How long do Betta fish live for and how to extend Betta lifespan?


It is generally agreed upon that the average life span of a Betta fish is approximately two to six years. Two to three years is the norm, four to six years is […]

What kinds of fish can live with a Betta in a small tank?

betta tank mates

Bettas, especially those of the splendens species, are indeed a truculent bunch. But that doesn’t mean they’re destined to live a solitary life, forever swimming alone in their tank. Although that may […]

Tiger Oscar Cichlid housing, caring and feeding


If you have a larger aquarium and you’re looking for an easy-to-care fish that is still very entertaining, consider the Tiger Oscar Cichlid. They are a very hardy fish with amazing coloration […]

Guides for caring, feeding & making your Betta fish happy


Betta fish originate from stagnant and shallow waters does not mean they can live in poor quality water. Kept in small bowls with nothing to do they often become sick and die […]

Amano shrimp (Caridina Japonica) keeping, breeding. live shrimps for sale

Amano shrimp (Caridina Japonica), like Yellow shrimp and Red Cherry shrimp, is an easy-to-keep shrimp for beginners. These shimps are very helpful to keep your aquarium water clear because they can eliminate […]

Crystal Red Shrimp caring and live shrimps for sale

Crystal Red Shrimps are fascinating shrimps for the experienced hobbyist, but due to their sensitivity to water quality they are probably not the best choice for the beginner. Aquarium enthusiasts who have […]

Black Bee Shrimp (Crystal Black Shrimp) keeping, live shrimps for sale

Black Bee Shrimp (Crystal Black Shrimp) is a popular choice on its own, apart form the popularity of the crystal red variety. Although it is not a good shrimp for the beginner […]

Dwarf Gourami (colisa lalia) types, keeping, breeding

Dwarf Gourami (Colisa lalia) is ideal fish for small fish tanks for beginners. They are peaceful fish and can live well with other fish in a 10 gallon aquarium. About Dwarf Gourami (Colisa […]

Yellow Shrimp keeping and breeding, live shrimps for sale

Yellow shrimp is a easy-to-keep freshwater water shrimp for beginners’ 5 gallon fish tank. Hobbyists who are familiar with the needs of the popular red cherry shrimp will find it easy to […]

Red Cherry shrimp keeping and breeding, live shrimps for sale


Red Cherry Shrimps have the ability to thrive in small fish tanks and are the best freshwater shrimps. Because are very easy-to-keep for beginners, only a 5 gallon aquarium can provide a suitable environment […]