remove toxins, which are produced by organic waste such as ammonia, nitrites and protect your fish and shrimps.

(4) The sponge cartridge is included within the box filter traps the solid wastes. The water then passes through resin particles to remove toxic substances and keep the pH levels constant.

(5) The clean water is then returned and oxygenated by the bubble tube to repeat the cycle.

The filter is designed for easy maintenance and the cartridge is very easy to clean or change a new one. Regular cleaning and sometimes changing the filter cartridge will increase the efficiency of the filtration system.

Biorb Classic aquarium setup and maintenance

BiOrb Classic fish tanks come in a variety of sizes, you can be sure to find a tank that will suit your needs. For instance, if you are bent on being simple and would like to put a small Betta tank on your office desk, the BiOrb Classic 15 (baby BiOrb – 4 gallons) will suit you best.

If you want a more elaborate and extensive setup with tropical or coldwater fish, the larger classic BiOrb (BiOrb Classic 30/60/105) will work for you. If you want to start a saltwater aquarium but do not have much experience or space, the BiOrb Classic 105 (28 gallons) is a great tank. The larger BiOrb tank you use, the easier for you to maintain a reef tank setup.

BiOrb Classic fish tank setupBiOrb Classic fish tank setup

You should prepare all necessary things for the setup before get starting. You may need an aquarium heater to ensure the proper temperature for tropical fish if you intend for a tropical fish tank. Make sure buying fish is the final work you have to do after the tank get cycled and ready for fish. You should buy your own decorations and gravel to fulfill the setup. Following is the amount of gravel you may need.

  • If you buy a BiOrb Classic 15 – BiOrb baby (4 gallon), you will need approx 3 lbs of gravel,
  • BiOrb Classic 30 (8 gallon) will need approx 6 lbs of gravel,
  • BiOrb Classic 60 (16 gallon) will need approx 15 lbs of gravel,
  • BiOrb Classic 105 (28 gallon) will need approx 25 lbs of gravel.

After you have prepared all for the setup, going to my full guide to set up a freshwater fish tank to know how to get starting. Then, you should acquire some knowledge about cycling a new fish tank as well as how to acclimating newly buying fish to ensure your fish healthy. And final, you need to know how to maintain a fish tank.

Luckily, the design of BiOrb aquarium actually makes it very easy to setup and maintain. The major thing that you need to do is change the aquarium water, and siphon out and replace a quarter of your water every few weeks. The filter media can be cleaned easily with a slight twist in the old aquarium water once water changes. Sometimes, you should change the sponge cartridge if it is too old.

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