Tetra Glofish 20 gallon aquarium kit is specially designed to bring out the most beauty and keep your Glofish healthy. In this review, I will outline all wonderful features of this aquarium kit and provide you some tips to bring out the most beauty of Glofish with the kit.

Tetra Glofish 20 gallon aquarium kit features

  • 20-gallon-aquarium-kit-for-glofish4.5 star rating (4.5/5 by editor)Check on Amazon.com
  • Tank: a 20 gallon glass fish tank with hood
  • Dimensions: 24.2″ L x 12.4″ W x 16.7″ H
  • Lighting: Glofish 13″ LED light stick
  • Filter: Tetra Whisper 20 filter
  • Heater: Tetra Mini UL heater
  • Ornament: 3 Glofish plants and one yellow Anemone
  • Others: AquaSafe sachet, TetraMin sachet, TetraCare brochure, digital thermometer, fish net.

The main tank of the Tetra Glofish aquarium kit is a 20 gallon glass tank, 20-gallon is the tank size recommended for starter hobbyists because it is large enough to keep some freshwater fish happy and healthy in the tank. Besides, the kit comes with the Tetra Whisper 20 power filter to filter the water and make it clean and safe for fish.

The blue aquarium LED light (recommended for Glofish) with some Glofish decorations gives GloFish an exciting fluorescent look. Under the blue LED lighting, these special ornaments are able to brighten up entire the tank and supplement the fluorescent light emit from Glofish.

20-gallon-glofish-aquarium-kit4.5 star rating (4.5/5 by editor)Check on Amazon.com

Because Glofish are tropical fish, they prefer the warm temperature of 72-80°F (22-27°C), and the heater with digital thermometer is used to do that work. Besides, some aquarium supplies such as AquaSafe sachet, TetraMin sachet, TetraCare brochure, fish net are also included for you to care for your fish.

As you seen, the kit comes with most essential supplies for Glofish so you don’t need to buy these items separately and then could be wondering why your Glofish can’t standing out their most beauty. The only thing that you need to do is add colored gravel and some fish to complete your Glowfish tank setup.

How to set up a fish tank for Glofish?

After preparing everything you need, follow my instruction for setting up a tropical freshwater fish tank to finish the setup. After setting up the tank, you need to make it cycled before stocking your fish. You should think about buying Glofish finally after the tank is completely cycled and ready for stocking fish.

Glofish tank setup

When purchasing Glofish, there are many colors for you to choose from such as pink, yellow, red, green… Zebra Danio, Black Tetra, and Tiger Barb are the most popular Glofish types which are easy to care for. Carefully choosing the most beautiful fish but make sure they are healthy. You should also acclimate the new-buying fish to your aquarium in the proper way to protect them from stress and death. Because Glofish are tropical fish, they need to be cared as other tropical fish.

Some tips for setting up the Tetra Glofish 20 gallon

You may notice as soon as opening the box that there is no black backing for the aquarium as shown in the picture. Having a dark aquarium background helps to strengthen the fluorescent lighting from the fish, and so your Glofish will look so great even in the day. The easiest way to solve this issue is using a dark aquarium background or placing the tank against a black wall.

Since the Tetra Glofish 20 gallon aquarium kit does not come with gravel, you have to be sure that the gravel that you get will be the complement for your Glofish, or you can do something that plays a trick on the eye. Colorful fluorescent aquarium gravels are the best choice for any Glofish tanks.

Glofish aquarium gravels5 star rating (5/5 by editor)Check on Amazon.com

You could also use white speckled rocks to create a “ghost” effect in the tank. When it is dark or at a far distance, you will be able to see the fish and the white dots from the rocks that provides the feeling that there is nothing there but a few white rocks and some colorful fish.

With only a few Glofish plants that are provided, how are you supposed to truly customize your aquarium? Be sure to purchase some more plants and other ornaments and it will be easier to decorate your entire tank. There are many colorful decorations for Glofish that you can buy and mix them to any color combination that you would like. Following are some decorations that you can buy for your Glofish aquarium:

Glofish Aquarium Artificial PlantsGlofish Aquarium Artificial Plants

Glofish Yellow AnemonesGlofish Yellow Anemones

Glowing Effect Artificial Coral PlantGlowing Effect Artificial Coral Plant

GloFish Accent Aquarium GravelGloFish Accent Aquarium Gravel