Background aquatic plants selection and planting tips

Background aquatic plants are usually stem plants that play an important role in the background of aquarium layout. Stem plants need to be planted to ensure a good color balance so that the beautiful […]

Best planted aquarium LED lights for growing plants – reviews & guides


Not all aquarium LED lights are beneficial for growing plants. The best LED light for planted aquarium is one that can provide not only appropriate color spectrums but also enough amount of lighting for all […]

Midground aquarium plants (anubias, bolbitis and Cryptocoryne) guide

Midground aquarium plants are planted between and provide a seamless link connecting the short foreground plants and tall background plants like stem plants or tape-like plants. Epiphytic plants (anubias and bolbitis) and Cryptocoryne are […]

Foreground aquarium plants selection and planting tips

Foreground aquarium plants directly influence the impression of an aquascape. So the selection and planting of foreground aquatic plants are very important to build a beautiful planted aquarium. Tips for selection of […]