A 50-55 gallon fish tank or aquarium kit is a good choice for hobbyists who want to keep a freshwater community or reef tank with many types of schooling fish. Many large cichlid fish also need at least a 50 gallon aquarium to thrive that makes this large sized tank is commonly chosen by many cichlid lovers. Such large sized tanks are also chosen for other large body fish such as Goldfish, Flowerhorns, Tiger fish, Arowanas, etc., and aquatic turtles.

SeaClear 50 gallon acrylic fish tank

  • SeaClear 50 gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set4.5 star rating (4.5/5 by editor)Check on Amazon.com
  • Tank: a 50 gallon acrylic aquarium
  • Dimensions: 36″ L x 15″ W x 20″ H
  • Lighting: reflector and electrical 24″ light fixture
  • Used for: freshwater or saltwater setup.

If you are finding an aquarium to get started your first journey of fish keeping and don’t care about what size it is, a 20 gallon aquarium kit will be the best choice for you. However, if you only love large tanks, 40-50 gallon ones are great sizes to go with and the SeaClear 50 gallon acrylic fish tank is a great option for you. It is available in three backdrop colors (black, clear, and cobalt blue) for you to choose.

The best thing that makes this acrylic aquarium chosen from other options is its very seamless and clear acrylic view from the corners to the sides. The acrylic material used in the manufacturing of the SeaClear model permits light to shine through better. There is absolutely zero visible tint or sealant on the aquarium, which boosts the lifelike aspect of the flora and fauna inside.

The tank can be used for both freshwater or saltwater applications because all its manufacturing materials are entirely safe for these types of aquariums. The top of the tank features some pre-cut holes for placing a filter and heater. The only bad thing about this product is its hood, which uses old-technology fluorescent light. Luckily, you can absolutely replace the fluorescent hood with a 36-inch LED light fixture. The tank will look so great with this small modification.

Check on Amazon.com

SCA 50 gallon Starfire complete package

  • SCA 50 gallon Starfire complete package5 star rating (5/5 by editor)Check on Amazon.com
  • Tank: a 50 gallon Starfire rimless tank, dimensions: 24″ L x 24″ W x 20″ H
  • Stand: Heavy duty cabinet with dual opening doors, dimensions: 24 x 24 x 31
  • Filtration: A sump tank (19-3/4 x 16-1/2 x 13), biological filter media, overflow box is already built in the tank, Atmen PH3000 return pump
  • Protein skimmer: SCA-301 protein skimmer
  • Tubing: Durso Stand Pipe, Return T pipe, bulkheads, tubing.

This is one of the best selling complete systems from SC Aquariums that is ready to plug and play. The package includes most essential equipment for setting up a reef filtration system with a sump tank such as a built-in overflow box, a sump tank, a protein skimmer, a water pump. A stylish cabinet stand is also included in this combo making it a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to drive around to find separate components.

SCA 50 gallon Starfire complete packageSCA 50 gallon Starfire complete package

The best feature of this product is its glass thicker than other glass fish tanks in pet stores you can find. It is well constructed for both freshwater or marine setups. Besides, the stand is constructed of excellent quality manufactured wood for durability and long lifetime. It is built with a large open space inside the cabinet for you to place and conceal the sump filtration system.

The only drawback that it comes with no instructions for setting up an aquarium with a sump system. If you don’t have any experiences with this type of filtration system, the setup process may be difficult for you. On the other hand, this complete package is the best option that saves you a lot of money buying separate equipment if you have accustomed to the filtration system with an external sump tank.

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Aqua Culture 55 gallon aquarium starter kit

  • Aqua Culture 55 gallon aquarium starter kit5 star rating (5/5 by editor)Check on Amazon.com
  • Tank: 55 gallon glass aquarium
  • Dimensions: 50.62″ L x 14.87″ W x 23.12″ H
  • Hood & Lighting: LED light included in the hood
  • Filter: Tetra internal filter with cartridges
  • Others: samples of fish food and water care.

Aqua Culture 55 gallon aquarium is the best glass aquarium kit for beginners because of its very affordable price and quality components. It comes as a complete kit make it ideal for beginners who want to get starting with their first large aquarium. You will never care about finding a light and filter fit for the tank because all are included in the kit and you only need to set up them in proper places in the tank.

The very powerful Tetra internal filter from the kit provide its inhabitants an ideal place to live healthily. The bright aquarium LED light of the kit provide a good view of the aquarium fish and plants even in the dark. The kit also comes with samples of fish food and water care that you will need to care for your fish.

If you only need an aquarium to get started on your first venture in the aquarium hobby and don’t care about what size it is, a 20 gallon aquarium kit will be the best choice. However, if you only love large tanks, I strongly recommend this fish tank. With its very affordable price and beautiful design, it is very easy for you to decide, make and enjoy your sound decision.

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Full acrylic 360 cylinder aquarium 55 gallons

  • 55 gallon acrylic cylinder aquarium 4.5 star rating (4.5/5 by editor)Check on Amazon.com
  • Tank: a 55 gallon 360 cylinder aquarium
  • Dimensions: 20″ L x 20″ W x 67″ H
  • Stand & canopy: the stand and canopy are brushed with stainless steel finish
  • High base: 22″
  • Light: LED light front and back
  • Filtration: filtration system, pump, Bio ball, and air pump.

The 360 cylinder fish tank comes with its brushed stainless steel stand and canopy that are all combined to create a perfect centerpiece of any rooms or offices where it is placed. Being made of high strength acrylic, the tank looks very stylish, durable, and clear that provides a wonderful 360-degree view from any angles around it.

Marineland 55 gallon aquarium kit

Penguin bio-wheel filter is the most powerful thing in this 55 gallon aquarium kit. It provides the quiet but very powerful water flow that is biologically eliminated toxic ammonia and nitrite, and safe for your fish. It‘s a good idea to make a planted or a reef aquarium with the kit. It also comes with fish net, thermometer, fish food, water conditioner sample and set up guide for your installation.

The LED lighting is securely integrated in the hood; it features a 3-way manual switch (white, off, blue) that correspond to 3 different lighting modes. The white LED lighting mimics the natural underwater effect of sunlight while the blue LEDs allow for enjoyment of your aquarium at night time, and they are all surprisingly bright.

Because of its longer profile, it is ideal for stocking fish or aquatic turtles. Everything you need for the setup are included and you only need to buy a stand to position the tank and fulfill the installation.

Aqueon 54 gallon corner shaped aquarium with stand

  • 4.5 star rating (4.5/5 by editor)Check on Petsmart.com
  • Tank: 54 gallon corner shaped glass aquarium
  • Stand: corner shaped black pine stand
  • Dimensions: 40.25″ L x 30″ W x 54″ H; 110 LBS
  • Hood & Lighting: Glass canopy & 30″ white day LED Lighting
  • Intended for: freshwater or saltwater applications.

If you love a corner aquarium but you are scaring about finding a stand that perfectly fit it, this corner shaped aquarium with stand is for you. The product comes with a 54 gallon glass tank and its black pin stand that are all corner shaped. By its design, the corner fish tank not only takes less space but also beautify any rooms in your home or office.

The tank doesn’t include all things you need for the installation; however, you can buy essential equipment following my instruction in the final section of this article.

Marineland® 60 gallon Heartland aquarium ensemble

  • currently unavailablecurrently unavailable

  • Tank: 60 gallon glass fish tank
  • Stand: a black fish stand made with medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Tank dimensions: 48.5″ L x 12.75″ W x 25″ H
  • Stand dimensions: 50″ L x 14.25″ W x 30″ H
  • Light: fluorescent light hood
  • Used for: both freshwater or marine applications.

If you need a 60 gallon glass fish tank with its stand, the Marineland 60 gallon Heartland aquarium ensemble is the best choice. Because of its large profile, you can stock various large cichlid fish types with different colors or set up a community tank with several schools of fish. The large front clear glass panel provides a maximum viewing area for enjoying your fish.

The stand is made of medium-density fiberboard that is designed to handle the heavy 60-gallon tank filled with water. Its black color, welded construction, stylish design make it a central focus of your home or office. Its generous cabinet space is a great place for stocking your aquarium supplies and the open space is ideal for exhibiting your favorite souvenirs, books, and photos.

Marineland 60 gallon Heartland LED aquarium with stand

  • 60-gallon-led-aquarium-with-stand5 star rating (5/5 by editor)Check on Petsmart.com
  • Tank: 60 gallon glass fish tank
  • Stand: a black fish stand made with medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Tank dimensions: 48.5″ L x 12.75″ W x 25″ H
  • Stand dimensions: 50″ L x 14.25″ W x 30″ H
  • Light: glass hood with LED light
  • Used for: both freshwater or marine applications.

This 60 gallon fish tank is very similar to the previous aquarium ensemble; however, its canopy is made with clear glass that is very convenient to apply LED light instead of using fluorescent one. The ensemble doesn’t include all essential things for a fish tank setup but it is made to fit a broad range of equipment on the market. You can choose and buy your own aquarium supplies to fulfill the setup as you want and don’t care about which lights, filters, and heaters are good or bad.

The black stand is made with medium-density fiberboard, it features a large two-door cabinet and doesn’t have open space like the previous. Because of its design, you can place your canister filter and other aquarium equipment inside the large cabinet that the cabinet stand of the previous tank can’t do.

How to set up and maintain a 55 gallon fish tank

Following are what you will need for the setup. If you buy an aquarium kit, some equipment may be included and you only need to buy deficient ones.

  • A fish tank with hood.
  • A 55 gallon fish tank stand, choosing base on the dimensions of your tank.
  • A 48 inch LED aquarium light for a standard 55 gallon tank, the light you choose depends on the type of your aquarium (fish-only, planted or reef).
  • Substrate (gravel, sand or aqua soil for planted tank), you will need approx 45 lbs substrate to fill 2 inches height of a standard 55 gallon tank size, 48″ L × 13″ W × 20″ H.
  • A filter for 55 gallon fish tank, choosing one that has a flow rate upwards of 200 gallons per hour.
  • Replacement filter media or cartridges
  • Aquarium decorations and/or aquatic plants
  • A 200-watt aquarium heater and thermometer if you want to keep tropical fish.

Now you have chosen most necessary things for setting up a 55 gallon aquarium. After that, going to my full guide for setting up a freshwater fish tank to know how to get started the work. After the setup, you have to know how to cycle a new fish tank to make it ready and safe for stocking fish.

For maintaining your fish tank, read my full guide for cleaning an aquarium.

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