Best 36-Inch Led Lights For 30-50 Gallon Aquariums

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For a 30-50 gallon fish tank, with the length of around 36 inches, a 36-inch LED aquarium light fixture is perfect for the widespread light coverage of the entire tank. This will ensure the tank is fully illuminated, and the optimum light is catered for your aquatic life.

To make your sound decision when choosing an LED aquarium light, you must ask yourself which type of aquatic life you plan to have in your tank. A primarily fish oriented tank will need an LED light that can provide natural lighting colors to mimic those in their natural habitats. Plants and corals however, will need

LED lights that provide both right colors and enough intensity to help promote photosynthesis and growth.

Following are some of the best 36-inch LED lights coming from different brands with various purposes of use for you to choose.

Best 36-Inch Led Lights For 30-50 Gallon Aquariums

Bright LED - Editor's Choice
Adjustable Bracket - high quality
  • Two Lighting Modes
  • Recommended for over panel
  • Energy Efficient
Super Bright - Best Value
  • Has a Realistic Effect
  • Easy to use
  • Creative Lighting Backed By Great Warranty
Sunset Effect - Great Value
  • True customizable sunrise & Sunset effec
  • Sleek design
  • Water Resistant
Pencil Type Fixture - Highly Recommended
Energy Efficient - Highly Recommended
  • Sleek and Contemporary
  • Low Light Intensity
  • easy installtion
Realistic Effect - High Quality
  • Brilliant Shimmering effect
  • Amazing Quality and Features
  • Easy to use


  • LEDs: 110 White 8000K, 9 Blue 460nm, 4 Pink 465nm, 4 Red 625nm, 2 Green 500nm LEDs (129 total)
  • Modes: white daylight (all LEDs on), blue moon light (only Blue LEDs on), and off
  • Brackets: extendable from 36 to 43 inches
  • Ideal for: a 30-50 gallon aquarium with fish and some low light plants.

The Koval LED light sets itself apart from its competitors with the multi-color LEDs. With 129 in total, over 5 different colors (white, blue, pink, red and green), it allows a full color spectrum that really brings out the colors of your aquarium inhabitants. The fixture comes with a 3-position switch for 3 different modes: all LEDs on, only Blue LEDs on, all LEDs off, which respectively provide daylight, nightlight, and off.

Pro Tip

With its high energy efficiency LEDs and excellent heat dissipation fixture, the light promises to last for at least 50,000 hours and save you a lots of electricity cost. It is a great option if you plan to have a 30-50 gallon fish tank with some low light plants like anubias, cryptocoryne, cabomba, marimo moss balls… Its extendable brackets allow it to fit various sized aquariums.


  • LEDs: 108 LEDs (90 white + 18 blue), 7500K, 920lm, 18W
  • Modes: blue, blue plus white
  • Ideal for: freshwater or saltwater fish tank
  • Extendable brackets: 28 – 36 inches
  • In the box: an LED aquarium light, two extendable brackets, an adapter, a user’s manual.

The Nicrew LED light is a great choice for creating an entrancing yet beautifully simple lighting effect for your aquarium. It has two lighting modes, a daylight mode that uses both its 90 White and 18 Blue LEDs, and a nightlight mode that only uses its blue LEDs. This combination helps produce a very bright daylight for the activities of your fish at daytime, and an attractive moonlight for nighttime enjoyment.

Pro Tip

The light is designed for easy use, simply attach its extendable legs to any aquariums with the length between 28-36 inches and plugs it into any power socket. Because the fixture is not waterproof, it is highly advisable to install the light over either a glass or clear plastic aquarium cover that protects the LED system from contacting with water and moisture from the tank.


  • LEDs: 72 White 6500K and 36 RGB LEDs
  • Modes: 6 preset colors for various freshwater tank types (community, cichlid, Betta, planted, goldfish, shrimp…) 4 memory slots for saving your own lighting colors, 12 dynamic modes
  • Extendable brackets: 36-48″
  • Ideal for: most freshwater fish tanks.

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light is one of the best LED lights for freshwater tanks because it comes with a lots of preset lighting colors which are optimized for freshwater environments. It is fitted with 72 White 6500K LEDs and 36 full spectrum RGB LEDs that are fully customizable thanks to a 32-key wireless remote to offer countless lighting colors.

The remote includes 6 color presets that are respectively optimized for various types of fish tanks from community, planted, SA cichlid, African cichlid, Goldfish, Betta, shrimp… Based on the types of livestock you have in your aquarium, the manufacturer recommends some specific colors for each type. Besides, its 12 dynamic lighting effects provide you with a diverse array of choice for your aquarium. These modes can all be paused/played on demand from the comfort of your own sofa by using the remote.

Pro Tip

The remote also offers you to adjust the intensities of the white and blue LEDs, either independently or together, to build your exact lighting preferences and requirements. These custom colors then can be saved onto four memory slots on the remote for use in anytime you want.


  • LEDs: 36W, 48 Daylight + 24 Red + 36 RGB Cluster LEDs
  • Modes: automatic 24/7 lighting cycle, four customization colors, weather modes
  • Size: 36 inch fixture with clear mounting legs that can slide inwards.
  • Ideal for: 30-50 gallon planted aquarium with low-high light level plants.

Aquarium plants need only 8-10 hours of lighting per day for photosynthesis, overlighting could be detrimental to their growth. Know that, the Finnex Planted+ is built with a 24/7 fully automated feature that not only solves the problems of overlighting but also provides an advanced solution to automatically control your aquarium light day by day.

Being preset with a 24/7 automatic lighting cycle, the Finnex Planted+ brings the natural sunrise to sunset lighting cycle from nature into your aquarium and provides your plants with optimal conditions for photosynthesis. This is perfect when combined with the 7000K bright white LEDs that emit high output lighting for growing even high light plants.

Pro Tip

Beside to the 24/7 feature, there are many preset lighting effects and weather modes available and ready to use with its remote control. These include sunny day, cloudy day, thunderstorm and moonlight effects. You can also create and store your own lighting colors in 4 memory slots (M1-4) on the remote control. There are color adjustment buttons on the remote for you to customize all color channels independently and create countless color blends.

It is very easy for you to mount the light onto your aquarium with a pair of clear legs coming with the package. These clear legs are extendable for allowing attachment to a range of different aquarium sizes.


  • LEDs: 40 Daylight LEDs 7000K + 8 RED LEDs 660nm + 8 Deep Blue 460nm LEDs, 20 watts
  • Modes: daylight with tri-color blend
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Ideal for: 30-50 gallon aquariums with low light plants.

If you are finding a cheap planted aquarium LED light that simply provides only bright daylight for plant growth, this LED light is designed for you. The Finnex Stingray is fitted with 8 660nm RED LEDs that help maximize plant growth by providing appropriate wavelengths for photosynthesis. For any low tech aquariums that have low light level plants such as mosses, anubias or ferns, the Finnex Stingray LED light is a great choice.

Pro Tip

It features a pencil thin design and is almost invisible atop your tank. It comes boxed with clear plastic legs and a pair of mounting clips, providing two options for setting the fixture. It can be fixed onto an aquarium hood using the clear plastic legs or hung inside the hood using the mounting clips.


  • LEDs: 70 White 10000K, 16 Actinic 460nm, 8 Red 620nm, 6 Green 520nm LEDs
  • Modes: day and night
  • Size: 36 inches – 90cm
  • Ideal for: freshwater fish, cichlid, 30-50 gallon planted tank with medium-high light plants.

The Beamswork DA FSPEC LED light features a very thin, stylish and sleek flat design. It is fitted with an array of different LEDs with white, actinic, red and green LEDs. With 2 modes – a full power daylight and a moonlight, your aquarium will be lit with appropriate lighting for the healthy growth of fish and plants. The lumen output is 5000 making this LED light an ideal choice for a 30 gallon planted tank with even high light level plants that need over 150 lumens per gallon to thrive (read the planted tank LED light guide).

Pro Tip

The fixture is pre-wired to work with an extra timer from Beamswork that can be purchased separately. I strongly recommend you to buy the timer because it allows you to program specific times for the night and day settings. This allows for a more natural rhythmical cycle of night and day that is automatic and hands-free.

The Beamswork LED light is very energy efficient and features long-lasting LED bulbs that will not need to be replaced. It is a cheap and reliable option for anyone who wants to have a stunning planted aquarium.


  • LEDs: 72 Dual Daylight (8,000K/12,000K) and 72 Dual Actinic (445nm/460nm), 144 LEDs total, 23 watts
  • Lighting modes: automatic light cycle settings that are flexibly customizable, preset lighting effects and weather modes ready to use.
  • Extendable brackets: 36-48″
  • Ideal for: marine fish, inverts, live rock, soft corals, LPS corals.

Another product from Current USA, designed for saltwater tanks and ideal if you are planning for a saltwater fish-only tank or reef tank. A wonderful feature makes this reef tank LED light apart from its opponents is its Dual Daylight (8,000K/12,000K) and Dual Actinic (445nm/460nm) multi-chip LEDs. These LEDs provide stunning color spectrums that support the healthy growth of corals. Moreover, the LED bulbs are covered with 120-degree lens which offers better light coverage and color blending to show off your entire tank.

The Current USA Orbit Marine comes with a Ramp Timer Pro that allows you to program the light with a 24-hour cycle, which puts your tank through a natural rhythmical light cycle going through sunrise, sunset and moonlight. The Ramp Timer Pro also offers short transient periods (15-30 minutes of sunrise and sunset) between day and night modes, to allow aquatic life to acclimate to the new light levels, protecting again light shock.

Pro Tip

Beside to its 24-hour automatic lighting cycle, you can also choose to use other wonderful lighting effects from this LED light with its remote control. These include partly cloudy, very cloudy, fading moonlight and storm with lightning. The setup process of this LED light is a breeze with its adjustable docking mounts that makes the light perfectly fit for different aquarium lengths from 36 to 48 inches. And certainly it will provide better lighting for a 30-50 gallon fish tank that is commonly 36 inches length.

Top Editor's Choice on 36 Inch Led Aquarium Light 30 Gallon

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